Suddenly, a wild Sachiko-san appears!




Today, Sachiko-san, Saeko's mother, is visiting the Yagami household...

"Oh, mother. I haven't seen you since my marriage." The lass of the Yagami couple said to another woman at their door, a middle-age, yet pretty healthy woman with shiny purple hair wrapped in a messy bun, with some rebel strings of hair out of it resembling a flower for that. She was also wearing a pretty black kimono with carp motif and a golden obi surrounding her waist up. Like Saeko, her skin was fair as milk and she had also big amethyst eyes. "How are you doing? I hope well."

"Huhuh... I'm doing just fine, daughter of mine." Sachiko smiled, dismissing her shoes and walking inside. She stood in front of Saeko and just smiled while in the middle of the corridor. "What about you? Doing just fine with your husband?"

"Yeah... Kinda, I guess." Saeko said, tossing her own gaze to a side. Yep, maybe that was the correct answer. Sachiko chuckled a little.

"Oh, my. Still stuck on first base. Maybe you need a D."


"A Date... With Yuuto-dono." Smiling innocently, the older Shigasumi could only hum a known song, while Saeko was left speechless. Of course, it was Sachiko whom was talking, the most perverted woman in the world, as well with the unusual ability to turn everything into a ball of awkwardness. "You see, if you want a happy marriage, then you have to go deep inside. Know your partner, explore what is inside his head. I bet he's trying this too."

"Ahah... Ahahahahah..." Saeko smiled akwardly. See what I've said? The younger one then stopped for a moment, trying to figure a word out. After all, it's never too careful with a Shigasumi around. "Well... What about the others? How's Ai and Ei?"

"Doing just fine. But, Saeko, it is not polite for you to nose your sisters' problem. After all, they don't want you to steal their boyfriends." Sachiko smiled once more, while the left side of her daughter's mouth began to twitch. Saeko was getting sick tired of all of this. Since she was five, since she was five her father had to censored a good portion of Sachiko's words. The younger Shigasumi thought that, when she reached maturity, she would be able to understand all of her mother's word. Oh, she was so wrong, and some of those words and sentences just scarred her for life. Now, she would avoid any kind of dialogue with that wicked woman, only changing words for a matter of politeness, and nothing else.

"Well... Mom, would you like to sit and watch tv? I'm gonna brew some tea for us." Offered Saeko. She just needed some space from Sachiko.

"Oh, no, dear. I'll be here just for more a few seconds." The older one said, closing her eyes and sniffing the air, taking a deep breath. Saeko was confused, her mother just standing there in the middle of the corridor, next to the door to the living room. "I see. Huhuhuh... Saeko, you're so innocent."

"What? What do you mean by that?"

"I mean... I don't feel the smell of Yuuto-dono around. Oh my, you kids these days..."

"Mom... Could you please... Go f-...!"

"Saeko-san! I heard the door! Do we have a visit or something?" And descending the stairs, the last person Saeko wanted to show up appeared out of the upper floor. Yuuto stepped to the first floor, wearing black sweatpants and a white shirt, and ended up facing Sachiko face-first. "Oh, Sachiko-san. Long time no see."

"It has been really a long time, Yuuto-dono." Sachiko turned now to the dear husband of her lovely daughter, picking both of his hands with her own and cupping it. Yuuto laughed nervously, while Saeko pouted. "I'm here just to visit and take a look at my precious daughter and her charming and cute husband. Please, for the time being, take good care of me."

"Well... Of course." He smiled awkwardly. Oh, yeah, Sachiko-san is the most teasing person when it comes to men, especially, in her point of view, 'good, handsome, cute young man like Yuuto-san'. In fact, all of her tease goes to Yuuto, unfortunately for him. It's like having an older, bizarro Saeko-san. He turned his look to other place, trying to find correct words for the present situation, and took a look outside. It was still raining. "Oh, Sachiko-san, you came while still raining? Aren't you cold?"

"Uh... Now that you mention it, the breeze sure was freezing the way here. i only brought my umbrella, too." And now, the matriarch of the Shigasumi clan came close to her adorable son-in-law, and grew her smile, much for Yuuto uneasiness. Saeko could only frown while her mother was toying with the innocence of her sweet husband. It would be hilarious if was someone else, but when it comes to Sachiko, Saeko is more than annoyed. "Yuuto-san, can you warm me? You're so warm and manly, your presence will be more than enough to heat my body and heart."

"Err... Well, Sachiko-san..."

"Oh, I know..." And then Sachiko moved away a little, only to face him and smile even more. Saeko's animosity was about to break into a whole new level. "Since you're now my in-law, I guess I can treat you like my own breed, right?"

"I guess..."

"Well, then... Let's take a bath together."

And Saeko almost had an stroke after that.

It was going to be a long visit...