High School Sweetheart
by Glee-chan

01. A Hard Start

The door slammed shut at the Okada residence as the younger brother of Saki Okada came storming in, his school bag covering his lap. Saki just happened to be walking down the stairs at the exact moment her brother entered and narrowed her eyes at the situation in front of her. He was bruised all over, his nose bleeding, and stooped over trying to hide his lap once again. If she wasn't feeling concerned for him, she might have laughed at the silly way he was trying to take off his shoes while still trying to keep his mid-section from view.

"What did they do to you now?"

Satoshi's glasses flew off his face as he turned his head quickly to her direction. He doubled over, trying to hide himself even more. "Don't look, nee-chan!"

Saki knew her younger brother was a big target at school for everyone to pick on, and not just by the bullies. Ever since he entered his first year he must of rubbed someone popular the wrong way and had been bullied and beaten nonstop. They went through elaborate ways of throwing foul garbage and a variety of animal dung at him, to spiking his lunch with various spices and laxatives. It truly was a horrible existence. In her heart, Saki couldn't forgive them, but her mind knew why they picked on him so much. He was an overweight uber-geek.

"Come on upstairs and let me at least clean the blood off your face." Saki gave him a pitiful sigh.

"I can do it myself." Satoshi grumbled with some annoyance, but followed her orders like he always did.

When they reached the bathroom, Saki had her brother sit on the bath-stool, as she started to clean his face. He kept his school bag on his lap, all the while complaining about how embarrassing it was to be in the bathroom with his sister. She ignored his comments as usual. He always tried to play the tough guy, but while he complained he never acted on his rebukes. This might also be a factor in his bullying.
She glanced at his lap, seeing him still clutching his bag there awkwardly. It was starting to concern her now. As she cleaned his scrapes and bruises she wait for him to relax. When he wasn't paying attention, she stoled his bag. At once, she wished that she hadn't done it. His pants were bulging hard from a huge erection.

"Ew, what the hell!" Saki adverted her eyes, as Satoshi replaced the bookbag over himself.

"It's not what you think, nee-chan!" Satoshi fumed. "I'm not getting turned on because you're touching me!"

"No?" Saki asked with a dry mouth.

"That bastard Akira Takashima crushed one of his father's Erectile Disfunction pills into my juice. I had to hide it most of the day, but at gym class he and his idiot friends threw me into the girls bathroom. I got beat up by them and their boyfriends, and now I'm suspended for 2 weeks."

Standing up, Saki offered her hand. "I'm done now, you should go to your room and… take care of that before Mama gets home."

Satoshi narrowed his eyes at his sister. His face was flush with pink color "You don't think I haven't tried that already? The pill's effect on a normal… um… thing… is stronger. I can't get it to go away. It's really starting to hurt."

Saki had heard about cased like that before. People taking erection pills then having difficulties getting the erection the stop. She could only imagine what the effects would be on a normal penis. There was no other alternative. "We have to go to the clinic."

"No!" Satoshi looked mortified. "Are you kidding me? I have to go back out there with this thing sticking out? Plus Dr. Ogasawara will have to… No! We can't do that!"

"She's a doctor, Satoshi… it's nothing she hasn't dealt with before."

"I'd rather wait for it to go away." Satoshi murmured.

"If you've had a boner since Lunch. it can't be healthy." Saki pointed out. "No excuses, come on before I pick you up and drag you."

Satoshi had to give in. "This isn't fair. I hate my life. I hate my school. I just want out!"

Saki could sympathize with him, and started to worry about the future. She was finishing up her final year at the same high school, and would soon be going to University in the next city. There would be no way for her to protect him anymore, and as much as those kids picked on him, she was afraid of what might happen. He was such an easy target, and offered no defense against these kinds of attacks. Plus he had no friends to speak of that would step in her role and help him out.

"Stop complaining and let's go." Saki couldn't worry about the future, not with the current crisis.

Several hours later the siblings returned home, thankful with an erection free Satoshi. He looked mortified, and the bruised up face and cracked glasses frames didn't help matters. After apologizing for not cooking dinner to their parents, they had to explain what happened. They took it with the same apathy they normally did. Such things were happening to their son all the time now that it almost was a numb subject for them. But this time around Saki wasn't feeling the same way, and she was sure that it had something to do with seeing her brother's erection now burned in her brain. Something like that could have really harmed him. She could never forgive those bullies for such thing.

"When I leave for University, I think Satoshi should come with me." She spoke in the middle of the conversation. She surprised herself as she had not planned to say this at all, but after she said it, she agreed with the idea whole heartedly.

"What do you mean, Saki-chan?" Papa asked.

"Well, we were planning on having me rent an apartment, right? With my Swimming Scholarship and a part-time job we could afford to live together."

"But what about school? Are you saying Satoshi should transfer to the nearest High School?" Mama asked.

"I am. He's got good enough grades, so it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe he just needs a fresh start, some place where no one knows him." Saki nodded, trying to ignore her stomach growling.

"They'll just pick on me there as well. What's the difference?" Satoshi muttered angrily. "The kids at our current school started messing with me the first day I entered, and a lot of them didn't even know me from Middle School."

Saki bit her lip, not wanting to hurt her brothers feelings. "That's because you're a fat otaku."

"Oh thanks." Satoshi glared at her.

His pained look at the honest truth did hurt her, but she realized that things couldn't continue as they were now. He needed to change himself and quick. "Sorry to say it so bluntly, but it's true. I think it's time to think about getting healthy. From this time forward I'm going to be your personal trainer. And it wouldn't hurt if you learned some self defense while we're at it."

Saki had always prided herself in keeping in shape, largely do to her being on the High School Swim Team. In order to be a top constant in the various swim-meets her school competed in, she had forced herself to stick to a strict diet and exercise programs. She even studied in Papa's dojo for extra training. The result was that Saki and Satoshi looked miles apart.

"And it would be about time you learned more than just the basics, Son." Papa spoke firmly, catching onto Saki's idea.

"I don't want to do all that."

"Tough." Saki stood up. "You have to take care of yourself if you expect people to take care of you. You have 2 weeks suspension, so everyday you're going be at Papa's dojo. He's going to drill you until I get him, and when that happens I'm going to train you until you drop."

Mama looked concerned. "We really shouldn't force him to do all this, dear."

"No, we let him get away with being lazy long enough. The result is I have to see my brother come home beat up all the time." Saki pointed at Satoshi. "I won't be able to studying up University if I'm worried about him being killed while I'm gone."

"I think Saki-chan is right, honey." Papa said, eager to teach his son Karate and Aikido. Saki knew he always wanted them to take more of an interest in his work. Because Mama was the owner of a popular department store in town, they had always counted on her for money. This meant she had more pull over decisions, and she was always soft hearted when it came to her children. "He's been getting beaten nearly every day, and he needs to learn to defend himself. It's obvious they won't stop. Time to put up your playing video games and be a man, Son."

"You guys just want a pet project." Satoshi complained, obviously not liking the idea of having to work out nonstop. Saki knew that on her father's side of things Satoshi was correct. Up until know, he never cared about his son getting bullied other than the mild concern a parent would have. He never took action on the situation and just allow Mama to take it up with the school or parents whenever Satoshi got hurt.

"It's not a pet project. Do you think I want to take time out of my day to baby you around." Saki said. "I have exams coming up, you know. It's for your own good and you have no choice."

That night everyone went to bed hungry. It was hot, so Saki forwent the usual pajamas she would wear on cooler evenings. Saki laid in her bed with a fan blasting at her, rubbing her stomach, furious that Akira Tamashima made her miss out having a meal. Satoshi was the one who usually cooked, but they spent the better part of dinner in a Doctors office. Because this, Akira was going to get her fist tomorrow at school.

Saki also was resigned into breaking her brother with her work out methods. No mercy. She simply didn't have time for it, not with her schedule. With School, Entrance Exams, and Swim practices she'd be stretching herself thin. He had to know that what she was doing for him was going to be tough on her too. She sighed thinking about all of this, as her stomach grumble louder from hunger.

"Damn it!" Saki rolled over in her bed, punching the pillow on her head violently. "I'm so hungry."

The next room over was her brother's room, and she could hear he was still up playing on the computer. It annoyed her. She could tell that he was going to fight all her efforts to help him out. That's just who he was. He was always babied more than she was, just because he was younger. If he didn't want something, usually it didn't happen due to their mother's intervention. But she didn't care what Mama thought now. Her brother had become a joke, and his life would just get worse if something wasn't done.

The longer the noise from the computer game went on, the more it annoyed Saki. She couldn't take it anymore and stormed out of her room, ripping into Satoshi's room. "Go to bed! Papa's going to grind you to a pulp tomorrow, you need sleep."

"It's my last night of freedom, Nee-chan, so I'm taking advantage of if." Satoshi spoke without turning his head from the computer screen.

"Don't make me kick your ass." Saki grumbled, pulling him away from the computer.

"Nee-chan, put some pants on!"

"Go to bed, you ungrateful little wart!" Saki shouted, trying to hide that she was indeed embarrassed that she had forgotten to put on her pajama pants before she stormed in. Maybe this was a small payback, forcing him to seeing her panties because she had to see his thing erect earlier.

"Fine I will, just leave." Satoshi averted his eyes away from her bare legs.

"You better or I'll come back." Saki turned and left, her face feeling hot from embarrassment. "That little runt is gonna pay." She seethed.
The next day Saki and her father lived up to their promise, despite reservations from Mama and Satoshi. When she came home from school Satoshi was still in Papa's dojo being taught by one his students. He was wearing a beginner's gi and covered in sweat from the long days workout. Part of her wanted to let him be, but she had to resist herself.

When she joined him, he had a look of dread on his face. She felt a pang of guilt but pushed through it. "Look, I know you're tired, but it's for you're own good. Please don't be mad at me."

Satoshi looked a bit guilty now himself. Obviously throughout the day he had been thinking nasty thoughts about her and Papa torturing him. But Saki's showing him a glimmer of kindness must have softened him a bit. "I don't know if I can do this, nee-chan."

"You can. It's always hardest at the beginning. Especially with the weight you have right now. It takes more courage and strength to do what you can now, than it will be later. Later your body will be used to it. I'm sorry, but that's how it always is."

"Papa kept throwing me on the ground." Satoshi told her, referring the the Aikido throws he must have learned.

"Yeah, well… learning how to take a fall is part of it. Rest up a bit, then we'll do our work out."

"I can hardly wait."

Saki left him to it, then went to the house to change into her work out clothes. She had a pile of cram work to do, studying for the entrance exam would be tough now. Even though the University she was going to had already offered her a scholarship, her grades still had to be high enough for them to accept her. She wasn't a bad student, but she was a better swimmer.

When she returned to the dojo, she saw that Papa was forcing Satoshi to stretch for Saki's work out. He looked exhausted. Saki knew that from now on he couldn't cook dinner, he'd be too tired, plus he wouldn't stick to his diet. It was just another thing she had to do herself. One more thing to be tacked on to her already heavy schedule.

Sighing heavily she resounded herself to her plan. She was going to save her brother, whether he wanted it or not. Next year they would both enroll into different schools, and he could start over and have a normal life for once. And with him having that kind of life, it would make things easier on her. Like Satoshi's work out, starting off now would be the hard part… for both of them.