Toby's POV

"Get up you two!" Dad yelled into my room, "you're wasting the day away."

I grunted pulling my pillow over my head.

"I'll get the cold water."

"I'm up" I grumbled sitting up.

"Hurry up and get dressed, I'm making your favorite blueberry and banana pancakes."

My stomach growled excitedly. "Thanks Dad."

He winked at me and closed my door.

I grabbed my pillow and hit Dante over the head who was sleeping beside me. He jerked awake his long black hair sticking up all over the place.

"What?" He slurred.

"It's time to get up" I said stretching.

Dante fell back onto the bed. "It's too early."

Dante and I are friends, best friends. We're so comfortable with each other we don't mind sharing a bed. We've known each other for as long as the both of us could remember. I was the one who befriended him, he was the new kid and he was very quiet and secluded himself from the other kids. So I was the first one to talk to him. He spoke very little, sometimes he answered me back with simple nods or one or two word responses. But as we grew older I learned that he was naturally quiet. He doesn't enjoy other people and won't interact with them without me there. But when he's alone with me he's like a whole other person. He's loud, sometimes really obnoxious, he's actually really funny, and he's really competitive when it comes to video games.

When you first meet Dante you think he's your average emo scene kid. And he is. Minus the emo, Dante is everything but emotional. His hair is as black as mine but he wears it longer than I do. He is pretty pale, probably from lack of sunlight. He has these really awesome pale blue eyes, I wished my eyes were that pale, my eyes are really bright blue. Dante has a lot of piercings that his cousin had done for him. I think he has too many piercings. Dad said he would set off a metal detector.

I think Dante is a really good looking guy compared to me. He looks so mature, with the slight stubble on his face when he doesn't shave, and his muscular build. Then there's me. Baby faced with dimples and big blue eyes. My Aunt thinks I'm the cutest thing in the world. Being called cute does not make me feel happy, I don't want to be cute. I am also really tall, another thing I don't enjoy. I've always been tall for my age, but I went through this crazy growth spurt in the sixth grade which terrified me because I don't want to be freakishly tall like my Dad. He was lucky enough to find somebody taller than him. Thankfully my growth spurt stopped around the middle of seventh grade. I still find myself getting taller inch by inch. But thank God I'm not as tall as my Dad, but I'm up there.

"Come on" I said ripping the sheets off of Dante's half naked body.

Dante heaved a huge sigh before sitting up. Dante isn't a morning person as you can tell. He's more of a sleep until two in the afternoon kind of person. I find this ridiculous! I like sleeping in, but not that late. But he usually stays up all night gaming. I would know, because I'm always yelling at him to go to bed.

Dante rolled out of bed and crawled to the dresser. He grabbed his brush and ran it through his hair. The fact that he's not climbing into the shower means he plans on playing video games all day. Not okay, we're going to do something productive today.

I took my shower and walked into the kitchen where DJ was setting the table for four. My Dad was at the stove putting fresh pancakes on a plate.

DJ is my other Dad, his name stands for Daddy James. That's what I called him when I was younger but then he said just to call him DJ for short and I've been calling him that ever since.

"Morning" DJ said when he saw Dante and I enter the room.

Dante grunted sitting at his usual place.

"All nighter?"

"Yep" I nodded pouring myself some orange juice.

"I was at a really good place in the game" Dante said watching my Dad set the plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon on the table, "I couldn't put it down."

"What are you going to do when school starts again?" I asked.

Dante shrugged nibbling on a strip of bacon. "I'll organize my gaming hours."

"You guys are going to be Seniors this year" said DJ, "you need to start getting a little more serious."

"Speaking of serious" Dante smiled at me, "You and Elsie—"

I kicked him hard in the shin. I don't need my parents knowing about my sex life with my girlfriend. Of course I tell my Dad everything, like everything, I hide no secrets from him. But he had me when he was only fifteen and I know he was a little iffy when Elsie and I started going out almost a year ago. If he knew that Elsie and I were having sex he would freak the fuck out.

"What about you and Elsie?" Dad asked eyeing me.

"Nothing" I said immersing myself in my orange juice.

Dad gave me a stern stare, I tried to ignore him but I could feel his eyes boring a hole on the side of my face. He didn't press any further but I know he isn't going to let it go.

"What do you want to do for your seventeenth birthday?" DJ asked changing the subject.

"Elsie and few other friends are throwing me a party next weekend, but I still want to go out to dinner with you guys."

"Your birthday is this Saturday, right?" Dad asked checking the calendar on his phone.

"Yeah, let's go to that Pluto restaurant this time."

"Oh that place is awesome" Dante said, "they have all the servers dressed up as aliens."

"You should come" I nudged him.

He shook his head. "That's family time, I don't want to intrude on that. I'll stay home."

"You did that last year! Come on!"

"You're practically family" said DJ.

Dante is practically family. Dante lives with us, like half the things in my room are his. Things at his place aren't going so well. His Dad is an alcoholic and a pot head, his Mom left when he was ten. He visits her on the weekends, but tries to avoid his Dad at all costs.

"Come with us" I urged.

"Well since you're twisting my arm" Dante sighed.

I rolled my eyes.

After breakfast I managed to get Dante to take a shower and we went into town. But we ended up spending our time in the video game store. Since Dante works and doesn't live on a crappy allowance he is able to afford the games. I just hung back and watched him.

"Hey Toby!" A familiar voice said.

I smiled widely turning and Elsie hugged me tightly. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"My brother sent me to do his shopping" she said showing me a list, "but I might just use his money to go to the mall."

I laughed. "Come on, I'll help you."

Elsie and I have been going out for almost a year. We've been friends for about the same length of time Dante and I have been friends. In Elementary school she was one of the guys, very athletic and very tomboyish. But when I saw her in sixth grade she ditched the men's clothing, and I saw her in a girl's outfit. She had curves, she had breasts, and she had on makeup. I saw her as a girl for the first time, and she was really beautiful. Dark brown hair that she liked to keep curled, beautiful blue green eyes that sparkled far brighter than any star. Smooth tan skin that was always so soft to the touch. Her smile could brighten anybody's day, she was petite but didn't look strange when she stood next to me. People always say we looked great together. And I think it's true.

"Hey Dante" Elsie said waving over at him.

Dante just nodded and walked away.

Elsie frowned. "Why won't he talk to me?"

"He doesn't like girls that much."

Elsie lowered her voice. "Is he gay?"

"No, he had that girlfriend last year remember?"

"But he hasn't dated ever since."

"Yeah I wouldn't either if I dated somebody that psychotic."

Our Junior year Dante dated this girl, she was shy just like Dante and was very cute. But as soon as she warmed up to Dante we saw her true nature. She was the jealous type. She wanted to know where he was every second of the day. She would start fights with other girls if they looked at him in any way. She would chew him out if he looked at another girl, and she would call him and text him nonstop. Dante finally snapped and broke up with her. She wouldn't have it and stalked him for the longest time but stopped when he threatened to call the cops on her. Ever since then he stopped talking to girls all together and refused to date anyone.

"True, she was such a crazy bitch" Elsie nodded.

I helped her find the video games her brother wanted, even though she perfectly knows where everything is because she's secretly a hardcore gamer. She can beat me and even Dante at anything.

"You want to hang out with us?" I asked as Elsie bought the games.

"No, I'm sorry, I'm hanging out with my friends today. But I'll call you."

"Alright, then I'll see you later."

Elsie gave me a peck on the lips and left.

"You're under the witch's curse" Dante whispered in a raspy voice in my ear.

I jumped. "Don't do that! And don't call her a witch!"

He smirked. "I paid for my stuff, you want to go get something to eat?"

"Yeah, let's go."

We stopped at a fast food place, a place that I can actually afford. Dante showed me the games he bought and asked if DJ would let him borrow his old video games. DJ would obviously say no, they're his prized games. He wouldn't even let me look at them. Dad says DJ loves his games more than us.

"So, are you going to come to the party this time?" I asked when Dante took a break from talking to eat his burger.

He shrugged.

"C'mon, you never go."

"That's because you always leave me to talk to other people, and I'm that awkward kid who stands in the corner."

"Then be more outgoing, talk to people."

"It's not that easy. People and I just don't mix."

"You know, being this antisocial won't help you in the real world."

"I'll manage."

I've tried many times to help Dante be a little more social, I bring him to parties, and I introduce him to other people. But the minute he meets another stranger he shuts down and puts up his wall. Dante has always been shy person but I worry about him. I won't always be there with him.

"Come this once, I won't leave you this time."

"You said that last time and you left to go fuck Elsie."

"Yeah but she was wearing that amazing mini dress she looked so hot in. How could I ignore that?"

Dante frowned as he stirred his milkshake. "Fine, I just won't go."

"No, you have to go, Dante! I won't leave this time! I promise! If I do I'll…I'll—"

"You'll have to obey my every whim for the whole entire day" Dante smiled.

"I'm not much for slavery, how about I treat you to something? Like dinner? Or I can buy you video games?"

"With what money?"

"I can earn money."

"Fine, you'll buy me video games."

"Good choice."

"I would have enjoyed to have my very own slave though."

Dante and I finished up our food and we went back home. My parents were getting ready to leave when we walked through the door.

"Don't throw any wild parties while we're out." Dad said fixing his tie in front of the mirror.

"I was thinking of an ice cream party" I said, "with clowns and balloon animals."

Dad rolled his eyes. "Just don't get into any trouble."

"Ready if you are" DJ said walking into the room, "I might be home late tonight, apparently we're holding a concert at the bar tonight."

"Apparently?" I asked, "you're the one who planned it."

DJ owns his own bar downtown, it was his Father's bar before him but went out of business. When DJ scrounged up enough money he bought it and it turned out to be very successful. "Popular with the young people" He says. DJ, you're thirty-three not fucking fifty. You can't say things like that. All in all, he's pretty he's very proud of his bar.

My Dad is the Vice President of my Uncle's company. I don't know what kind of company, and truthfully I don't really care. But my Dad worked very hard to get where he's at now. He said he worked as my Uncle's assistant first. So he must have had to work his ass off to become VP.

"Be good boys" DJ said ruffling up my hair.

They both left and I went for the refrigerator. I wasn't lying when I said I wanted an ice cream party. Just minus the balloons, clowns, and the people. Ice cream has always been my favorite snack food. People say I'm a kid for liking ice cream so much. Fine, I'm a kid, but that won't stop me from enjoying my ice cream.

"You want some?" I asked opening the freezer door.

"I want orange sherbert" said Dante giving me a grin, he knew very well that was my ice cream.

"How about the rainbow sherbert?"

"Alright" he smirked.

I made his bowl then I got my ice cream and made myself a bowl. The two of us went back to my room where Dante immediately started playing his new video games.

"Wait, I thought you hated ice cream."

Dante shrugged. "Sometimes I don't."

"I wonder how we're still friends, because I clearly cannot be friends with someone who doesn't like ice cream."

"And I wonder how you're not fat from eating all this ice cream."

I laughed trying not to choke on my food. "Because I keep busy, but you just sit on your ass all day."

"Unlike you I have a job, so I'm busier than you."

"Well even if I am jobless I'm more productive than you."

Dante paused his game to frown at me. "Are we really going to start this stupid argument? It all started with ice cream."

I laughed again. "Ice cream will be the end of us."

Dante cracked a smile. "I told you ice cream was awful."