Malin Sunniva wanted nothing more than to disappear as she watched Tanix, oblivious as he was. Agnieszka was on her other side. She seemed alright for a daughter of that asshole Anatol, but she was still much too normalised for this life. It unnerved her.

Agnieszka glanced at her, her teal-shaded eyes showing no remorse for whatever Anatol had been planning with the boy. She still had a calming presence, less taken by the world of crime than her father and brother. At least it was her that was babysitting Malin Sunniva today and not one of Anatol's goons or something.

Agnieszka waved at Tanix, who offered a wide grin and moved closer, presumably to greet the two girls. Malin Sunniva wanted to warn him. She wasn't sure how to, though.

"Look, whatever you to want, autographs or sexual favours or something, I'm not in the mood." Tanix said.

Malin Sunniva shuddered. She'd had to give way too many people "sexual favours" recently. She didn't need the reminder. Agnieszka clutched her hand in what was probably a comforting gesture. It was hard to tell with her. She was sympathetic to the treatment and plight of those her father forced into the life of crime, though she herself had no qualms about committing any crime, short of maybe murder.

The Scandinavian girl couldn't blame the other woman though. She was clearly desensitised to the abuses of her father. At least she wasn't her fucked up brother. Oliwier was a disastrous product of Anatol's parenting and nothing else.

Agnieszka smiled at him. "Nothing like that, no." She said. "Just a warning. Be careful, kid." She said, eyes filled with mirth. Malin Sunniva thought it was odd that Agnieszka was calling him "kid." The Polish girl wasn't that much older than Tanix. She was only 22.

Tanix raised an eyebrow. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Tell your mother that she needs to keep a better eye on you." She said to him. "Next time you're out on your own, we might not be so merciful. I'm hoping that you will lead us to Klaus, but I've already been instructed to replace him with someone else if your search party isn't fast enough. So…. Hurry up, would you?"

Tanix looked panicked for only a second as he registered the meaning behind Agnieszka's words. His face levelled out with a stony look, completely unemotional. "Oh? It that all?"

Agnieszka blinked and then smiled slightly at him, shooting the boy a slightly curious look. "That attitude will either make you one of his favourites or will get you killed."

Tanix smirked. "And I don't care. I'm not as cowardly as you. I don't kneel to manipulative jerks, not anymore at least."

"Hard not to kneel when you've never known anything different." Agnieszka stated, cocking her head to the side. Malin Sunniva turned to her slightly in surprise from her words. Agnieszka continued. "Besides, he's my father. You understand. I'm sure you've always wanted to please yours. I do what mine says. You understand."

"No, actually. At one time, perhaps." Agnieszka looked confused at the words, long enough for Malin Sunniva to realise it. The Nordic girl quickly punched the other girl in the stomach, causing her to double over in pain. She pushed her down while she was disoriented and straddled her hips. She punched her in the face several times while pinning her down with her other hand, though it didn't take long before Agnieszka overpowered her, managing to throw her off long enough to stand up.

Tanix tackled the girl and quickly restrained her. She had to know something; Anatol probably trusted his own blood. He helped the blonde girl drag the bad man's daughter to the hotel room that he shared with Rosalie and Serina.

Serina was a bit surprised when Tanix walked into the hotel room with a blond teenager, with a struggling young brunette in tow. Her eyes widened when she saw Malin Sunniva. She'd heard of her case on the news and from other officers. Most people had given up on attempting to find her.

"Said she was Anatol's daughter. Came here with a warning." Tanix said, almost out of breath. He hadn't gotten much out of the two girls on the way up. The brunette was still struggling.

Rosalie scanned the brunette. "Agnieszka." She said calmly. The brunette glanced at her. She didn't remember her at all, too young when she left. Rosalie knew that much. She wondered what happened to Butterball, though. Butterball was the one who was in charge of watching Anatol's children when they were young.

Agnieszka was always much sweeter than her older brother as a kid. Rosalie had hoped that the girl would grow up to be stable unlike the rest of her family. Clearly not. She figured that must have meant that Butterball hadn't raised her. Butterball was always much softer than the others, even Reyna, who had taken care of Klaus when she and Slavco weren't around.

She hoped they were alive. And if they were, she was certain that Reyna would never dare to hide any of the members—former or residing—from the crime ring. Her older brother had gotten killed because of them about a month before she had fled with Slavco.

Agnieszka sighed, giving up on her struggle to escape from Tanix and Malin Sunniva. She glanced up at Rosalie. She didn't remember her though she knew who she was. "What do you want from me?" She asked, eyes revealing no emotion.

Serina looked the girl over. "You? Nothing. You're not worth my paycheck. I want your father, I definitely want Klaus, this girl with you probably wants to go home, and these folks want their family back. Tell us everything that you know and I'll let you go."

Tanix looked at her like she was nuts. "Are you crazy? She wanted me killed."

"I didn't. I don't want anyone killed. My father wants you to join his troupe to take Klaus's place. He's not fond of Malin Sunniva."

"Why me? Why not Wiatt."

"He cares about your brother, Klaus does."

"Nah, he doesn't. Only me and my mother do." Rosalie smiled at the term, though he had used it many times growing up.

"Not from what we've spotted, but I digress. Perhaps I'm wrong. Though I'd like to imagine I'm not. I know what love is like."

Rosalie smiled a soft smile. She sounded a lot like Slavco as a teenager. She wondered what boy in Anatol's current group Agnieszka was in love with so much that made her smile as she was while being restrained just from thinking of him.

Malin Sunniva sighed. "I just want to go home. Why kidnap me when I'm apparently so bad at the job anyway?" She shuddered just remembering the last person she had run an errand for.

Agnieszka's eyes filled with pain. "I would rather it, though my father is adamant that you pay your father's dues."

"Is that why he wants Tanix." Rosalie asked. "Because of me? I'll ask this time: Why not just take Wiatt? He's with Klaus, who he's trying to track down anyway. Answer me, Agnieszka." She pressed.

"I told you. My father believes that your other son has Klaus wrapped around his finger. He believes that love is dangerous. I figured you knew that. I've heard stories."

"That's not why I fled."

"It's why Slavco fled, though, isn't it?" Agnieszka wasn't stupid.

"Yes. I used his crush to my advantage." Rosalie admitted. "He and I fled together. I left for Spain. He left for somewhere else."

"Croatia." Agnieszka agreed. "We've long tracked him down. My father doesn't want him, though."

Rosalie frowned. "Why not?"

"I don't question his orders. I only do as he asks. It's much easier that way." The girl stated. Rosalie nodded, though her frown had deepened.

"May I leave now? I've told you all I know." Malin Sunniva let her arm go as soon as Serina said it was alright. Tanix was more reluctant. He didn't understand why the two women were letting the obviously deranged girl go. Who cares if she had some significant other or just wasn't important enough. She was a criminal.

As Agnieszka turned to leave, Rosalie stopped her. "Wait. Is my son still here, in France?"

The Polish girl nodded. "As far as we know. Klaus doesn't stay in the same place that long, though."Rosalie nodded at her and the daughter of Anatol left, with one last look at Malin Sunniva before she went.

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