Once I saw a monster

Creeping around the corner

Green eyes glinting misheif

Whispering words more constant

Carefully sewing disorder

Setting truth adrift

Once I saw a creature

Howling displaced pain

Digging out a void

Lies but try to reach

Another heart to maim

A soul it would destroy

Once I saw a ghost

An inner hollow poisoned

So envy be my taste

False bindings strong as rope

Deafened to the sound

Of love that would so sate

Once I saw a ghoul

Taken far from view

Honesty dulled his sword

A brightly shining room

A voice so purely fluid

A seed of hope to store

Once I saw a monster

His words fell on the ground

I calmly stepped away

For he was all a bluster

The love I heard so loud

My heart which light abate