There was a time, and a time before, when the world was whole and unspoilt.

That world has long since moved on.

In the beginning the Goddess, avatar of the One, the Spirit of All Things That Exist, crafted the world as a dwelling place in the chaos of the cosmos. But over time, she craved companionship and first created servants. These servants were the ancient beings of great power; the kami, and with their help, she brought into being her children, the races of Men. Yokai, Centorean, Ajin, Seedlings, Empyreans, Humans, Wildlings…she created them all according to her desires, and loved them all equally. To amuse, delight and even feed them, she brought forth the animals to roam the woods, soar through the air and swim in the dark oceans. For a time, all was as perfect as she could hope for.

The kami grew proud and sinful, and eventually their desire to harm her world grew so powerful and virulent that the Goddess had no choice but to obliterate them completely. This was the Elder War, and it is because of it that the mysterious machinery and haunted ruins that men scour for in pursuit of ancient knowledge exist as they are now. Horrified at the extent of the damage she had caused her planet, the Goddess sealed away a significant portion of her power away into the moon, and retreated from the world.

The oldest and strongest of the races of Men, the Yokai, soon became the rulers of the world. As their empire grew, they too became as proud and conceited as the kami of old, and in time rebelled against the Goddess. This was the Rebellion War, and it is the source of the ruination of the world as it is now.

The Yokai destroyed the moon, and with her power vastly reduced, the Goddess was slain by the firstborn of her children in battle. The fearsome energies released by her demise corrupted the land and raised the fury of the storms, wiping out the Yokai. The destruction of the moon caused magic to run wild for a time, but eventually it began to dwindle away until only mere dregs remained in places and in people…and even that has begun to fade away completely.

Thus the world has been ever since, devoid of pulse and hope, watched over only by the shards of the Broken Moon.