Mind Games

In the small town of Greensvill lived a young boy named Jacob. Jacob was an eleven year old boy that was very quiet. He was a very smart eleven year old but he had no friends. He tried to make friends before but they wanted nothing to do with him. He would go to school every day and be bullied by a girl named Marissa. Marissa was a thirteen year old girl that was very popular because nobody wanted to mess with her. Everybody just wanted to be friends with her so she wouldn't beat them up. One day Jacob was walking in the hall and Marissa walks up to him and says, "hey Jacob give me your lunch money." Jacob didn't know what to do so he started to run down the hall to get to his next class. She chased him until he reached his next class and then she left. Jacob was so scared he didn't know what to do. When school was over Jacob went home and sat on his bed. When he was thinking real hard he realized that the table across the room started to move. He didn't know what was making it move. Then all of a sudden it just stopped moving. This is when he realized that he was not a normal kid, he had a super power. He could control things with his mind. The next day when he went to school Marissa goes up to him and asked him again for his lunch money, Jacob said, "No" Marissa didn't know what to do so she was getting ready to punch him. Jacob hurried up and moved Marissa against the wall with his mind. Everybody couldn't believe what they seen. Marissa ran away crying and everybody was clapping for Jacob. They were so happy that he stood up to her and got her to leave him alone. All of a sudden Jacob had so many friends because they knew Marissa wouldn't mess with them. Jacob was probably the most popular person at school.

The next couple of weeks of school went by real easy, nobody wanted anything to do with Marissa and wanted to be Jacobs friends. Jacob was so happy that he finally had friends. He had people to talk to and play with. He was invited to sleepovers and everything else. Jacob couldn't believe that just an ordinary kid like him could have a super power like this. He showed his parents what he could do and they were so proud of him. They knew how popular he had become at school. His parents encouraged him to use his powers to make life easier for him. He would use his powers to clean up his room and clean dishes. Jacobs life was so easy until one day he lost his powers. He was so scared that Marissa would beat him up but she didn't. She actually asked Jacob if they could be friends. Jacob said they could be and then they spent the rest of the day talking and playing with each other.