Letter Of Longing:

By S.J.W.

Chapter 1: Tears Of Ink:

They were calling it the war between the shadows, and the Stars. Gol Danzinger sat at his desk, thinking. Gol's Father had been a Star Lord, a leader in the field. He gazed down upon the letter before him on the desk once again. It had been over twenty years since it had happened. His Father had been drafted to go into the army. Gol had cried, and his Mother had wept at the time. They knew that almost no man, especially the leaders, returned to their families. It was brutal, and the war still raged today. If he strained his hears, he could still hear distant blasts of powerful forces at work. He began to read again.

My dearest Laylah.

You certainly read this missive, though I shall be gone at that point in time. I am sorry I cannot be there to See Gol grow into manhood. I am also sorry that the final words, from me to you, seem so trite, and empty. Dragons have breached the western borders, and we are surrounded by the powers of the Shadow Lords. I love you both. Goodbye.


It would be six months before Gol, and his Mother, revived the final word. They had also received his Father's ashes in a box.

Chapter 2: Political Vengeance:

It had been hard to believe at first. After all, his Father? Gol's Father had been the strongest Mage Lord in all of Mystose. It couldn't be. Could it? From then on, Gol vowed to avenge his Father's death through aiding the entirety of the world of Mystose. He had realized that being a grunt, and even a Star Lord, or Mage Lord, or both were grunts, would do no true good. The power of the desk was indeed mightier than the power of sorcery. No. In stead, he would take political vengeance.

Aulber had known Gol's Father, and was saddened by the man's passing. Perhaps it was his close friendship that had gained him guard duty over the younger man, whom was ruler of the realm of Stars. He was a Star Lord, the Lord of all security yes, but a Star Lord none the less. He kept a lookout for Shadowers, or Shadow Lords, whom mockingly called their killing curse, Shadow glow. This was normally when they had killed a member of the Stardom. Suddenly realizing why his mind was not focused upon the task at hand, Aulber turned. Then came a great crashing, and banging din. He ran.

How did the world get this way? Maybe it was best to just, give up? To die? Wondering where these thoughts had come from, he looked up sharply as Aulber smashed his way into Gol's study. "It's the Master, it's the Master. Aulber died then. Gol looked stupidly toward his fallen friend, then realized the source of the passing. Shadow glow. "No!" Gol stood.

"We finally have our iron boot hell upon your windpipe. The Stardom is ended." The dark Master of all of Shadow realm growled.

Knowing only how to throw heavy objects, like his desk for example, across a room, like his study, he did so. Gol conjured forth a whirlwind of items. There were twenty or so of The Master's minions with him. What seemed like one man met his end at the behest of his letter opener, which, truth be told, sliced it's way through three men's throats before sinking into the gilded oak door frame. Ducking great gouts of multi-colored flames, and lighting bolts, Gol dove behind a stone pillar. He threw the pillar, nad his desk at the Master. the only thing this accomplished was to cause more confusion as one of the Master's followers blew up both the desk, and the pillar. Finally more of his men arrived briskly.

Chapter 3: Takeover:

"Gol! Sir are you alright?" Borum asked.

"Yes!" But then there was no time to answer. This was as all shadow pit broke loose within the room for the next few minutes.

They were here, at last. It was time then. The Master gave the signal. "Take em boys." He murmured. He increassed his power.

Men were melting, burning, drowning in their own blood, and screaming all over the place. Until Gol could hear the laugh, though not from the Master. "What is this?", he asked himself. He suddenly found himself knelt down in front of The Master.

The white plaster dust did not touch his black robes. The Master took off her hood. She was black of hair, and eye. It had worked. She'd always liked taking down her hood before killing a Starling. This man's Father had killed her Father long ago. She'd killed this man's Father, by feeding him to a dragon. It amused her to imagine the grief of the man's widow as she had held her Husband's remains in her hand. If she would opened the box it would have been filled with simple dirt. She had stalked, and planed for over twenty years. She had furthered the cause of her Father's. She was Queen.

With the final vestiges of strength, Gol spat at the Master's feet. Seeing the Master as a woman, he guessed that she was a Mistress. "There's what I think of your cause. You dark bitch." He knew now that all he knew about the Master was but suspicion, and speculation. He also knew that he was about to join his Father, and Mother in the afterlife. He smiled.

"Long live the Lord." She whispered into the man's ear. She shoved more of her compulsion into his mind. Then came shadow glow. She made him place the spell on himself, after taking the black orb out of her hand. He was in her grip, helpless.

"Gah." Gol's final breath left him. Blackness.

The Master chuckled at the man's feeble efforts to rest the orb from her. His corpse grew cold at her feet. It was over now.

"Long live the Shadow Queen!"

She nodded in response to her men's united cry. She pulled her cowl back, up and took her leave, her men in her sinister wake.

Chapter 4: Future:

He felt it when the magical link went from his heart. He watched the star dragon, and the shadow dragon fighting over his meat. There was but one hope now. He could not believe that, despite his advice against it, she had done it. Killed her Brother. He gazed out over the barren battlefield. All of the Star troops had been slaughtered on five minutes ago. He sighed. He wondered what the future held for the world now. But blackness for however long, he supposed. "Gol was your Brother, Star. Why? I thought that at least you could come to a truce. After the fall of your Grandfather. You let the shadow eat you. Greed. There is no shadow more dark, nor more seductive." Gol's Sister Star, his Daughter, was Queen. Wyxlock wept, the dragons fought, and the future remained cloaked in shadow for now. Yet, hope was omnipresent, and futuristic.

The Reign of Shadow had begun.