Bullies Are Just an Illusion

Jason was a twelve-year-old boy and went to school at Jefferson High and wasn't the most popular or the coolest kid. He wasn't in the "it" clique. He was picked on for being the skinniest looking boy in the grade. But what his classmates didn't know was that he was great at basketball. He was the best actually in his class if they would put him in the game instead of benching him every single game that they had. They didn't give him a chance just because he looked tiny.

His biggest crush was on the girl he was best friends with, Milly. Although she wasn't the most popular either she definitely wasn't hideous. And his worst enemy was his best friend's brother, Johnny. And the only reason he didn't like him is because he knew Jason liked Milly and how good he was with a ball and he was jealous.

One day Johnny walked up to Jason the day of the game. The rules are is that everybody has to play at least once. And Johnny told him that if he messes up the big game then he's in for it. Jason didn't want to know what that was, so he knew he had to bring his A game tonight.

That night he gets there and Johnny's friends approach Jason threatening him again. Oh Jason knew to show him up. He got into his warm up jersey and laced up his shoes. And he was in the game. It was his time to shine.

As soon as the game started, the coach put in the "good" players. Of course he did. What else is new? He is in for it tonight. He should definitely know better. Oh well. Then, Milly had texted him. Coach didn't care if I had my phone out. Mostly because he thought Jason sucked. His mistake. He opened his phone and saw,

"Hey lighten up! Johnny told me how good you are! Don't let those other dudes get you down. Coach is keeping you out because you are the secret weapon! And I need to see you after the game. It's not bad! I swear! Ok I'll leave you alone and give you a victory dance when you win! LOL TTYL! "

Jason couldn't believe his eyes. Okay she gave him a smiley face and she was making him feel like he belonged. This is why he liked her. Then coach called his name. Jason ripped of his warm ups and went to his position. They started and Jason was all over the court. People were yelling "GO!" and kept on with his best.

The last seconds were approaching and everyone broke loose when Johnny passed to Jason. Milly wasn't lying he thought. And he made a three pointer and won the game for the team. Johnny picked him up and he basically crowd surfed everybody.

He went into the locker room after and got ready to go home. But then he remembered that Milly wanted to talk to him. He got in the shower. Then when he was done he went to find her. She was standing by the exit with her brother standing with his friends talking. He walked up to her nervous.

"Hey Mil!" Jason said and gave her a giant hug.

"Congrats on winning the championship! And I need to talk to you. It's not bad. Like I said and I feel weird saying this to you but I need to say it. I like you. I understand if this makes things awkward. I do. Completely. Sooooo I am going to stop talking and let you tell me what your thinking."

He didn't know what to say. Was she really telling him this?

"Well, uh, Mil I really like you too. I was actually wondering when I should tell you in the shower…" and he felt nervous again.

"Oh, well, uh that's cool" she was nervous too.

"Do you wanna date me?" his face was getting red and he was starting to shake and sweat.

"YES!" and she jumped in his arms and gave him the biggest hug.

Right after that Johnny came over laughing and pulled her from him. And looked at Jason with a guilty look.

"Uh, Jason can I talk to you too?"

"Sure…" and they walked ten feet away so that nobody could really hear them.

"I want to apologize for the way I have treated you. I was jealous and I didn't want my little sis to get hurt. Now I know that was wrong, I want to say sorry for everything. I was jealous of your mad ball skills. And just so you know, if you hurt her, you will die. But until then I will support you guys."

"Thanks Johnny! I honestly never thought of you apologizing. Ever. I thought you would always be against me. But thank you. You have no clue what this means to me!" and he gave him a hug. Not a girl hug but like a 'I will tolerate you for now and we can be somewhat friends' hug. Then he walked back over to Milly and walked her to Johnny's car, gave her a hug and went to find his parents.

Maybe bullies are just scared?...