Far out in the middle of the Mojave Desert lies a portal to a magical land called Byorst. As we enter through the gateway to Byorst you feel a giant rush of magical energy hit you.

"Wake up Aeolous, you're going to be late for your first day at the academy." "Alright Ada" I groaned. I threw the covers off me and got out of bed. I walked out of my room and into the kitchen to find Ada making breakfast. "Morning Aeolous" Ada said from the stove. "*Yawn* Morning." I sat down at the table and ate the breakfast Ada had made for me. I got up an instantly started to leave for the academy. "Aren't you forgetting something Aeolous?" yelled Ada. I looked back to find her holding up my school uniform. I grabbed the uniform and quickly changed into it a left once again. "Bye and thanks Ada" I yelled while running to the academy.

I arrived at the academy just in time for the welcoming ceremony for the first-year students. "Welcome first-years, this is the Magical Academy of Byorst. Now we'll start sorting you into your classes. There are 4 main classes. Fire which is for strength, Water which is for peace, Wind which shall be for speed, and Earth for the fighting types. No one will probably get into wind for it is for very swift people only. Never have we had a first-year student get into the wind class so don't worry. Without further notice let the sorting begin!" said the head master from the stairs. It seemed like what was a whole day before I finally got up. I was the last kid to go and every other student including the upperclassmen were their watching.

"Give this kid a scare." Said the head masters assistant. Instantly the headmaster threw 3 extremely fast men at me. Before they were even close to me I dodged all three of them. That is when all the whispering and talking stopped. Everyone started staring at me as the head master started saying " W.. W.. Wi.. Wind Class." Everyone started talking again as I walked over to the wind class where there was only one other student. A third-year girl named Aegle. I started to say hello only to be interrupted by a fireball. As soon as the fireball hit the air I put my hand up extinguishing the flame. That's the lost power of Iknal. "First-year student Aeolous." The headmaster announced. "Will you and Aegle come up here please?" We walked up there. "What is it father?" I heard Aegle say to the headmaster. "Father?!" I said to my self. "Aegle you need to teach Aeolous here how to control the lost power of Iknal.