Walking down this road I thought I knew where I was going

Looking back now, I've regrets and shame unfolding

I try to hide, I want to hide, Yet Your love calls me out

Out of the darkness and into the light

Your truth sets me free, free from the guilt and pain mine by right.

Your kindness leads me to repentance

Your great mercy shows me acceptance

And You've led me to understand

What it means to live, what it means to fear

I could never earn Your love, Yet You freely give

I have breached Your Holy Law, Yet You graciously forgive

Renewing my heart of stone to yield to Your Spirit

Making me a new creation, being sanctified into Your image

How great are my shortcomings, Yet how great are You

Lord over all, I praise You, Great and Mighty

King of Kings, I thank You, Your Word everlasting is true

May Your Name be praised and glorified from sea to sea