Dear Little Girl

How do you fight

Against the World

I understand your pain

I know your past

Yet you push me away

Why is that

Dear Little Girl

Where do you disappear to

When everything you know

Has fallen down

You claim you are fine

You say it's all in the past.

And yet...

Here it is

Right at your doorstep

Dear Little Girl

Life is unfair

People are not to be trusted

Love is never meant to last

I wish to know your secrets

You merely brush Life off your shoulders

And Yet...

You wish to die...

Dear Little Girl

I will always love you

You are my life

And without you

I can not live

And yet...

I do...

Dear Little Girl

The clouds look pretty today

I can almost picture you there

Sitting on the edge

With your white wings barely opened

You wish to understand my pain

You want to know of my past.

It's a vicious circle you see

And I am at the top

For now at least...

Dear Little Girl

Today is my last day

I see you in the hall

Please leave me

I will join you shortly

Dear Old Friend

I am home now...