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"You care." Not this, please, not this.

"I don't." Lie.

"You're lying."

"I'm not." Lie.

"It's obvious." Is it really?

"It's not."

"Stop pretending."

"I'm not." Lie.

"Have you ever cared for someone, for anyone?" Yes.

"Of course, but not anymore." Sadness. I could feel it. First time in, how many years now?

"Why not?"

"I can't." Lie, unfortunately.

"You can. Everyone can." So full of hope and spirit, unlike me.

"Not me."

"I can teach you." Please don't.

"I know how to. I just… can't."

"Tell me why." No.


"You're being stubborn." First thing you should know about me.

"I am."

"Please look at me." Don't give in.

"No." Thank goodness.

"Why not?"

"I don't want to." Lie.

"You're dying." Slowly. Does that make it better?

"Thank you. Would you like to stab me to make the process faster?"

"No, I mean you're dying inside. They're killing you."

"Well, I obviously wasn't aware of that issue." Sarcasm is my friend. My best friend.

"Can you stop?" Act innocent.

"Stop what?"

"Talking like that."

"Like what?"

"Like, like that. Sarcastic. Acting like you're fine with everything." That's exactly what I'm doing.

"I am."

"Well, stop. I hate it." No, don't hate it. Hate me. I am ready to be hated.

"You might as well hate me too." Please.

"You? I could never hate you." Dang it. Why not? "I love-"

"Don't say it. Don't say things you don't mean."

"I do mean it. I love-"

"Don't say things you mean, either." Just don't.

"But, I care about you." No.

"The more you care, the more you have to lose." My motto.

"Only if you believe that." I do.

"I do."

"You care. That's why I'm still here, with you."

"You care. I don't. That's why you're still here. I have nothing to do with you." End it, now.

"Yes, you do. You need me." Unfortunately, you're right.

"I, I have to leave. Goodbye." Good, now walk away, and don't look back, and you'll be free.

A hand touched my shoulder, hesitantly. A pair of blue eyes, the darkest shade of blue you could find, met mine. A smile forming, stretching into a grin. A string of words were spoken, cutting through the silence, but I didn't hear them. A hand reaching up to my face, pushing back the ever present strands of hair that rested there. A mouth that made its way towards mine, ever so slowly.

I could feel myself giving in, inhaling the intoxicating scent of the boy before me. My mind screamed at me to stop. STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU CAN'T DO THIS! YOU WILL HURT HIM! I finally realized what was happening. I pulled away. His eyes snapped open, his expression unreadable.

"You really don't?"

"No." Good, now stay strong, and let it all out. "I've never cared about you. You've been a fool to think otherwise."

He had a smirk on his face.

"Stop smirking. Did you really think that I would like you? I hate you. You disgust me." I think that should do it. Walk away, now. I turned away.

His silence was enough to tell me that he believed me.

I didn't look back. He'll be safe.

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