Little birds, little trees,

God made them

And they are so pretty!

Little sheep herds, little valleys,

God made them

And they are so happy!

Big mountains, big seas,

God made them

And they are so amazing!

Big planets, big galaxies,

God made them

And they are dazzling!

All creation and all within it

God made with purpose and wisdom

All the design to perfectly fit

God made fully,

By no man can be undone

Little hands, little feet,

God made them

And every part of you and me

Big nose, big elbows

God made them

And your heart and mind He knows

Big smile, big child

God made them

And helps us grow

All people of every land

God made and gave His Salvation plan

Every man, woman, and child

God made in the Beginning in His image

God made the first Adam formed of the dust,

God made the first woman, Eve

God made the first marriage

And the first family

To be an image of God's perfect unity

Father God, Christ the Son, and Holy Spirit

A free will, a conscience, a desire

God gave them to us, His creatures

Adam did sin and brought all mankind under the Curse

Which God gave to punish our disobedience

A Savior we all need

From our sin to be freed

One like us, yet without sin,

One who is God, yet fully man, for our souls to win

God gave His Son, Jesus the Christ

To live a perfect, sinless life

And to us be an example

And in our place die, then raise from the grave

For the righteousness of Christ is ample

To forgive the sins of all mankind who believe

In the Gospel God gave us

For our souls He would redeem

That we may be adopted by God

In fellowship with the three in One

Walking in newness of life, our spirit reborn

With all the children of God worship the Son

God gave us hope, faith, and love

Freely, as a gift, not by any merit won

For our salvation is by grace alone

That no man may boast

But in the Cross of Christ

The Author and perfector of our faith

And we run to finish the race

Longing for the Great Day

When Christ returns on Judgment day

Or takes us home to be with Him

And for those not in the faith we pray

Will be shown mercy and believe

For when Christ returns His Judgment will reign

And all His enemies under His foot shall be

Cast into Hell for their sins against Him

To weep and gnash their teeth out of His presence

In eternal flames that never cease

And there is no comfort or ease

But those found in Christ will be glorified

In the presence of God the Most High

All the saints will be clothed in white

Praising and worshipping Christ

For in Heaven their eternal home lies

With God the Creator, our Father most wise