There's no point going to the front door

Nobody's going to answer, don't want to hear the ugly truth anymore

Gotta go to the backdoor, find a fissure in the floor

Gotta give the news indirectly just to get it to the core

My heart's a broken compass

May as well hit "Dismiss"

Nobody understands it

Not even me, it's not a mystery

My heart's desperately wicked

May as well label "Self-inflicted"

Only God knows what's inside of me

I don't have a free-pass to being right

Everyday of this life is gonna be a fight

Until I reach the end of this race

Standing before Him face to face

There's no point going to the front door

Hit me where it hurts, aim at the heart's core

If I fall down, I'll have to get back up once more

Nothing new to me, just the same old party

Where I go to be alone, cuz nobody else can see

When I'm self-deceived, chasing mirages in dreams

This life is never exactly what it seems

Wake me up, set off the alarm at the back door

I'll be sure to hear it, That's what real friends are for