Lucille was enduring yet another hum drum Friday night as she normally would; with a laptop on one knee, her phone on the other, and a Wii remote in hand, flipping through Netflix trying to find another show to watch.

She was waiting on texts from two friends, responding to her own silly little texts about yet another cute guy she saw while shopping earlier that day. Wasn't she too old to still be gushing over guys like she was? Most girls got over that in high school. Yet, here she was, texting her friends about every cute guy she saw, exactly like a teenage girl.

Ridiculous, she thought.

Eventually, she settled on some random horror movie, that was probably cheesy and relied on loud sounds to "scare" the viewers. She didn't even bother to read the description. It didn't matter when she would just be getting caught up with the fanfiction she had open on her computer screen. Perhaps a horror movie wasn't the best background noise for romance fiction, but it was something other than stagnant silence.

The fanfic was one she hadn't read before, and if the description was anything to go by, it was a steamy, one chapter story. It starred her favourite character from her favourite TV show as a dark demon, preying on her second favourite character, a timid human who wanted it of course. Normally she leaned more towards the slow, romantic stories with a storyline, but tonight her hormones drove her towards something quick and raunchy.

Dropping the Wii remote, she dove into the story. Quickly, she found out that it was most definitely the kind of dirty smut she was looking for. The demon showed no mercy over his human subject, and the story showed no mercy over Lucille's hormones. As she read, she became more turned on. She toyed with the waistband of her shorts, fingers yearning to delve in and imitate what was happening as she read. Though, she didn't because she knew it would be nowhere near as satisfying as her mind lead her to believe.

Her body ached for the touch of another person, and she so desperately wished that she could be the one being preyed on by a demon. She wanted to be the one whose soft cries of pleasure were driving on the insatiable lust of this character. Imagining herself as the submissive human in the story made her breath grow shallow.

The story came to its end, leaving Lucille hot and frustrated. She set her laptop down next to her. Mind still lost in deep thought about the erotic story she just read, she only watched the motion on the TV screen, but didn't focus on anything that was happening in the movie.

"An incubus is a male sex demon. It preys on sleeping women, giving them dreams filled with great pleasure while feeding on their energies." Lucille's attention was immediately piqued. "Those who dare summon one can experience them in waking life, but with great risks. Incubi are far harder to handle than their female counterparts, succubi. There are stories of women summoning them, and becoming overwhelmed by their sheer power and agressiveness alone. They have been known to become possesive over the humans who have summoned them, becoming even more dangerous when the human tries to have any romantic relations with other humans. The pleasure they give is great, but it comes at a high cost."

She didn't realize it at first, but the description given by the movie medium had her squeezing her legs together even tighter now. An incubus was an exciting idea for her; they fit right into her mood for fantasies about randy demons. The fact that they were dangerous just made her mind run wild with fantasies, some more depraved than others.

Lucille picked her laptop back up and flipped open the lid. She brought up Google for some research on these sexual beings, and after that, the far more important search for any and all fiction stories about them. Surely there would be at least some author on the web who shared her fascination, and wrote stories about them.

Hundreds of results came up with a simple search of the word 'Incubus'. She skipped over the copious amount of websites pertaining to rock bands, movies, or irrelevant websites with the word in their title. It took going to the third page before she stumbled onto a forum all about the occult. On the specific thread the link took her to, the main post was - best put - the ultimate guide to summoning your very own incubus. It felt a bit like a darker version of an innocent "How to raise your pet" guide.

This user, Xx_Demonia_xX, who started the forum, explained the process of summoning an incubus in great detail. Lucille was slightly amused by this person and their wild imagination. She definitely appreciated how real they made it feel; it helped her fantasies along. At the very end of the procedures, it warned:

***Beginners should NOT summon an Incubus. If you are a beginner, wait until you are sure you can summon and dismiss a Succubus before you attempt an Incubus! I AM SERIOUS. ***

Then the post went on to the side effects of having relations with an Incubus. Fatigue, a sunburn-like feeling on the skin, etc. Though it insisted that it wasn't that bad, and that it was worth it. She skimmed over all of that, and then the additional warnings, the do's and don'ts, and - you guessed it - even more strongly worded warnings.

By the end of it, she couldn't help but believe that this was the real deal, even just a little.

"No, that's stupid. Come on." She muttered to herself, shaking her head.

But deep down, she desperately wished that it were real. Whether she would ever actually try to summon one was tentative. She was sure she would feel just plain ridiculous if she did do it, especially when, inevitably, it wouldn't work.

The replies to the ultimate guide begged to differ, however. And the possibility of them being true made each one far better than any fiction story she could have found on the topic. She read through each reply, every single one telling its own unique success story. She couldn't believe it. They had to all be crazy or just messing around. There is no way, she thought, that any of these people actually managed to summon a real life Incubus, in flesh.

Exciting fiction, Lucille decided. That's all it was, was a group of imaginitive people working together to create elaborate, drawn out tales of erotic encounters, all feeding from each others' tall tales.

Closing down the browser and shutting the lid on her laptop, Lucille was done with her research. She didn't want to be turned on any further, and didn't want to get her hopes up any more than they already were. She knew that if she continued on this way, she would truly begin to believe that her sexual salvation could come from 5 burning candles and an incantation spoken multiple times.

As Lucille got ready for bed later that night, all she could think of was the idea of being ravished by an insatiable demon. She fantasized about it until the very moment she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.