Lucille looked like a goddess stepping out of the ocean. The bright warm sun bathed her wet skin, making it glisten in all of the right places. A growl rumbled deep and low in Aleron's chest as his body ached for her.

The bright red bikini top held her round breasts up, but didn't stop them from bouncing as she walked through the sand towards him. The tiny red bottoms barely covered her, but covered just enough to entice him. He imagined her long, lean legs wrapping around his waist and clinging to him.

"Aleron, come swim with me! The water is so warm and nice, but it's not fun being out there by myself." Lucille pouted, stopping just feet in front of the wooden lounge chair he was reclined in.

He sat up and reached out, grabbing her hips and bringing her in close to him. She let him, stepping forward until she was standing in between his legs. He could feel her desire wafting off of her in hot waves and hear her heart racing in her chest.

"But I would much rather watch you enjoy yourself out there, that is a lot more fun for me." He murmured softly, stroking her hips with his thumb.

Her breasts heaved upward with a deep breath, bringing them even closer to his face. It took a great deal of restraint on his part to not reach out and grab the top to yank it away, revealing her breasts. He wouldn't do that, not yet, anyways.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and one slid up to his neck, where she toyed with his hair.

"But if you go down there with me you can see me up close and enjoy it up close." She moved even closer until her legs were touching his. This brought her breasts even closer to his face.

He glanced down just as a drop of saltwater rolled down into her cleavage. He imagined dipping his tongue down in between her breasts and licking away that droplet.

She was such a shy, sweet virgin just a short while ago and now she was turning into a coy seductress. She acted so sweet, but she knew exactly what she was doing to him.

"That is true. Or you could just stay up here and spend some time with me in the sun."

"And what would we do up here?" She asked quietly, twirling a strand of his hair around her index finger.

His grip tightened on her hips and he pulled her forward. She stumbled forward and awkwardly, but quickly adjusted so that when she went down on his lap, she was straddling him. She gasped softly, but let herself settle against his rock hard erection. Her weight against it and the feeling of the heat in between her legs through the layers of clothes made the ache of his cock almost unbearable.

"Aleron—" She muttered before he cut her off with his lips.

His hand came up to the back of her head, holding her against him as his lips ravaged hers. She didn't even hesitate to kiss him back, her warm lips soft and pliant against his. Her mouth tasted sweet and welcoming, with a hint of her wonderful energy lingering on the tip of her tongue.

He could feel her restraint as she struggled to hold it back. He was proud of her for even trying and being able to do so, but that wouldn't do for today. He'd fix that in just a moment, though.

With the hand on her hip, he pulled her even tighter against him, grinding her against his erection. Aleron was hungry for her and her energy and he was going to make the most of this vacation.

Lucille was sure that she hadn't been this eager and excited since the first time they had sex. Her heart was racing so fast in her chest she thought it would burst free from her chest. She was throbbing in between her legs. It took every measure of her strength to control her energy.

She kissed him back with just as much passion as he gave her. And when his tongue swept through her mouth, her met with his for just a brief moment before he was taking his tongue back.

His lips parted from hers and he trailed kisses down her jaw and her neck, making her shiver. He sucked and licked at her neck hungrily. A small glimmer of logic made its way into her mind. They couldn't do this, no matter how badly she wanted him. She wouldn't be able to control her energy, she knew that already. Once he inevitably pushed his influence on her, she would be lost. She just knew it. Placing a hand on his chest, she pushed against him slightly.

"Aleron, we can't." She said, panting softly.

He tightened his arm around her so she couldn't move back any farther and kissed down in between her collarbones. It was then that she felt the first lick of his influence and her self control weakened ever so slightly. It had been so long since she last felt his influence and just that small taste had her mind spinning.

And knowing him, he wasn't going to give up so easy. He would do everything he could to break down her resolve.

Was it possible for her to be addicted to his influence?

"Seriously, Aleron, we can't. I'm not done with my training, Pharzuph wouldn't be happy…" She couldn't suppress the soft moan that came out of her mouth when more of his influence washed over her. Oh, she wanted to give in so badly.

Aleron pulled his mouth away and looked up at her. His eyes burned with what almost looked like anger.

"I don't give a shit about what Pharzuph will think. I am not going to let Eranel place his filthy hands on you before I get the chance to lay my claim on you one last time." He practically growled.

His words drove her wild, crushing any of the remaining restraint she had. She didn't care about any of the repercussions that could come from them having sex before she was fully trained, she just wanted him right then and there.

His lips descended back down on her neck, only this time he bit the soft skin there. Hard enough to make her cry out, and maybe leave a bruise later, but not enough to break the skin.

"Any further complaints?" He said against her neck in a low tone.

She shook her head, panting wordlessly.

"Good." He remarked. "Get up."

"But I want you right here." She said, shifting ever so slightly, getting ready to get up.

The corner of his mouth lifted.

"I wasn't planning on waiting until I got you all the way up to the house and the bedroom. Just get up."

"Okay." She said, climbing off of his lap. His hands slid back down to her hips and he held her close, so she was standing right in front of him.

Her legs were trembling so much she could hardly stand. Before she knew about her energy, she had no clue what caused her body to vibrate, what made her hands tremble with the eagerness to have them all over his body. Before she just attributed it to arousal and nerves—arousal certainly did play a role in it, though. But now she could feel her energy buzzing through her limbs, down through her fingertips and to her toes. It pooled deep in side of her, right where she knew he would hit when he was fucking her.

And whenever her touched her, wherever he touched her, it went wild. That explained why his touch had always left her breathless and delirious.

Aleron slid his hands down and hooked his fingers into either side of her bikini bottoms and yanked them down off of her hips. Leaning forward in the chair, he slid them down her legs, placing a kiss on her lower stomach as she stepped out of them. She shivered and placed a hand on his shoulder to brace herself, bringing the heel of the other hand to her mouth.

Next, he leaned back, letting go of her so he could recline fully in the chair. He grasped the black loin cloth he had on and he carelessly tore it away. His thick, long cock stood tall in between his legs. She moaned softly, rocking her hips back and forth. She waited eagerly for him to give her the go ahead, kneading her toes in the warm sand.

Raising his eyebrows, he indicated down to his crotch with his chin.

"Well?" He asked with a grin on his face.

With that, she immediately climbed onto his lap, her knees resting on the chair on either side of his legs. Their eyes locked and she held his gaze as she reached down and took his erection into her hand and guided it to her entrance. She could've sworn she felt him tremble under her. Then she sunk down on him, taking him in all in one go.

A loud moan came out of her mouth. It hurt ever so slightly, just like the first time, but that didn't take away from how wonderful it felt to have him inside her, filling her again.

"Fuck." He groaned, tilting his head back. His Adam's apple bobbed violently in his throat.

For just a moment she held still, taking the moment to savor this feeling and to watch him close his eyes and take in two deep breaths. Time slowed for that brief moment, and then his silver eyes opened and locked onto her and, like that, the stillness passed and the sense of urgency slipped back in.

She moved forward, closing the space between his lips and hers, kissing him hungrily. She felt one of his hands on the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. Her bare stomach pressed into his. He kissed her back aggressively, taking dominance over the kiss immediately.

A sense of desperation washed over Lucille. She couldn't get enough of him. Her hands went to his cheeks and she held on as she gave into him wholly, moving her hips up and down on him as fast as she could manage.

At first it hurt when she moved, but all that did was turn her on even more some how. Besides, as she continued to ride him and he let his influence wash over her, it was quick to fade into that familiar, sweet burn.

His other hand found its way back to her thigh, gripping it tightly, pulling her down even harder against him. She pulled her lips away from his, moaning loudly into the air before she took a deep breath of air in. The pressure building inside of her was so intense it took her breath away. Combined with their two energies mingling, her head was in the clouds.

"Oh God, Aleron, I've missed this so fucking much." She panted. "Holy shit. You don't even know."

His laugh was deep, but short.

"Oh believe me, I do too know. All too well."

She tightened around him, pulling a growl out of his chest before he could continue.

"It feels like I've waited an eternity to have you again, to ravage you." His voice was low and deep, intimate.

"I-It's more like…" She panted heavier. "... I'm ravaging you right now."

He laughed again.

"That is true, but you don't think that I am going to be done with you after this one go, do you? By the time I am done with you here, I'll have to carry you into Pharzuph's house when we return." He practically growled into her ear.

And that was what sent her off the edge.

The knot in her stomach exploded and she collapsed against him as her energy went wild in her body. This was what pure ecstasy felt like. She couldn't even cry out his name like she wanted to, all she could do was gasp and whimper into the skin of his neck as her orgasm rocked her body. She felt like she was soaring towards the clouds.

"Fuck, Lucille." He groaned loudly, his fingers digging into her skin.

She could feel his erection twitching inside of her and warmth coating her insides. She moaned again, this time softer. The fire that had been consuming her body, burning her up from the inside out in the most wonderful way, dulled into a warm tingle all over her skin.

Their reunion was even better than she had been fantasizing about for the past few weeks. She probably wouldn't have held back for so long if she had known it would be so good. Now she knew there was no way she would keep her hands off of him during this trip, for better or for worse.

She shifted, moving her cheek on his shoulder. It had stuck to his skin from the thin layer of sweat on her skin. Inhaling slowly, she took in his strong, manly smell. He was breathing heavily now, too, his hot breath blowing over her back and giving her chills.

She gave herself one more second to fully come back to herself before she lifted her head and looked at him. A great deal of tension had lifted from his face. All those weeks of restraint, gone. And she hadn't even tried to hold back her energy, so maybe some of that was the satiation of his craving for her energy.

There was a hint of a smile on his face as he examined her face.

"I am going to miss that, the feel of your uninhibited energy hitting me, taking over my body, fulfilling my hunger like no other." He murmured.

"Well, maybe we could indulge every once in awhile, that wouldn't hurt, would it?" She suggested, even though she knew it was bad to suggest such a thing.

"Of course we could. But right now I am going to indulge in you as much as I can before we have to be responsible with your energy."

Both of his hands went to her thighs and he stood up effortlessly. She stifled a gasp, but wrapped her arms around his neck to stabilize herself.

"Where are we going?" She asked, giggling quietly.

"To the bedroom, but I can't promise that we will make it all the way there. I'm just not sure if I can wait that long to have you again." He nipped at her earlobe and she let out a soft squeal.

She held on tight, hanging in for the ride as he started walking through the sand, back towards the cliff.

Author's Note: As promised, the next chapter a few days later! I still feel like I am just getting back into the swing of things, so I did struggle with writing this chapter a bit, it didn't flow easily like it used to, but I am going to keep on writing and working through it!

Anyways, while this wasn't as long as I was wanting it to be, I really hope that you all enjoyed it! Is it good to see our lovers reunited?