Lucille had finally gotten Aleron into the ocean. Given his reluctance last time, she was quite pleased with herself for coaxing him in. She suspected that the factor that helped was her standing in the water, rubbing her breasts through her red bikini and insisting that if he wanted to see them bare and wet he would have to come out there and make her take it off.

That was the main reason she had worn it, afterall. After their fun in the waterfall from the day before she knew that she had no real reason to wear it. Unless she wanted to tease him. And he had taken that bait so easily. Taunting him and telling him to make her do something was the surefire way to get him to do exactly what she was wanting.

It had been so hot, watching him step out into the foamy wash of water with an air of determination. His gaze had burned into her as he moved closer to her, going deeper into the water until the waves were meeting his belly button. When the tide ebbed and flowed, it would give her little glimpses of his glistening abs in the sun.

He looked almost angry, as he tended to anytime she defied him or teased him. But she knew that it was all just an act. It was always clear that a part of him enjoyed the teasing and the hunt it created for him.

Aleron certainly fit the bill for being a domineering demon, and he enjoyed every second where he got to dominate her. Plus the fact that she seemed to gain just as much from it as he did made it all that much more better. He found, with all of these feelings for her, came the care and empathy. As much as a part of that behavior was of him, if she wasn't enjoying it he didn't think he could bring himself to treat her that way. Every single time he took something to the next level—slapping her butt, pushing her down on the bed, things that were so simple for him that he normally wouldn't think about it, he still found himself worrying that it would be one thing too far for her.

Lucille was so small, so sweet. She experienced far more emotions in one day than he tended to over the course of a week, maybe even a month. Part of that was rubbing off on him, but still, she felt so intensely and loved him so deeply. Already before had he seen the pain in her eyes from his own hands hurting her; he couldn't bear to see that again. If he could help it he would never see any amount of pain in her eyes again.

But what he was about to do was simple and exactly what she had told him to do. Perhaps she would miss the red bikini top, as it seemed to be her favorite, but he could easily get her another one. He took the straps over her chest in each hand and he pulled, snapping the material that was tied around the back of her neck. Lucille made a sound somewhere between a gasp and a laugh.

"Aleron! I liked—" He didn't give her much time to protest before he was tangling his fingers in her wet hair and pulling her up so he could cover her mouth with his.

The protest died in her throat. Instead she leaned closer into him, going up onto her tip toes to get closer to him. Her bare breasts pressed up against his chest, her pebbled nipples rubbing over his skin. Aleron worked her soft, pliant lips and slipped his tongue between them, meeting with hers. She was always shy and gentle when it came to french kissing, giving him barely any pushback.

He could just taste her energy on her lips. It was powerful, he could tell it was eager for him to consume it and he would gladly take all that she would give him. In the water his cock was aching to be buried deep inside of her. But that would have to wait until they weren't in the brackish water.

Until then he would still have his fun with her. With his free hand he reached between their bodies and sought out her hard nipple. When he found it he took it between his fingertips and rolled it, gently at first, then he squeezed just until her body rocked against his and she moaned into his mouth. His blood ran even hotter, his hunger for her pooling right in his thick erection.

Lucille had been particularly needy lately. It was a mistake, letting her lead him out here just to tease him. Normally he enjoyed the build up, touching her, stroking her lust until she was begging him to take her. Then he would prolong it by forgoing his transportation abilities and carrying her to his bed, toying with her the entire way. But out here he would have quite a long way to go until they were away from the pesky sand. Transportation made it feel so hasty and careless, but he had a feeling that was the way they were going to have to go today.

He abandoned her nipple, prompting her to part her lips from his to let out a whine. Instead he moved down over her hips, which she had been shifting back and forth eagerly. He spared her bikini bottoms from the same fate as her top and simply slid his hand under the material and his fingers found their way in between her lower lips.

Aleron growled with irritation. In theory, sex in the ocean was exciting. But the reality of it was the salty water washing away any of the slick juices that would normally be dripping down her thighs and making it easy for him to pleasure her. And as far as he knew, ocean water was not something that should ever be inside of a human woman. Something that would be unavoidable if he were to fuck her right then, even with his fingers.

"Fuck it." He muttered.

"Fuck it? Fuck me." Lucille said playfully, giggling and rocking herself against his hand.

Aleron chuckled.

"That's what I plan to do, more or less." He said. "But first let me get us to the bedroom."

Lucille let out a small, disappointed moan.

"I wish we could do it here." She said, pouting. "It would be so fun. But I am sure the ocean water here is just as unsanitary here as it is in my world." Her nose, freckled from the sun, crinkled in an adorable way.

"Unsanitary and salt water is possibly one of the worst lubricants you could use."

Lucille made a sound of disgust, her nose still wrinkled.

Aleron extracted his hand out from between her legs, drawing another displeased sound from her. He himself was throbbing and the urge to pleasure her was nearly blinding him. It would have been so easy to make a hasty decision in his lustful state. But the last thing he wanted to do was to rub her raw already. They had quite some time left here and he was planning on enjoying every minute of it that he could.

"Mm, don't fret. It will be just a second." Aleron said, wrapping his arms around her.

A small sigh escaped Lucille's lips and he felt her energy bend into his as he pulled at it, bringing her along with him through the swift rainbow whirlwind towards the bedroom up on the cliff. Ever since she had learned to relax into this, it had become so much easier. It was a natural instinct, when you didn't know what was going on, to fight something so drastic and bizarre, by a mortal's standards, happening to your body. So transporting her at first had been a great strain even to him, it was exhausting. And he hated seeing how delirious and sick she would get after. It felt like second nature now, having her transporting with him.

It was quick, one second they were standing in the warm, slow waves, the next they were engulfed in the wash of color, and then they were standing on the stone floors in the bedroom, dripping all over them. Opening her eyes, Lucille looked down and laughed.

"Maybe we should have transported into the bathtub first."

Aleron shrugged nonchalantly.

"I think the floors will survive just this once. Though I'll admit that I didn't take this into consideration when I transported us." Aleron was moving them over slowly, backing up towards the bed and bringing her along with him. "I'll have a servant come clean up after us when we are finished."

Aleron sat down on the edge of the bed, his hands going to Lucille's hips. He was going to pull those tight little bottoms off of her and hoist her onto his lap, but her aroused mind was moving just as quickly as his. She slipped from his grasp, his hands instead grazing up the sides of her body as she went down to her knees in front of him. She shot him a wicked grin.

His cock throbbed.

Never before had he thought that he would enjoy blow jobs this damn much. Enough to be aching for them like a randy young demon before she even had a chance to wrap her hand around his erection. But he still wanted more.

"I do love where you're going with this, but I have a better idea. Stand up." Aleron reached down, gently taking her hands off his thighs and into his hands.

Given her spunky mood he had expected her to defy him, give him a challenge. But instead she submitted easily, smiling and standing up for him. This would be just as fun as her defying him.

"And what would that be?" She asked, twisting her fingers with his and smiling sweetly, gazing down at him through those gorgeous thick lashes of hers.

"First of all, let's get that bikini off of you. You're overdressed."

He let go of her hand and reached down, tucking a finger under either side of the bikini band and deliberately pulling it down off her hips, revealing the blonde tuft of pubic hair and the swell of her pubic mound. She was standing there, idly rocking her hips back and forth ever so slightly. She probably hadn't even realized that she was doing it.

As soon as the bottoms were off and laying on the floor around her ankles, she stepped out of them eagerly. Then, to Lucille's surprise, Aleron slid back slightly and then laid down on the bed.

"Climb up, not on me, though, next to me." He said, seemingly amused.

Lucille had a small grin on her face. He certainly had her interest piqued, she did as he said. She crawled up on her hands and knees, staring down at him with a curious look on her face. A devious intent was hiding behind the warm look in his silver eyes.

"Alright, now what do you want me to do?" She practically purred the question, eager to please him while seeing what he had in mind.

Aleron reached up, twisting his fingers into her hair. He pulled her closer to him. His face was just inches from hers and he was gazing intently into her eyes. The temperature of the room seemed to jump a hundred degrees just from that small action.

"You're being such a good girl, Lucille." He purred. "I want you to turn around and straddle my face. Then, while I am eating you out I want those pretty lips of yours wrapped around my cock and you sucking."

"Oh…" Was all she could manage, and it sounded more like a moan than anything.

Aleron released her hair, giving her the freedom to either do as he said… or not.

"I think I can do that." She said in a soft voice, the surprise leaving her face and the sultry smile returning.

She turned, placing a hand on his hip and she carefully lifted her leg over his head. He may have already been down there recently, but something about this did make her self conscious. Gingerly, she lowered herself onto his face, her knees resting up against his shoulders on either side of his head. The heat of his mouth met her sensitive core and immediately his tongue was out and he was laving it slowly over her clit. Her toes curled and she shuddered with a soft moan.

She rocked her hips lightly then leaned forward, wrapping her hand around his erection. With their height difference this task wasn't going to be the easiest, she wouldn't be able to take in as much of him as she normally would. But she was still able to wrap her lips around his head, and then she was able to fill her mouth with him.

Lucille moved her head up and down on him, twisting her tongue around the head of his erection and tasting the sweet precum leaking out of his cock. The parts of him that she couldn't reach with her mouth, she stroked slowly with her hand. While she did this, his tongue was on her, his lips surrounding her. His actions were mirroring hers. He was sucking roughly on her clit while he swirled his tongue around with a purpose. Ever so often his tongue would move down and he would slide it inside of her; but he tended to focus mostly on her clit because that was what really drove her wild.

As she was sucking on him, she carefully rocked her hips back and forth, riding the sharp pulses of pleasure each sweep of his tongue made. Aleron was holding onto her hips, but he made no move to still her rocking hips so he must've not minded it.

Aleron pulled out the next stop, his influence. The thing that set every nerve in her body on fire and made every single one of his touches feel like ecstasy. Quickly she found it extremely difficult to focus on the task at hand—and mouth. She kept catching herself stilling, not sucking or doing anything as her mind was addled by the pleasure building deep inside of her. The feelings sharpened; she was growing close. Her mouth and hand stilled again and she moaned around him.

The vibrations from her mouth and just the sound of her muffled by his cock excited Aleron too. He wasn't all that bothered by her stopping. She was close; he could feel her energy, hot and turbulent and ready to burst free when she came. He was eager for it. He was already close himself, his cock sensitive to her touch. He knew that once she came that would be enough to bring him over the edge with her.

On top of him she was rocking a bit harder, then finally the heat crescendoed and she sucked in a deep breath around his cock before crying out around it. Still set on her goal, she gave him a few more sucks but the current of heat sweeping through her rendered her nearly incoherent for the time. Her climax was so intense that all she could do was quake on top of him, her thighs tightening around his head on their own accord. Aleron was licking and sucking even harder, spurning on her orgasm to even greater heights until finally he too groaned.

His hips bucked lightly up against her, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. Feral sounds, also muffled by her, were coming from him. And finally his cock pulsed and filled her mouth with his sweet seed. She urged herself to swallow despite the throes of her orgasm coursing through her. Even then, some of it leaked out of her mouth, dripping down her chin and some of it down onto her hand.

When her orgasm eased she pulled her mouth off of him, swallowing the rest of the cum in her mouth. She still had some of it on her chin and her hand. Deciding to give him a little show, she lifted herself off of his face and turned herself around on him, coming to straddle his waist. Looking down at him, she could see that his mouth was coated in her own juices, making her muscles throb once more.

Bringing her hand up to her mouth, she stared into his eyes as she licked his cum from her fingers. She was deliberate about it, taking her sweet time to lick them clean. With the final lick, she let out a quiet "mmm" and grinned down at him. She felt fortunate to have a partner with sweet cum, because it made it a lot easier to treat it like it was delicious. And that brought a great deal of satisfaction to Aleron.

"Ah, you never fail to surprise me, Lucille. I absolutely love it." He had that mischievous glint in his eyes, one fueled by lust.

One of his arms wrapped around her waist and then she was being flipped onto her back in the blink of an eye. The impact of her back against the bed didn't hurt her, however it did force a gasp of air out of her mouth, which prompted her to giggle. The second the giggle quieted when Aleron's lips were on hers, claiming her mouth. She could taste herself on his lips, on his tongue.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and an arm around the back of his neck, pulling his body closer to her. She lived for the feeling of his naked body against every inch of hers, his weight pressing her down into the bed.

Aleron swept his tongue through her mouth one last time before he pulled away slightly, parting their lips just long enough to ghost his lips down her jaw line. He gave her earlobe a small nip, pulling another giggle from her, before he kissed down the side of her neck. She shivered and practically purred, rocking herself under him. Idly she was stroking his back with her hand, letting her nails rake against his skin every so often.

He paid special attention to her neck, sucking at the spot that made her toes curl and her heels dig into his lower back. Every so often she would feel his teeth on her skin and for that she rewarded him with the beautiful sounds of her moans. No doubt was she going to have dark hickies decorating her neck by the time he was done with her.

He was working his way down, leaving a trail of sensitive tingling skin in his wake. She was certain part of this was his influence, working its magic in her and making his touch that much more intense to her. When she was high on it, each of his touches resonated, leaving her skin tingling and sensitive. It also made her madly desperate for him, sometimes sending her into this state where she was certain she'd just die if he didn't fuck her right away.

She was pretty close to that.

She was squirming under him, incapable of holding still as his lips and teeth moved closer to her nipples. Her fingers found their way into his hair, tangling amongst the soft locks. Finally when his warm tongue swept over the hard bud of her nipple an intense jolt shot through her, right from her nipple directly down to her core. A shrill gasp escaped her lips, followed by a groan that sounded closer to a feral growl. Her grip on his hair tightened.

"Ah, Aleron!" She groaned, looking down at him.

He held her gaze, staring right into her as his tongue worked her nipple. Then he sucked it into his mouth firmly, pulling even more shrill sounds from her. The way he was treating her was pure torture. She knew that as much as he loved feeding from her, he also greatly enjoyed the game of teasing her, driving her absolutely crazy before bringing her to her release. In the moment she may think she isn't enjoying it, but moments like this one are the ones she fantasizes about when they are refraining from sex.

She was rocking her hips up, partially just from the urges rocking her body and another part of it was her hoping that it would entice him to finally fuck her. But his hands went to her hips and he pressed them down into the bed, stilling them instantly. She whined yet again, pouting at him. He brought his lips away from her nipple long enough to give her a devious grin before he gently nipped at it and moved on to the other one.

One of his hands left her hip and he moved inward. She was practically quaking from the anticipation of his touch. She could have rejoiced when two of his fingers slid into her, easily, and his thumb came down on her little bundle of sensitive nerves. He worked his fingers in and out of her, all while twirling his thumb around her. She squirmed around under him, as best as she could anyhow. His other hand was still on her hip, holding her still. It was as if that intensified the sensations she was experiencing until they were nearly too much.

She was quite vocal, moaning loudly each time a sharp wave of pleasure swept through her, right in time with the motions of his hands. She fought a futile battle to catch her breath. It grew increasingly difficult, her breaths more shallow, as she drew nearer to her climax. Her fingers were now pressing tightly into his shoulders as she gripped onto him.

She wasn't entirely surprised when he removed his fingers from her at the same time he pulled his mouth away from her nipple, but she still whimpered in protest. It was almost a habit anymore. Being so high with pleasure and so close to climax, only for it to drop away with no relief was disappointing. Her blood was pulsing and throbbing right in her most sensitive areas, almost painfully. She was desperate for relief.

Aleron carefully leaned back, breaking her hold on his shoulders. He let go of her hips, freeing her to rock her hips back and forth. She was so worked up that she couldn't stop herself from moving restlessly on the bed as she stared up at him, and him down at her from in between her legs. He looked magnificent, kneeling over her. He emanated an air of pure masculinity with his rippling muscles, leading all the way down his stomach to his erection. It stood tall and proud between his legs, the head glistening with drops of precum that had beaded out of it.

She knew that she was dripping herself, if the glistening of his two fingers wasn't a good enough indication of it.

He took his erection into his hand and began to stroke himself. Her lower muscles tightened involuntarily at that sight and a shudder coasted through her. She was still idly undulating her hips against the bed, anything to try to settle the burning need in her hips.

"Do you want this?" He asked, giving himself another purposeful stroke.

She nodded eagerly.

"Of course. You know I do." Her voice was soft, loving. "I always want you."

The corner of his mouth quirked up in a grin.

"I do know. But I'll never tire of hearing it out of your mouth."

"And I'll never tire of telling you how badly I want you inside of me." She stopped and thought for a moment. "Well… Unless you did something like make me beg for hours and hours. But that's too cruel, even for you."

Aleron chuckled out loud at that.

"Am I ever cruel to you?"

"Yes." She pouted. "Like for instance, when you keep making me almost cum and then you stop. Over and over. That's cruel. Or making me watch you touch yourself like this right now, while you still torture me with your influence."

"I see." Aleron laughed, then finally he came back down over her, one hand propping himself up, the other still holding his cock. "It's just so fun to tease you. However, you tend to render my self control weak."

His next motion was smooth and quick and he was pushing himself into her welcome heat. She gave him a loud moan, her back arching off of the bed. He took that opportunity to slide his hand right under the small of her back, holding her up against him.

Aleron moved closer, kissing her sweetly as he started to slowly move himself in and out of her. He continued with the slow, passionate fucking, kissing her just as sweetly. She made little muffled sounds against his lips, kissing him back with the same eagerness, thoroughly enjoying this. With him inside of her, his thick erection stroking the burning sensitive spots deep inside of her, his influence was no longer torture. It drove her quickly towards the state of bliss, especially given how sensitive she already was.

When he finally brought his lips away from hers, it was so he could hear the ecstatic sounds coming from her mouth. They were always music to his ears, he loved hearing her vocalize her pleasure and that was part of the reason she did it. If it weren't for all of his encouragement she probably would have been shy about it and suppressed it most of the time.

Each panting breath ended in a high pitched moan. Her hands were all over him, feeling the taught muscles hiding under his smooth skin. She undulated her hips in time with his, bringing herself up to meet with each of his thrusts. Being that she was still so sensitive from her prior orgasm, it wasn't long before the strong pleasure she was feeling sharpened. She could feel her energy grow with it and, for a split second, she felt that if she really wanted to she could grab a hold of it and rein it back as she crashed over that peak.

But when the feverish bliss hit its peak, she let her energy crash over with it and she was swept up in a wave of blinding heat and pleasure. She cried out, gripping onto him tightly. Her muscles tightened and her thighs tightened around his hips and trembled on their own accord.

Aleron groaned loudly over her. It was nearly a growl it sounded so raw and feral. His hand fisted in the sheets next to her head and his own head dropped down. His hips slammed into hers one last time as he buried himself as deep as he could get. He growled again as his cock pulsed inside of her, coating her inner walls with his hot seed.

As her orgasm eased away from her, her body rocked and jolted every so often until finally she completely relaxed into the bed. Her muscles were left feeling tingly and lax. She took in deep breaths in an attempt to catch her breath again. As Aleron relaxed, he leaned into her, his weight pressing her further into the bed.

She lazily wrapped her arms around him. He brought his head back up, looking down at her. His black hair fell in lightly curled tendrils around his face. There was still a fire burning behind those silver eyes. From that look in his eyes alone she knew that he was far from done with her for that day. A small smile started to spread over her lips.

Author's Note: Well, this didn't get posted as early as I thought it would and I am sorry for that. I have some big, exciting stuff happening in my life right now! I am not gonna say much about it right now just cause I am so scared of jinxing things lol (maybe I'm a little superstitious) but once I am more sure about what's happening I'll share the exciting news with you!

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