They say that guns weigh
a million pounds
when you're pointing it
at your own head but

not even this gun
surmounts to the weight
that has been resting upon
my shoulders.

The guilt of my wrongs
will sting so much more
than the blade
ever will.

why is there blood on your sheets?
oh, the silly kitty
let me see
this is pretty bad

They say you'll be more nervous
than you've ever been
when the gun is
pointed at your head but

I don't think that's true because
I feel calmer than I ever have and
my demons have retired because
they've finally won.

It'd be so simple,
to pull the trigger and end it all
but they say the trigger is as heavy
as your eyes when you've cried for days.

let's put some medicine on those
this one is really deep
im so sorry he hurt you like that
bad kitty

The gun is heavy, but
my burdens are heavier
and I think that proves
which path to choose.

I'm so tired, and
my world is crashing down
piece by

My eyes are heavy,
but the trigger is lighter,
I think it's time to
go to sleep.