the bleached marrow rusts

joints creak in protest

husk fissures turn to fractures

twined sinew straightens

droplets fall silencing

weariness in resigned forlorn eyes

digits spasm amidst

star filled gloom

threads locked in tandem

with pulleys toiling in motion

towards drained arteries

again summons beckon the shattered

winter's answer flays out

materializing in breaths of smoke

and reptilian skin cracked garnet

patterns weave across the cataracts

whirl for the chaos

eluding and cleaving

bisecting entrapments until mania passes

over and through wards forever up

overlaid refracted light shimmers quietly

mirrored light gleams down

laughing in cool aloof boredom

hiding jagged edges beneath placid terrain

Well tell me what you think in a review. What do you think it means? Please feel free to pick this apart in detail I choose each word with care so if something feels off I want to know. Also for anyone who doesn't know some of the words look it up yourself I am not a dictionary.