I really hope you guys enjoy this story. As a freshman entering college, I may or may not have some ideas of how love will find me. This is a result of those delusions haha :D And before you get started, I would like to say that this one-shot is heavily inspired by Anna and the French Kiss, a book that I absolutely love. If you've never read it, please do!

P.S. Collegeventures = College Adventures

Without adieu, I hope you enjoy :)

Elle and the Gorgeous Boy

Ugh. College is such a drag. Back in high school, college was all Elle could think of. Now that she's actually in college, she wishes that she's back in high school. Less work. Less stress. And most of all, less walking. Jesus, it's like she runs a marathon every single day.

With a sigh, Elle sits in her seat. Well, it technically isn't her seat. It's definitely one of the weird transitions from high school to college. In college, you can sit in a different seat every single lecture and the professor doesn't give a rat's ass about it. While in high school, a teacher will rip you a new one if you even take a single step away from your designated seat.

Today, Elle chooses to sit in the middle left of the lecture hall. Just to change things up a bit. Elle pulls out a book from her bag. She is ten minutes early to class. Because college takes up so much time, Elle hardly ever has the time to read for pleasure anymore. Yes, she's that kind of person. A lover of books. A bookworm for lack of a better word. And she's quite proud of the label.

Her choice of book for the day is Anna and the French Kiss, a wonderful story about a girl named Anna and a not-so-French kiss, at least not in the literal way. There's no tongue involved whatsoever. The guy has a French name and they kiss… so it's technically a French kiss, right? Anyways…

Elle leans forward and rests her elbows on the table. She tucks her black locks behind her ear so that she could read without the bother. Her eyes begin to scan the words on the book. This isn't the first time she's read the book. In fact, this must be her bajillionth time reading it. It's just one of those books that livens up your life whenever you feel like crap. And Elle is definitely feeling like crap at the moment.

Elle hears a rustle beside her but she doesn't take her eyes off of the book. She is just getting to the part where the French guy is drunk and spills all his feelings to Anna.

"Nice book," someone comments.

Elle turns to the owner of the voice. She could only describe him in one way: GORGEOUS. Another downside of going to her college. There are absolutely gorgeous guys everywhere and then there's her: socially awkward and proud introvert. Yup.

Elle shuts the book shut. "Umm…" She looks back up at Mr. Gorgeous. "Thanks?" Elle mentally slaps herself. God, could she have sounded any more stupid and brainless?

The brown-haired gorgeous boy plucks the book from her hands and stares at the title. "Is it really about a French kiss?" he asks. He turns to her with a bright smile.

Oh, never get Elle started on a book, because then she'll never shut up. Elle couldn't help but let the words flow out of her. "Not really. The title is deceiving and probably makes a lot of people think that it's one of those books, but it's actually a great book."

Mr. Gorgeous rests his elbow on the table and leans his head against his palm, as if very interested in what Elle had to say. "Tell me more."

Elle isn't quite sure whether he's mocking her or not, but she decided to go ahead and tell him more anyways. "Well, obviously, there's the girl, Anna, and there's a guy who has a French name. They kiss. And you know, since he has a French name, it makes the kiss a French kiss. A play on words, if you will."

Elle smiles in spite of herself. She must really love the book that she's willing to make a fool out of herself, but it seems like Mr. Gorgeous is actually paying attention, so maybe she's actually conversing like a normal human being.

"Would you mind if I borrow the book after you've finished it?" Mr. Gorgeous says this like he really wants to borrow her book. Elle's eyes widen slightly in surprise. Well, that's definitely something she didn't expect.

"I don't even know your name," Elle blurts out. Okay, she sounds like a crazy book freak, but really, why would she lend out a book to someone she hardly knows when it takes all her power to let even her close friends borrow her most treasured books?

Mr. Gorgeous grins and holds out a hand to her. "I'm Nate. Nice to meet you."

Elle blindly shakes his hand. "Elle."

Mr. Gorgeous – err, Nate smiles. "Elle. I like it. So, now that you know my name, can I borrow your book?"

Damn. Elle hoped that he had forgotten about the book. She really wants to say no to him but it would just make her seem weird. I mean, it's just a book… NO, IT'S NOT JUST A BOOK.

She sighs. "Fine, but can we exchange numbers? Just so I can track you down if you don't give it back." Elle mentally slaps herself again. God, that sounded a lot better in her head.

But despite how weird she probably came off, Nate laughs anyways. "Is that really your motive?" he asks.

Elle scrunches her eyebrows, confused. "What do you mean?"

"You sure that just isn't a pick-up line so you could get my number?" he teases.

Feeling a bit defiant, Elle straightens up and forces her brown eyes to bore into his blue ones. "You sure you're just borrowing my book for the hell of it? Or was it an excuse to talk to me?" Elle couldn't believe that had just come out of her mouth. Is she flirting?

Nate's smile widens. The light caught him at just the right moment and Elle could have sworn that his teeth just sparkled. "Maybe I'm just genuinely interested," Nate says. Elle wonders if there's a double meaning to his words. She becomes aware of how close they are together. She's so glad she took the extra minute to brush her teeth this morning.

"You're a boy. The book is titled Anna and the French Kiss. Need I say more?" Elle challenges back. She didn't realize that she's actually good at this flirting thing.

Nate raises his hands in defeat. "Touché." Elle smiles in victory. She reaches over and tries to take her book back but Nate takes it out of her reach. Cue Elle's scowl. "But I really do want to borrow your book."

Elle rolls her eyes. She hands her phone out to him. "You know what to do." Nate takes her phone and types in his information. He extends the phone away from him and then smiles at the front camera. "What are you – "

"There," Nate announces, handing the phone back to her. "I took a picture so you won't forget that it's me."

"As if I could forget," Elle mutters as she takes back her phone.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Nate asks. Elle blushes.

"Nothing," she responds. Nate tries to hand her back the book but Elle shakes her head. "I've already read it. I was just re-reading it because it's my favorite book… but anyways, that's irrelevant. You could borrow it now if you'd like."

Nate smiles. "Thanks." He puts the book in his bag. Elle holds her breath. She never EVER puts her books in her bag because that's the number one way that they get ruined. It takes everything in her not to say anything.

Nate looks at her and seems to want to say something but the professor walks into the lecture hall, announcing the start of their Intro to Communication Studies class. Elle still finds it quite amusing that someone like her, who hates communicating with strangers, is in a Communication Studies class. Oh, the irony.

The rest of the class period, Elle tries her best not to look at Nate, even though he still sits right next to her.

Finally, the lecture ends and Elle is free to go. She stands up to gather her stuff but a hand gently wraps around her forearm. Elle stares down at the hand, then her eyes slowly pan up to its owner, Nate.

"Could you, umm, please let go of me?" Elle tries to ask in the most non-weird way possible.

"Right, sorry," Nate mutters, moving his hand to rub the back of his neck. "I was just wondering if you were doing anything right now."

Elle didn't really understand what was going on. Okay, maybe she did, but it's a situation she usually doesn't find herself in. "Not really. This is my only class for the day."

"Would you like to go get lunch with me?" He rushes the words out so quickly that Elle hardly understood what he asked.

"Can't you have lunch by yourself?" Elle asks slowly. Geez, she really is dense when it comes to the whole communicating thing. There's obviously a gorgeous guy asking her out to lunch and she's being weird about it.

Nate's mouth parts open. No words come out from his mouth. Huh. Elle has stunned him silent. He shakes his head. "Well, I mean, I can, but it's really awkward eating at the dining commons by yourself, you know?"

And truth is, Elle actually did understand. She's been eating at the dining commons all by herself since college started two weeks ago and it truly is awkward.

Elle fixes her backpack strap on her shoulder then smiles up at him. "Alright then, lead the way."

Nate's whole being seems to light up at that moment. There's even a jump to his step as he leads the both of them to the nearest dining commons.

"So, how come I've never seen you before?" he asks while stabbing some leafy greens with his fork. The dining commons is bustling with young college students hungry for some lunch. It's a wonder how Elle even fully hears Nate talk at all.

Elle shrugs at the question. "I usually sit in the middle right of the class," she answers.

"Ahh, well I'm glad you chose middle left today," he replies. Elle could have sworn that her heart skipped a beat. Who is this boy and why is he even talking to her?

"Stop that," she mutters.

He gazes up at her from his salad bowl. "Stop what?"

"Stop being so… so…" Elle has no idea how to say it without being weird. Nate raises an eyebrow. "So nice." Well, that isn't exactly the word she's looking for. But close enough.

Nate chuckles. Elle finds that she likes his chuckle. It's husky yet smooth all at the same time, which makes absolutely no sense at all.

Nate picks a French fry out of Elle's tray. "I'm sorry. I'll try to be meaner."

"Hey!" Elle protests. Their eyes meet for a moment, but Elle felt like that moment could have lasted forever. Then, they both break out into fits of laughter.

Lunch soon comes to an end, much to Elle's dismay, which surprises her a bit, considering she's supposed to be bad at talking to people, much less with a gorgeous boy.

"So…" Nate trails off as they exit the dining commons. The sun still shines bright. It is, after all, only two in the afternoon, but Nate had said that he had class at two thirty.

"I guess I'll see you next week," Elle says. She notices how Nate shrinks back a little, seeming disappointed.

"Next week?" he asks. "How about tomorrow?" Elle cocks her head to the side and just stares at him. "What?"

"Who are you and what do you want with me?" Elle really needs a mouth filter around this boy.

Nate grins. "You are so weird." Ahh. There he finally said it. Elle had hoped that he didn't notice. "But I like it, so… tomorrow?" Man, seriously, where did this boy come from?

Elle tries her best not to let her smile show, but is horribly failing at it. She can tell by the way Nate's smile kept getting wider and wider. "You don't even have my number."

"But you have mine."

"So? What if I decide not to call or text you?"

Nate smiles and leans in to whisper, "You will."

Elle's poor heart can't take the flirtation. "Cocky much?"

He chuckles. "I prefer to use the term confident."

"O-kay." Elle takes a step back, bringing distance back between them. "I'll see you next week."

"Don't you mean tomorrow?" Nate teases.


"Tomorrow," he repeats.

Elle rolls her eyes. "Whatever."

"You will contact me!" Nate shouts after her as she walks away. His laughter trails behind her.

Elle curses under her breath.

The next day, Elle stared the hell out of her phone. Nate's number stared right back at her. She really didn't want to contact him, even though she knew she secretly did. Geez, when did college turn into such high school boy drama?

But like Nate predicted, Elle couldn't help but text him anyways. They ended up hanging out that day. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that… Next thing Elle knew, their Communication Studies class was meeting up again.

Nate is absolutely like no other guy Elle has ever met before. He's funny, witty, smart… Hell, he puts up with all her weirdness, which is weird altogether. Elle couldn't have enough of him. She likes being around him. He makes college bearable. Although they've literally only known each other for a week, Elle feels totally comfortable around him.

Today, Elle chose to sit in the middle left. Again. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that Nate sits in that general area.

This time around, though, Nate is already in his seat. Elle plops down on the seat next to him. "So, how's my book doing?"

Nate turns to her with the most apologetic face she's ever seen. Her heart thuds heavily against her chest. Oh, God no, if he ruined her book, she would totally kill him, no matter how much she liked him.

"I may or may not have misplaced it?" Nate's eyes shut close. Elle's eyes, on the other hand, widen in rage.


Nate raises his hands to try to calm her down. "I know, I know, I know, I'm sorry! I swear it's somewhere in my room, I just don't know where…"

"That's my favorite book," Elle chokes out. She is literally about to turn into a sobbing mess over a book. Her eyes are blurry with tears and she feels her throat closing up. She's had that book since she was in middle school. It was her go-to book whenever crap happened at home, at school, anywhere.

"Oh, crap, you're gonna cry," Nate says in panic. "I swear I'll try to find your book!"

Elle angrily wipes the tears from her face. "No. You'll find my book. You're not just going to try."

Nate nods. "Yeah."

"And, you owe me a book," Elle says.

"But I don't know what books you like to read…" Nate trails off.

"Then you take me with you, and I get to choose whatever book I want." Maybe she's being too commanding but at the moment she really doesn't care. He lost her book! It's a major offense!

But at the command, Nate smiles. Elle huffs in confusion. She didn't realize that this was something to be happy about. "Alright then, it's a date!" Ahh. There's why.

Elle pauses. Her jaw drops. "What?"

"I'll pick you up at 6 by the Bear. We'll go to Barnes & Noble," he announces, a bright smile gracing his lips.

"What – "

"No arguments!"

Before Elle could say any more, the professor walks in, cutting their conversation short. Elle stares at Nate but he focuses his attention on the professor. The little shit.

And that's basically how Elle finds herself waiting for Nate by the Bear later that day. It's already 6:10. He's late. Okay, so maybe ten minutes isn't that much, but still! He lost her book! Yes, she isn't over it quite yet.

"Hey! You showed!" Nate quickens his pace towards her. He looks a bit disheveled, obviously because he must know that he's late. Elle doesn't mind so much. She thinks the disheveled look fits him well.

Elle crosses her arms. "Yeah, and you're ten minutes late."

"I know. I'm sorry! I fell asleep. Lost track of time." He offers her a small smile in apology.

Elle huffs. Mostly because she's frustrated with him. Not because his smile makes her heart skip beats. No. Definitely not. "Can we just go?"

Nate grins. "You sure are enthusiastic about this date!"

"Your sarcasm isn't welcomed," Elle says. This only makes Nate beam even more.

"Okay, Ms. Crankypants," he teases. Elle tries so hard not to smile at this, but she does anyways, which makes Nate's eyes light up.

Barnes & Noble isn't too far away. It's only a good ten-minute walk from campus. And hot damn, it is a good ten-minute walk filled with jokes, sarcasm, and laughter. Elle could not stay angry with Nate for long. Not when he was just so damn charming.

Nate opens the bookstore's door for her. "Well, you're in a better mood."

Elle chooses not to reply. It isn't worth the effort. Especially not when she's inside a bookstore. The smell of fresh, new books attack her nostrils. She closes her eyes and relishes in it. Nate snickers beside her. She pops open one eye and glares at him.

"Let me have this moment," she says, "I haven't been in a bookstore in a while."

"You're just so darn cute!" He pinches her cheek like a grandma excited over a cute baby. Elle grimaces. She sticks her tongue out to him. He laughs. "Alright. I'm done. Where we headed? Mystery? Romance? Sci-fi?" His eyes widen with mock excitement.

Elle giggles and smacks his arm playfully. She spots the Young Adult section of the bookstore and makes her way towards it. Nate follows closely behind her.

"So, young adult, huh?" Nate pokes her side.

"Well, we're young adults," she points out. "So why not read about ourselves?" Nate considers this and nods.

"Makes total sense," he says. "Do you have an idea of what book you want?"

Elle beams up at him. "It's a book I've wanted for so long, but I haven't had the chance or the money to buy it."

Nate stares at her with a serious expression. "I see what this is. You're taking advantage of another poor college student to buy your heart's desires." Elle gazes back at him. It doesn't take a full ten seconds before they both break out laughing.

"Oh, please," Elle wheezes. "Besides, you owe me this book." Nate doesn't have a reply to that, considering he knows it to be true.

Elle scrolls through the shelves until she finally finds the book she's searching for. "Aha!" she exclaims in a moment of delight. She plucks the book off the shelf and gazes longingly at the title: My Life Next Door. She's been obsessed with buying this book ever since she found it in the recommendations section in Anna and the French Kiss and then read the blurb about it.

Nate appears beside her and reads the title out loud. He turns to her with a knowing smile. "You sure like to read books with cliché titles, don't you?" Elle doesn't have the heart to defend herself because it's true. Often, books with cliché titles are overlooked. Sometimes, they're the best books ever written.

Elle hugs the book to her chest and just smiles up at him. "Is that a problem?"

He shakes his head and smiles at her. Elle loses herself in his deep blue eyes, but she tries not to let it show. "Not at all."

They head to the cashier and Nate pays for it just as promised, but there's a part of Elle that feels bad. She tries to pay for it but Nate just flat out refuses.

"But – "

He grasps her arm gently. He tilts down to look at her; a smoldering look in his eyes melts her insides. "This is a date, remember? I'm paying." And that was that.

Elle's mood towards him had turned a full 360. Now, she doesn't want the night to end. It's only 7:30 and still bright outside. Los Angeles weather is pretty weird like that.

"Thanks for the book," she says, biting her lip. She doesn't understand why she's suddenly being all shy. She's been nothing but outspoken, sarcastic, and sassy so far, which is so unlike her.

Nate shrugs. "It's the least I can do. Besides, it gave me a chance to ask you out."

Elle both blushes and laughs at this. "You basically asked me out the first day you met me."

Nate scrunches his nose. "Yeah, to the dining commons. I mean, how lame is that? I didn't even take you out of campus."

"Well, now you have."

A small smile spreads through Nate's lips. "Now I have. And maybe I will again?" he asks hopefully.

Elle finds herself nodding without even meaning to. "Yeah, definitely. You have my number now."

"You know, I listed you as French Girl on my phone," he says. Elle gasps.

"You didn't!" But Elle knows that he did and he doesn't look the least bit shameful about it. He even pulls out his phone and shows the contact to her. Elle bursts out laughing. "That's just beautiful."

And Elle actually listed him under Gorgeous Boy but she isn't about to tell him that.

They reach the school soon enough, much to Elle's disappointment. She really had hoped to spend a bit more time with him.

"So, I'll see you again?" he asks.

"Tomorrow?" Elle offers. She chastises herself. Is she coming off a bit too forward?

He raises an eyebrow. Oh God, she is being too forward! "Tomorrow?"

Well, it's too late to back out now. "Tomorrow," she says again.

"Tomorrow," he confirms, grinning. Elle lets out a sigh of relief before smiling back at him. Elle wonders if she should hug him goodbye, or if that's too weird. She looks at Nate and wonders if he's contemplating the same thing.

"Okay, well…" Elle trails off, not knowing how to leave him.

"Would it be weird if I hugged you goodbye?" he asks.

Laughter bubbles up in Elle's throat. She shakes her head. "No, it wouldn't be weird at all."

He outstretches his arms towards her and she gladly accepts the embrace. She's suddenly aware of how much taller he is than her. Her head barely touches his chin and she can hear his heart beating behind his chest. He smells oddly of cherries.

"Would it be weird if I don't let you go?" he asks again. Elle smiles against him. It's a good thing he can't see her right now.

"Yes, it would be," she says instead.

Nate chuckles. His laughter vibrates through the both of them. He takes another five seconds and finally lets her go. "Yeah. I thought it would be."

"Goodbye, Nate," Elle says, becoming aware that it's the first time she's ever called him by his name. It seems that Nate is aware of this as well because a breath-taking, dazzling smile breaks out on his face.

"Bye, Elle," he replies.

Elle's knees almost buckle. The way he says her name is just magical. What? Does that even make sense? Oh well. Elle didn't really care.

They part ways. She turns around for the slightest moment to look back at him. She catches him looking back at her too. He waves at her and smiles. She does the same.

Her phone vibrates. Elle unlocks the phone to see a text from Gorgeous Boy.

Maybe tomorrow will be our always.

Elle gasps. She turns around to get a glimpse of Nate again, but he's already gone. A huge smile bursts through her lips. Elle's never felt so light in her entire life. College went from crap to amazing in a matter of a week.

Elle reads the text over and over again. Not only is he quoting The Fault in Our Stars, he's applying it to them. Them. She didn't realize that a "them" even existed.

They meet up again the next day, just as discussed. And the next day. And the day after that. They meet up every single day, even during mid-terms and finals. They study together. They eat together. They do everything together.

There is no family they need to visit, considering they are both out-of-state students. It's hard to visit family when they're thousands of miles away. In a way, they've become each other's family here in Los Angeles.

Before they know it, their ten-week Communication Studies class is over, meaning they've known each other for two months. Every day, the question, "Tomorrow?" is asked and each "Tomorrow?" is answered with an excited "Tomorrow."

They've both already signed up for the next quarter's classes. Unfortunately, they don't have a single class together. Their majors had much different requirements. Her, being an English major, and him, a Mathematics major. How could two so different people find their way to each other? It seemed like something Elle would read out of a book.

And like it would be in a book, Elle and Nate aren't together. Yes, in that way. It's obvious that they both like each other. They're both at a mutual understanding. Between the flirtation and the secret smiles, no one would doubt that the two of them are head over heels. Yet, for some reason, they're afraid to rock the boat. Too afraid to be in a relationship. With each other.

They have such a good friendship. Best friends. Oh geez, it's all too cliché.

Elle figures that they just don't want to ruin the good thing that they already have. It relieves and pains her all the same. She'd do anything to run her hands through his shaggy hair and hold his hands. But best friends don't do that. Sigh.

After two months of knowing each other, Nate finally invites her over to his dorm room. Eww, not for that reason. He forgot his wallet and they're both heading out to get some actual lunch. Not the same old dining commons food they eat every day.

Elle steps into Nate's room and feels like she's in a completely different world. All over his walls are posters of shapes and equations. Too many math-related things. But Elle finds it endearing and cute. She's just glad that he isn't the typical boy with posters of half-naked women.

"Sorry about all the math-y stuff," he apologizes.

Elle shakes her head and steps towards one of the posters. "Don't apologize. You're really into Math, aren't you?"

He grins, unabashed. "Yeah. It's my passion, I guess. I like figuring things out and solving problems."

Elle smiles and takes a seat on his bed. "You're the only Math major I know who actually enjoys this stuff. Most Math majors are just in it for the money."

Nate shrugs. "Well, there's that too." He continues his search for his wallet.

Elle has a perfect view of his entire room from his bed. He's neat for a boy. All his clothes are where they actually should be. There isn't any trash on the floor. A little two-level shelf is attached to his desk. Everyone who lives in the dorms has the same desk/shelf. Despite how little he claims to read, both levels of his shelf are filled with books. And not math-y books, like real books. Novels. Fiction. Anna and the French Kiss.

Elle's eyes widen. She would know that book from anywhere. She stands up and heads over to his desk.

"Hey, what are you – "

She plucks the book out from the shelf and gestures to it. "Would you care to explain why this is here?" she asks, glaring the hell out of him. She visibly sees his Adam's apple bob up and down. "I asked you about it a month ago and you swore that you still couldn't find it."

"Let me explain," he pleads. But his puppy dog eyes don't work on Elle this time. Oh, she's mad. Furious.

She places one hand on her hip. "This better be good."

His eyes lower like he's too afraid to look her in the eye. "I never actually lost the book in the first place," he admits. WHAT? Elle wants to shout at him. Punch him. Kick him. But she doesn't. Instead, she taps her foot and gestures for him to continue. "Actually, I finished the book the day you gave it to me." Another shocking admission that punches Elle in the gut. "It's really good. Just like you said."

"Then why – "

Nate walks towards Elle until he's only a foot away. He gazes down at her this time, keeping his blue eyes locked on her. He takes the book from her hand and Elle doesn't have the heart to stop him, not when he's this close to her. "You were right," he says. His minty breath washes over her.

"A-about w-what?" Elle stutters, completely out of her mind.

"I borrowed your book so I had an excuse to talk to you," he admits sheepishly but he never breaks eye contact. "And I didn't want to give you your book until I had the guts to say that I – "

He stops and flips through the pages of the book. Elle could only stare at him. She went from furious to confused to shocked to in love. Holy crap. She's in love with Nate.

Nate nudges the book towards her. "Page 258. The last sentence. Read it."

Elle takes the books and reads. I'm in love with my new best friend. She nearly drops the book, then and there.

"What better way to admit my feelings than through your favorite book, right?" He rubs his neck, a habit that makes his nervousness obvious. Elle just stares at him. She's at a loss for words. Nate gets more nervous as each silent second passes by. "I know, we've only known each other for two months but it's crazy. You're crazy. And weird, and sarcastic. You do this little thing where you act like your mad but I can't take you seriously because you're just so damn cute. And I can't stop thinking about you. And – "

Dear God, she can't take it anymore. She sets the book aside, not even caring that it thuds against the floor. She grabs the back of Nate's neck and crashes their lips together. Nate stiffens for a second. He soon melts into her kiss. Elle reaches on her tiptoes to press more into him. Nate wraps a strong arm around her waist, holding her up.

Elle finally get the chance to run her hands through Nate's hair. She's been waiting so long to do that. Her heart beats heavily against her chest. Nate's lips move with hers in synch. He tastes just as he smells: like cherries. Elle is obsessed. She feels like she can't get enough of him.

He turns them around and pins her against his desk. His hands trail from the bottom of her back to the nape of her neck. He tickles the skin there and Elle shivers against him. His gentle hands cup her face. Elle feels completely boneless.

It's Nate that pulls away but when he looks at her, he looks completely dazed. "You weren't supposed to find out this way." He's utterly breathless. So is Elle.

She gazes up at him through half-lidded eyes. "I wasn't?"

"It was supposed to be this huge romantic gesture with flowers and fireworks – "

Elle giggles. "Fireworks?"

He nods, smiling. "Yeah, and now, you've ruined it."

Elle rests her forehead against Nate's. She laughs. "I liked it better this way."

Nate beams. "Me too."

"I should write a story about this," Elle pipes up. Nate playfully bumps noses with her.

"You would. You and you writer types write about everything," he jokes.

"Wanna know what I'm gonna title it?"

He plays along and wraps an arm around her, drawing her nearer. "Hmm?"

"Elle and the Gorgeous Boy."

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