The bed was warm and soft below them. The cocoon of blankets wrapped the two bodies in a protective embrace, keeping them in a comfortable sleep. The room was silent save for their soft snoring and sun filtering in through the windows brought light and darkened shadows. Birds chirping outside fell on deaf ears as neither man stirred.

Oliver was sleeping soundly, face buried in the back of Cadick's neck and an arm around him. They were pressed close together, sharing their warmth.

Soft thumping broke the silence as a tiny person ran into the room and dove onto the bed.

"Dad! Daddy! Get up!" The small body stood on the bed and began jumping.

Oliver groaned as he was rudely awakened and squeezed Cadick tighter.

"Get up!" The child called, "Getupgetup!"

"Go back to bed." Oliver muttered tiredly.

"But, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!" The child whined, dropping to his knees, "It's Bailey's birthday! We have to set it up special!"

Oliver groaned again, but Cadick sat up, "Alright, alright. We're up."

"Come on hurry!" The boy yelled, diving off the bed.

"William, settle down." Cadick commanded gently as he climbed out of bed, "You're going to wake up the whole house and then it won't be a surprise for Bailey, will it?"

William gasped and clasped a hand over his mouth, eyes wide with innocence.

"Good boy." Cadick stood, "Go wake up Lilian, but be quiet about it, alright?"

"Okay!" William ran out of the room and across the hall where his oldest sister was still sleeping.

Oliver checked the clock, saw 7:52am, and groaned loudly. It was Saturday, why wasn't he allowed to sleep in a few more hours?

"Get up." Cadick commanded as he walked to the closet to dress.

"Ten more minutes."

"Up." Cadick pulled a pair of slacks on over his boxers and took his night shirt off, replacing it with a nice button-up.

"You're mean." Oliver whined as he sat up.

"If I was that mean you wouldn't have married me." The redhead said as he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Oliver merely groaned and forced himself out of bed. He stumbled over to the closet and found jeans and a t-shirt. He tripped and stumbled a bit as he put them on, still dizzy from sleep.

"I'll go start coffee and call Kathrine." Cadick stated after returning from the bathroom. "Once you're done come help me hang banners. We'll make William blow up balloons. Maybe the lack of oxygen will settle him down for a while."

Oliver snorted when he laughed, "That's terrible."

"Like you weren't thinking it too." Cadick smirked as he left the room.

Oliver laughed, shaking his head. He'd definitely chosen the right person to marry.

He headed into the bathroom and brushed his hair and teeth. Once he was looking good he left the room and headed downstairs to the kitchen, where he could smell coffee brewing.

A lot had happened in just ten years. Oliver had gotten a decent position at Williamson Enterprises and a year later Cadick graduated and found himself working in the same building. Naturally, once they were financial secure, Oliver popped the marriage question to which Cadick had answered with a confident 'Only if we can adopt at least six kids.' Oliver managed to get him to agree to lower it to four and it was settled. They were married in October, the same month they'd met.

With the prospect of a rather large family on the horizon, they'd sought out a house big enough to accommodate them. They needed plenty of rooms and living space and wanted a good chunk of land too. Empty land was essential for play sets and for house expansions.

They'd found an old farm house on a large plot of land for a decent price, but it was in dire need of repair. Oliver's parents ended up lending them a pretty large chunk of money, which was a massive help. They'd reroofed the place, had to fix most of the siding, and added new flooring to most of the rooms. Once repairs were finished, they bought new furniture and updated some of the kitchen appliances.

The house itself was nice. There was a wrap-around porch connecting the front and back doors. The front door led into the living room, which was the biggest room in the house. It consisted of a long couch and two recliners in front of a big TV, a bookshelf against the wall adjacent to the TV, and a set of stairs behind the couch.

Directly to the left was the kitchen, a charming room with plenty of counter space and room for two people to cook a big meal. The dining room was through the kitchen and there was no wall separating them. Most of its outside walls were opened by windows, giving it a very open feel and providing a lot of light during the day. At night, a chandelier above the table illuminated their dining. Beside the dining room and beyond the living room was the laundry room, with a back door leading outside and a second door leading into a small downstairs bathroom, which merely consisted of a toilet, sink, shower, and small pantry for towels and rags.

The four larger rooms were connected in such a way that a person could walk in a circle between all of them uninterrupted, something the kids took advantage of often when chasing each other. It didn't help that there was nearly a direct path from the front door to the back either.

The stairs in the living room led to the second floor where six bedrooms and two more bathrooms were located. Another set of stairs led to a third floor where the master bedroom, master bathroom, an office, and a big playroom were located.

It wasn't the ritziest home ever, but it had space, which was what they really needed.

Oliver picked up his coffee as he passed through the kitchen and took a seat in his usual spot at the table. He sipped the drink quietly, letting it bring him to a sociable state.

"Good morning, Kathrine." Cadick spoke into his cell as he leaned against the counter, "Sorry to call so early. Will woke us up. …Oh, you were up? That's good, but perhaps you should consider a human sleep schedule."

Oliver laughed softly, shaking his head.

Cadick made plans with Kat while he tapped his fingers on the counter. Two children came running into the kitchen soon enough, nine year old Lilian and eight year old William. William immediately went to Cadick, rambling about how he'd done just like he was told. Cadick had to gently shush him and ruffle his hair before he could continue his conversation with Kat.

Lilian took a seat at the table and smiled sweetly at Oliver, "Good morning, daddy."

"Morning, Lil." Oliver greeted warmly, smiling at his oldest child.

After settling in to their new home almost six years ago, they'd adopted their first child only a few months later. Lilian was of mixed Asian descent and they'd taken her in at three years old. She was a bright girl, energetic too, who loved to hear herself talk. She spoke mostly about animals and wanted to be a zookeeper.

A year later they'd adopted Bailey, barely a year old at the time, who was of Hispanic descent. She was much quieter and more laid back, but played much rougher. She loved the color pink and dragons were her favorite animals. She said she either wanted to work with dead people or make dresses when she grew up. Though Oliver and Cadick would support her in whichever she chose, they tried to encourage the fashion choice. Being a fashion designer seemed far more interesting, colorful, and opportunistic than a mortician.

William was next, four years old when they took him in, putting him in the position of the middle child in age. He was Caucasian, brunette, and was far, far too energetic. They sent him outside very often to run around the house. His room was often a mess, a habit they were still working to break him of. He spoke excitedly about one day being a fireman or police officer.

William basically ran into the dining room and climbed into a chair. Like word vomit, his mouth fell open and words just spilled out. Half of them were spoken so quickly they weren't even recognizable as words.

Oliver merely smiled and nodded. He wasn't quite prepared to try to make William stop and decipher himself just yet. That would take at least one more cup of coffee.

Another tiny person entered the kitchen. He was silent and was clutching his blanket. Rather than a stuffed animal, he preferred to sleep with a small blanket that one of Oliver's relatives had sewn for him. It was incredibly soft and was blue on one side and white on the other, with teddy bears and rocking horses printed on the white. He walked quietly up to Cadick and merely clutched at his pants as he waited patiently for attention.

Carter was their most recent edition, barely four, the baby of the group. He was African American with dirty blonde hair and was almost completely silent. Didn't speak, didn't cry, barely laughed. Despite his non-verbal lifestyle, he was very affectionate. He loved hugs and being carried around the house. When he wasn't following one of his parents he was sitting on the floor, coloring. He loved to draw and was good for his age. He often sat with Bailey and would draw the dresses she described to him.

Wouldn't it be neat if they started their own business together?

"Thank you, Kathrine. We'll see you soon. Bye." Cadick said before hanging up. He pocketed his cellphone and immediately bent down and picked Carter up. "Hey, hun." He greeted softly, holding the boy close, "Good morning."

Carter rested his head on his shoulder and clutched his shirt with one hand, the other still gripping his blanket tightly.

Oliver finished his coffee and stood to get another cup. He ruffled William's hair as he passed, who diverted his attention to Lilian. Soon, the two were talking rapidly. Oliver stopped by Cadick and Carter and warmly greeted his young son, "Morning, buddy! Doin' good?"

Carter nodded, but didn't speak or change facial expressions.

"Good!" Oliver kissed his forehead and gave Cadick a kiss on the lips before going to get another cup of coffee.

They'd received many remarks about Carter's silence. Seemed a lot of parents agreed that they should be somehow forcing him to talk more. That just didn't seem right though. He'd speak on his own terms, in his own time, and until then they understood him just fine through gestures and yes or no questions.

"Once you finish that, will you help me hang the banner?" Cadick asked as he gently rocked Carter.

"Yup." Oliver nodded as he poured himself a second cup.

"Thank you." He turned to the two at the table, "Will, Lil."

"Yes, dad?" They answered in unison, looking at him excitedly.

"Come here, you're going to help set things up too."

"Awesome!" William yelled as he jumped out of the chair. Lilian followed suit and they ran passed Cadick into the living room.

Cadick smiled softly and carried Carter into the other room with them, Oliver in tow. The redhead sat his youngest child on the couch, "Wait right here for me, okay?"

Carter nodded and pressed the blanket against his mouth. Oliver took a seat beside him to finish his drink.

"Alright." Cadick said as he opened up the hall closet. He pulled out a bag of pink balloons with 'Happy Birthday!' in pretty loopy letters on them, along with a bag of black balloons with the same message in a more legible font and skulls on them. He also grabbed bags of streamers and ribbons, both of which followed the pink and black schemed. "Lilian." He turned to her and handed her the ribbons, "I want you to carefully wrap these around the banisters on the stairs and second floor."

"I'm always careful, dad." She stated as she took them. True, she'd done the same chore for other birthday parties and she had yet to fall down the stairs.

"I know, but I always have to say it." He ruffled her hair with a smile. Once she'd taken off up the stairs, he turned to William, "Will, you're going to learn to blow up and tie balloons."

"Wooo!" William cheered enthusiastically, hopping in place.

While Cadick was teaching him, Oliver flipped on the TV and sipped at his drink. He kept an arm around Carter, who was happily curled up against him. Oliver loved mornings like these, even the ridiculously early ones.

With William blowing up balloons and tying them on his own, Cadick circled around to the front of the couch and put a hand on his hip, "Oliver, you ready to hang this banner?"

"Meeeh." Oliver shrugged. He quickly finished his drink and put the mug on the table, "Ready as I'll ever be." He ruffled his youngest child's hair before standing.

They got two small ladders from a shed out back and took the banner out of the closet. It was a shimmery pink and stretched across the entire living room. On it were the words "Happy Birthday!" in black, dripping letters. Cadick hated the thing, he thought the odd color scheme with the strange font looking horrendous, but it was exactly the one Bailey had wanted, so he sucked it up and agreed to hang it across his perfectly coordinated living room.

They set up the ladders on either side of the room and brought the banner up at the same time. They nailed in the edges to the ceiling knowing the noise would not be enough to wake Bailey. Once it was secure, they climbed down the ladders, admired their work, and took the ladders back outside.

When they returned to the living room Cadick pulled the vacuum out of the closet and cleaned up the little traces of dirt from the ladders and tiny pieces of ceiling from the nails. Oliver couldn't even see the trace amounts of filth, but if Cadick said they were there then there was no point trying to argue.

Oliver sat down and helped William with balloons while Cadick took Carter upstairs to help carry down the presents that had been hidden in the master bathroom closet. They were set up in a very neat display against the empty corner wall. There had to be a few dozen there, all wrapped in gorgeous and colorful papers. There would be three that were not for Bailey, however, as they always bought the other children one gift when celebrating another child's birthday. The single gift could be anything, but it could only be one thing.

Eventually, the presents were all displayed beautifully, the banisters all wrapped neatly, and the balloons strewn out on the floor and a few hanging from the ceiling. All they needed was a cake, which Kat would be bringing over when the party started at noon.

Cadick picked Carter up and nodded toward the kitchen, "We'll go get breakfast started if you'll go wake Bailey."

"Can do." Oliver nodded. He pecked his husband on the lips before ascending the stairs.

Bailey's room was decked out in pink. Pink wallpaper with little skulls on it, a matching pink bedspread, pink carpet, and mostly pink stuffed animals. Her walls were decorated with prints and paintings of dragons and the stuffed animals that weren't pink were dragons. Pink and dragons didn't make much sense together, but she insisted, and they did their best to make their children's rooms as personalized as possible. Lilian's room was jungle themed with a heavy accent on her favorite shade of green, William's was pirate themed with accents of red, and Carter's was dinosaur themed with accents of blue. Redecorating a room was tedious but incredibly fun too. They got to witness a unique vision unfold and their children got to live in a bedroom they loved. What parents wouldn't go to great lengths to bring their child that kind of joy?

Several, actually, if the number of children in the foster care program was any indication.

Bailey was still passed out, despite it being nearly 10am. She liked to sleep late, just like Oliver. Her black hair was the only thing sticking out of a bundle of blankets. Oliver reached down and gently pulled the blankets away, revealing a little Hispanic girl curled up in a ball wearing pink pajamas and hugging her favorite stuffed toy, a little pink and white dragon she'd received two birthdays ago. She didn't stir, even when Oliver began shaking her.

"Bailey. Baaaiileeey. Time to get up, hun." Oliver coaxed gently.

"Mmmmmnnmm." She whined softly, curling up tighter.

"Come on, Bailey. Get up. Today's special, remember?"

She finally opened her pretty green eyes and gave him a tired, aggravated look. 'Today better be pretty fucking special if you're getting me up this early on a Saturday' that look said. Oliver completely understood the feeling.

"It's your birthdaaaay!" Oliver cheered softly, "Everyone's coming over to have cake at your partyyyy!"

She whined softly again and slowly sat up. Poor thing. She just didn't do mornings.

He picked her up and carried her to the bathroom before gently placing her on her feet. She stood completely still as he brushed her wavy hair and barely participated as he helped her brush her teeth. She knew how to brush, but wasn't very coordinated shortly after waking, so he often just helped her anyway.

Once she was cleaned up, he carried her back to her room and placed her on her feet again by her closet. Upon opening the sliding doors he was met with more pink, mostly in the form of dresses.

Bailey loved dresses. She refused to wear pants like the rest of the family.

"Which one do you want to wear today?" He asked her with a smile.

She pointed at a red dress with black trim and Oliver knew the way it would clash with the pink at the party was going to give Cadick an aneurism. Oh well. He grabbed it and sat down on the ground to help her change. The red dress was one of her favorites, as it resembled the one the Red Queen from Alice wore.

Once she was out of her PJs and in the dress Oliver began looking for the matching shoes.

"I am the queen of the house today, daddy." She stated, expression never changing.

"Yes, you are." Oliver smiled at her briefly before continuing his search.

"I want a crown."

"I'm sure you have one in here. I'll find it for you, okay?"


He continued searching and in a few minutes had two little black shoes and a golden crown with red plastic jewels in it. He helped her put it on her head and carried the shoes downstairs with them when they finally left.

She strutted into the kitchen, head held high in a regal sort of pose.

"There's my princess." Cadick greeted warmly as he made pancakes, Carter wrapped around his leg.

"No, daddy." She corrected, "I'm queen today."

"Oh, my apologies, your majesty." He grinned and gave a slight bow, "Happy birthday, my love."

"Thank you, daddy." She nodded her approval and continued into the dining room to take a seat with her siblings while Oliver stepped in to help Cadick with breakfast.

"HappybirthdayBailey!" William screamed when she entered.

"Happy birthday, sister!" Lilian greeted enthusiastically.

She took a seat in her usual spot and nodded at them as well.

"If you're the queen then can I be the gesture?" William asked.

"It's Jester, stupid." Lilian corrected with a roll of her eyes.

"Yeah, that! Can I?"

"Yes." Bailey stated, nodding.

"Then I want to be the animal tamer!" Lilian smiled.

"Kingdoms don't have animal tamers!" Said William.

"Fine. Then I want to be the gardener. Can I, Bailey?"

"Yes." She stated again.

"What's Carter?" William asked, pointing to the boy.

"The monk because he's quiet." Lilian said.

"Do you want to be a monk, Carter?" Cadick asked him, looking down with a smile.

Carter shook his head, squeezing his pant leg tighter.

"No? Carter doesn't want to be a monk, Bailey."

"He can be prince then." She stated.

"Do you want to be the prince, Carter?"

Carter nodded, grinning slightly.

"Come sit with us, Prince Carter!" William called, bouncing in his seat.

It took a bit of coaxing from Cadick, but eventually the young boy let go of his leg and walked to the table to take a seat with his brother and sisters.

With his leg finally free, Cadick could more easily move around the kitchen with Oliver. They cooked up bacon, eggs, and blueberry pancakes, Bailey's personal favorite. Breakfast was messy, as always, with four kids at the table, but clean-up didn't take long.

Around eleven there was a knock at the door. Oliver answered, as Cadick couldn't really get very far with Carter once again gripping his leg. Kathrine was standing on the porch, a smile on her face and a cake in her hands. It was pink, with black hearts in decorative icing and a statue of a princess in the center outside of a dark castle. The princess was wearing a long black dress and her face was painted to look like a skull.

"Kat!" Oliver greeted warmly, welcoming her inside, "Great to see you!"

"You too, Ollie!" She replied as she entered. Her voice wasn't nearly as deep as it used to be. After surgeries to change her physical appearance she'd also gotten one to change her vocal chords.

"Kitty!" Screamed the two oldest, who ran to greet her.

"Hey, guys!" She beamed as she carefully walked around them, "How is everyone?"

"Good!" William and Lilian replied almost in sync while they followed Kat into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Kathrine." Cadick greeted as he gently took the cake from her and sat it on the counter, "Thank you for making the cake. I truly appreciate it."

"Morning, Cay. No problem at all."

Back at the door, Oliver watched the second guest gather presents from Kathrine's car and carry them up the porch.

"Morning, Trist." Oliver greeted, nodding.

"Mornin', Ollie." Triston smiled as he stepped through the door.

"UNCLE TRISTON!" William screamed before tackling Triston's legs.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on buddy!" Triston called as he steadied himself, "Let me put this down and then we'll go outside and play, okay?"


Oliver closed the door as Triston put the gifts down in the pile. The blonde followed him over and helped arrange the presents in a way that he was sure Cadick would find acceptable. Triston snagged William off the floor when they were done and carried him out the back door into the green grass.

In the kitchen, Kathrine was holding Carter and informing him of how cute he was, while Cadick was carefully adding six candles to the cake. Lilian followed her brother and uncle outside while Bailey climbed out of her seat at the table and went to Oliver as he entered the kitchen. She held her arms out to him, silently demanding to be lifted from the floor. He did so and stood next to Cadick so she could see her cake. "You like it?" He asked, "Aunt Kat made it for you."

Bailey nodded, "I approve."

Kathrine laughed softly, "Well, thank you! I'm happy to have her majesty's approval." She leaned down and pecked the girl on the forehead.

"Can I have it now?"

"No, love." Cadick informed as he finally finished lining up the candles perfectly, "We'll eat it after we open presents."

"Can I open presents now?"

"No, we're waiting on everyone else to get here and the party to start."



She sighed dramatically, "Fine."

They retired to the living room to wait on guests to arrive and catch up with Kathrine. Carter stayed happily put on her lap while they talked.

An hour later other guests began arriving. Oliver's parents, his sister and her two kids, and several kids from the daycare center and kindergarten with their parents. Baltimore had sent them a card and present through the mail and would likely call later, but he couldn't make it in time from England.

Oliver and his father had only begun speaking again recently after several years of silence that had begun shortly after adopting Lilian. Apparently, Walter had been in a denial of sorts about his son and Cadick actually lasting, but adopting a child had forced him to deal with that reality and he hadn't taken it well. They were forced to start talking again after adopting Carter because Victoria wanted the children to see their grandparents more and to actually meet their grandfather. Things were still tense between father and son, however.

Each parent brought with them a gift 'from' their child and a snack of some sort. Some had pie, some brought sandwiches, others bottled drinks, but everyone brought a little something. The items were set out on the dining room table where the kids could easily come inside and grab something. The children were encouraged to stay outside to play so that they wouldn't break anything in the house. Carter was the only exception. Instead of playing, he was passed around to family members, each one taking a turn to hold him for several minutes. He was fawned over and smothered with kisses and compliments. It was obvious that he loved the attention, even if he didn't vocalize it.

Victoria was, of course, more than happy to hear about how everyone had been, including Kat. Ever since Oliver had declared Kat a chosen sister, his mother had treated her just like her own as well and Vivian was happy to have a sister. They liked hearing about Kat's transition and had even pitched in to help pay for the vocal cord operation since insurance wouldn't cover that.

Walter didn't understand it, obviously, but Victoria was the bread-winner of the household so he didn't get much say in where the money went. If she wanted to give several hundred dollars to Kat so that her voice could be a higher pitch then that's where the money was going to go.

After almost two hours of merely letting the children play while the adults mingled, Bailey finally put her foot down about getting her cake and ice cream, even before the presents. The children sat out on the porch while adults took turns receiving cake and ice cream to take to them. The cake Kat had made was large enough to feed several and she'd made it to have two flavors. One half was chocolate, the other strawberry, as per Bailey's request. Bailey hated chocolate, but she knew her siblings and some friends preferred it. Despite her quiet nature and somewhat intense demeanor, she was a very caring girl.

After the meal it was into the living room to open gifts, Cadick's least favorite part. There was always such a mess, he almost couldn't stand it. One birthday he'd only used bags, which helped with the mess, but Lilian hadn't really liked just pulling her presents out of a sack, so he wasn't allowed to do it again.

Bailey received dolls, dresses, a make-up kit, play sets, and stuffed animals, but by far her favorite gift was an animatronic dragon that Oliver had found online. It was black and about her size and with a push of one of several buttons on a remote it would roar, move its head, flap its wings, swing its tail, or growl. Basically, it was a very expensive and cool-looking noise maker.

William also received a noise maker in the form of a metal fire truck that had about eight different tones it would cycle through. Lilian got a large set of "Littlest Pet Shop" figures and Carter received a package of colorful paper, colored pencils, and a marker set, all wrapped as one item. He would likely go through them very quickly.

Finally, around five in the evening, people began leaving. Oliver's family stuck around for about an hour afterward, but even they had to part eventually. Kat and Triston were last to go after helping Cadick clean up and having dinner with them.

After dinner, each of the children was sent to take their bath one at a time. Carter was the last to go and Cadick had to help him wash. The youngest child was exhausted from the party, despite having mostly just been held, and was falling asleep while Cadick was trying to clean him. He was taken to bed immediately after his bath and was out before he even hit the sheets.

William fared much the same after a long day of playing hard with his uncle and other kids. He barely had enough energy to mutter a quick 'goodnight' as he curled up under his sheets.

Bailey was next. She was tired but refused to sleep until she had her bedtime story. Her favorite was one that Kat had written just for her about a girl and her pet dragon. It wasn't very long, thankfully, and by the end of it Bailey was out.

Lilian was the last to go to bed. She stayed up just a little bit later to finish watching a documentary about Sphinx cats. She didn't need a bedtime story to sleep, but did like to discuss what the plan would be for the following day.

Finally, with all the kids sleeping soundly, Oliver and Cadick took their own shower together, like usual, then sat down in front of the TV for a couple of hours of shows that they wanted to watch, but the kids could not. They lounged on the couch together, talking about the day during commercial breaks in True Blood. Once it was over they turned off the TV and all the lights and headed up stairs.

With only underwear and t-shirts on, they slipped into bed together. Oliver was quick to pull the other man close, uncaring of how warm it was likely going to get. He kissed his husband's face all over, drawing an annoyed grunt from him. The blonde chuckled, "What?"

"You're getting my face wet, you ass." Cadick complained before pushing Oliver away enough to roll over.

"Aw, you don't like it when I make you wet?" Oliver grinned as he pressed his chest against Cadick's back and hugged him close again.

"Haha, very funny. Go to sleep."

"I'm sorry." He wasn't sorry at all. "I love you."

"I love you too. Goodnight."

"Night." Oliver said softly. He kissed Cadick's shoulder gently and grinned again when he felt his husband reach up and grasp his hand, twining their fingers.

Sometimes he couldn't quite believe how lucky he'd been to find his soul mate. He never really believed in those sorts of things, but he and Cadick were so close, so connected, so in love that he was certain they had been meant for each other. There was no way anyone else could make him feel like this. He was raising four kids with the man he would absolutely be spending the rest of his life with.

Four, the minimum number they'd agreed upon years ago. It had seemed like so many then, but now he could see why Cadick had said more. It felt good to have so many people to love and be loved by. He loved caring for them, teaching them, learning from them, and playing with them. The prospect of being a parent used to be terrifying, now the experience was nothing short of completely amazing.

"Cadick?" He said gently, squeezing his hand.

"Mm?" Cadick hummed.

"I was just thinking…"

"Uh oh."

"Shut up." He nudged him, snickering softly, "I was thinking that I don't really want to stop at four kids."

There was a pause before Cadick let go of his hand and rolled over to face him. There was a hopeful grin on his face as he moved closer, "Really?"

"Yeah." Oliver smiled softly, hugging him again, "If we were having our own maybe it would be different, but we're taking in kids who don't have a family and giving them a great one. There are going to be lots of kids who need a home and I want ours to always be open. I love being a dad, especially with you. I can see why you wanted at least six."

"It makes me so happy to hear you say that." Cadick beamed, "I love it too. I want to have a massive family, Oliver."

"We can take in kids well into our fifties I'm sure. There are older kids who need homes too and we can always add on to the house when we need more bedrooms."

"And we have plenty of yard space for it, plus bigger play sets and a treehouse and a pool."

"We could practically build a separate house, but let's not do that." He chuckled. It would be far too costly for the electricity and water.

"I almost wish you'd waited until the morning to tell me because now I'm too excited to sleep! I just want to stay up and make plans."

"There will be plenty of time tomorrow." He lifted a hand and ran it through Cadick's red locks, "We've got all the time in the world together, my love."

"I love you so much." Cadick said meaningfully as he wrapped an arm around Oliver and hugged him tightly.

"I love you too. More than anything." He hugged his husband tightly and pressed their lips together in a deep kiss. It was broken several seconds later and he buried his nose in Cadick's hair, "Get some sleep. We'll probably be woken up early again tomorrow."

"Probably." Cadick chuckled softly, "Goodnight." He buried his face in Oliver's neck, his breath brushing the flesh.

"Goodnight." Oliver pressed one last kiss against Cadick's forehead before shutting his eyes. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, relaxing. The next day would likely be hectic for them, it usually was with four kids running around, but it was a hectic that he liked and wouldn't be opposed to having more of.