The water was the first thing to go.
If you ever want to smoke people out of their houses- that's how you've got to do it.
Take away the necessities-
The ones that you really can't live without and the people inside will just be itching to leave.
After that it was the electricity.
We were living off of the limited supply of candles that we had saved to burn at the beginning of every month.
Our last grocery run was rationed.
Most of it was supposed to be frozen- we were only able to salvage about half.
The food went rancid in a little less than two weeks.
It was like The Lord above wanted us to starve.
We couldn't stay, but we didn't want to leave.
How could we? Money was of no use now, the whole world was falling into oblivion.
Everyone thought we would be saved.
That's when I knew- it didn't matter how hard we fought,
It didn't matter how long we stayed,
Everyone just ends up the same way,
Dependent, and

A/N: This kind of just came to me the either day.

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