We're so quick to judge, hold a grudge

Pointing at everyone else's sins

But the truth is we're all hypocrites

Every day doing what I want

Like it's no big deal as long I don't get caught

But the truth is someone greater sees it all

And just cuz I think nobody gets hurt

I'm really feeding a disease the more I thirst

For something to fill the void

When all I ever needed was the right joy

That's found in only one in the whole universe

Who already bore my sins and took my curse

Why is it I can decipher a code for one thing

But this other I keep getting loose string

I thought I was over this long ago

But I'm finding a recurring theme show

I'm not over this, I got a long way to go

Though He made me white as snow

The crimson stains seem to reappear

They just won't disappear

Not until I'm contrite at heart

And turn away from what tears me apart

God help me run away from the temptations

That easily beset and promise fulfilling sensations