An ancient warrior with hair turned grey
In the dawn of his final day
Standing tall, proud, and just
Defeat every enemy he must.
With tired eyes and sword in hand
He now does scan the barren land.
Desolate, tattered, and broken
From many battles left unspoken.

Charging in to his last great fight
He swings his sword with all his might.
But when his sword meets blazing gun
He turns old eyes up to toward the sun.
An ancient wisdom he does know
When the end itself will show.
From your path you are released
To finally gain a sense of peace.

And with a flash of brilliant light
So does end his final fight.
A man once brave, proud, and tall,
To the barren earth does fall.
With one last loud and valiant cry,
So does the soldier proudly die.
Because he knows though he may fail
In the end, his cause will prevail.