standing here with no apologies

by, Cassandra

Do you remember all the times I bared my soul to you? When I opened up my heart and spilled out all my guts for you? Told you everything I keep inside, all the things that haunt my mind? Everything that makes me who I am today?

Do you remember how you just turned and walked away?

Welcome back into my world, welcome back into my gravity. You take my hand and you tell me what you want from me. Honey, you want everything. Now tell me, do you really believe you have the right to demand anything from me?

You turned and walked away.

It hurt, you know. It almost left me broken on the ground, but in the end, I'm so much stronger then you ever thought I'd be. I picked myself up and dusted myself off and I patched up all those little pieces you left scattered in your wake.

You didn't see what I'm capable of.

You ask me for my trust and you ask me for another chance and you don't seem to understand that I really don't need you anymore. I recreated my world without you. I didn't leave a void for you. I didn't leave anything set aside for you.

Truthfully, you can walk away.

I'll be more than okay.