When the storms of sorrow rage

And the gale of morrow change,

Know that I made the day

And the night just the same;

Know that I brought the rain

And before you were formed,

I knew the number of your days;

I loved you before you ever knew it.

When the trials of life wrench your heart

And the burdens seem ne'er to depart,

Know that I give

And take away;

Know that I alone am your strength

And am using the pain in all its length,

I am the potter fashioning you in the clay;

I will finish the good work I began

In my perfect time, I know the day.

Be firmly planted in my Word

Like a tree beside the river of life;

You know my teachings you've heard,

Let them abide in your heart for life

Put your hope in me alone,

Trust in me with all your heart, mind, and strength

Leaning not on your own understanding at any length,

For all of man's ways to me are known

And his ways are not my ways,

The thoughts of mine are not your thoughts;

And I AM the giver of every man's lots.

Do not be fearful, but have confidence in Me,

Be strengthened in Me, I set the captive free.

You are not alone; I am always with you

Even in the raging battle, It is I who will lead.

From the dawn to the dusk of night,

It is I who, for my own glory, for you will I fight.