A quote once said to be the person you needed when you were younger.

In retrospect, I had wanted to be that for you.

As I saw you growing older, becoming the person that I had used to be,

I had wanted to protect you from yourself until I knew that I could let you grow into the

wonderful young adult I know you'd turn out to be.

It terrifies me to know that you are already fourteen.

I remember the little girl who would follow me around dance class,

whom mildly scared me for at least a year before I got to know how great you are.

I remember warm smiles, and chubby cheeks, and everything that I hoped you stay

for a long time to come. If only the puberty faery had kept his claws hidden for a

few more years.

Too soon the hands of the world pushed you out of the rye and into the storm,

turning the light grey and pulling the veil over your eyes to mask the good in the world.

I wonder if the veil can still be lifted; pierced, and torn, and removed from your eyes so

you can see the light of the world again. I don't know.

I want the best for you. I want you to live a good life without worries,

but I know that I cannot protect you from the cold, nor the embers, nor the wind.

I cannot protect you form the ocean, nor the skies, nor the bloodied sails of those passed on.

I cannot protect you from the monsters, especially the ones you hold dear inside your heart.

I wish that I could. You are my little sister, the person I am supposed to protect with my life.

If only I could. It would make my life easier if I could be lost in a battle,

protecting the virtue and heart of the person I hold closest to mine.

But, I cannot do that. I cannot protect you from yourself as much as a

mother turtle can protect her hatchlings from being eaten alive.

If I could, I would be the moon, dying to let your light breathe again at the end of each night.

But you are not the sun. You are so much more than that.