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The glass wall did nothing to hinder the sun's rays from peeking through in to Sebastian's office, painting orange yellow streaks against the office wall. This was a scene all too familiar for Sebastian. His hours at the office usually extended until the moon was the primary object in the sky. Sebastian sat behind his desk for a few hours, drawing up page after page of biographies on clients and investors, his eyes focused intently on the task but his mind began to stray from the computer screen. Every so often, he would recall Elna's expression hearing himself uttered those words.

I hired you to keep an image. I didn't hire you to have a relationship.

How could the truth elicit such a response from Elna? More importantly, Sebastian didn't understand why he kept looping those words in his mind. He meant what he said; at least that's what he continued reinforcing in his mind.

His phone interrupted his thoughts as he exhaled loudly answering the call.

"Tell me you are processing the case." Sebastian uttered to Tobias without as much as a greeting.

"Well good afternoon to you too." Tobias's sarcasm was not lost on Sebastian, but it was unwanted.

"Tobias…" Sebastian exhaled in annoyance, hearing Tobias softly scoff from his immediate irritation.

"Yes, yes. I have already sent the papers through and will be meeting with the defense lawyers tomorrow. They are more than eager to settle this out of court and hear any deals you have brought to the table."

"You never disappoint Tobias." Sebastian turned his chair to marvel at the sky splattered with shades of reds and blues as the sun began to descend behind the buildings.

"I know…which brings me to a matter that I need to discuss with you."

"It better be easily resolved Tobias. I am in no mood to hear anything other than good news." Sebastian stood from his chair, walking towards his floor-to-ceiling glass wall, his free hand lazily slipping in to his pants pocket. Sebastian knew any bad news at this point would lead him back down the trajectory of irritation from which he had calmed himself since Elna left.

"Well get in the mood because this could be potentially worse news than I care to give you right now."

"And what is that?"

"It just so happens that the photographer who took that photo was not affiliated with the news station that first broadcast the image."

"What are you saying?" Sebastian's brows furrowed with that statement.

"I'm saying that he was not hired by the news station, but rather by someone else specifically to take the picture and then distribute it to that news station."

"Does this someone else hold any position in the news company?"

"That is unknown."

"What do you mean unknown?" Sebastian snapped at Tobias, before clearing his throat to stabilize his escalating irritation.

"What I mean is that the photographer does not know who hired him."


"The photographer's official statement read that he had no physical contact with the person who hired him. He simply received an email from a man claiming to be a "Mr. John Smith", explaining the details of the job and exactly when and where to be. The photographer even stated that he received payment in cash via a manila envelope left on his office desk with just the name John Smith. The envelope only displayed a destination address-no return address. I checked the security footage but that was a dead-end. There are no cameras in his office, or that entire floor for that matter."

"He was given a specific time and place to be that night?"

"Yes…the photographer mentioned he waited for at least an hour, but was given instructions to remain by the Watermark until Elna came into view. It was as if someone knew she would be walking out that night."

"That doesn't make any sense Tobias. Who even knew for certain Elna would leave at that specific-" Sebastian's entire body tensed with a realization he wanted to reject.


"Shit…Tobias…" Sebastian felt this wave of suspicion engulfed his thoughts. "…I need two things from you. Check the security footage from the entrance to the photographer's office building. There must have been something there out of the ordinary. A strange person, someone who didn't belong, or a visitor-"

"I checked the footage from the security cameras, but there was nothing out of the ordinary."

"Are you certain…no new visitors on the record?"

"Sebastian, I thoroughly examined the log books for that day and there were no new or first-time visitors. It was all the 'same faces'. Those were the words from security."

"And what about the mail carrier? Did the carrier handle any peculiar package?" Sebastian was baffled by the unveiling situation as his body began to tense with a thought he did not want to humor.

"I spoke with the security officer from that office building and he stated that the mail carrier drops packages off at the front desk. One of the assistants' distributes the mail throughout the building."

"So you spoke with the assistant?"

"Yes. The assistant assured me there was no such manila envelope that day when he was making the deliveries." Tobias answered with apprehension. He knew he was not giving Sebastian the answers he wanted to hear.

"This is getting us nowhere…" Sebastian stepped towards his desk, slipping a few papers in to the folder he had prepared for Elna. "Tobias, I need you to do a background check on someone."

"So you have someone in mind that would have motive to do it?" Tobias queried.

"The motive is unclear, but the suspicion is there." Sebastian continued to preoccupy his hand with papers as he filled the folder to the brim.

"Who?" There was a long pause on the other end; Tobias could not hear Sebastian breath on the other end of the line. "Wait…" Tobias uttered, realizing exactly what Sebastian wanted from him. "You-you think that Elna's friend could have something to do with this?"

"At this point Tobias, he is the only one who was there with her that night, other than her friends, but I truly doubt any of them had anything to do with the picture."

"How can you be so sure?" Tobias questioned.


"I mean do you know them that well to make that assumption?"

"Tobias, I never assume. I am confident that the three of them are not involved in this at all. They would not instigate something this aggressive."

"Wouldn't they?" Tobias knew he was beginning to irritate Sebastian, but he needed to open Sebastian's mind to the possibility that there might be others involved. This was not a regular occurrence, or an easily dealt with circumstance, and Sebastian's reputation and secret are in danger of being exposed by any more media stunts.

"You have your doubts?" Sebastian questioned Tobias's logic.

"I just know from experience that sometimes it is the person you least expect that would be the culprit behind the action. I have been doing this for as long as you have been in Sens Corporation Sebastian, so I have witnessed my fair share of surprises when it came down to who was the guilty party. I am not saying that her friends are responsible for this mess, I am just saying that you can't rule them out definitively at this point."

"I will let you have those suspicions. As of right now, what I need is for you to do a full background check on Nicolas Grasu."

"Alright." Tobias snickered on the other line before proceeding. "You might not think anything of it right now, Sebastian, but the fact is they are Elna's friends, not yours. I know you did a full background check on each of them a few months ago but that is just words on paper; it says nothing about the individual."

"Tobias, I am quite certain that the only suspect at this point is Grasu. He was there, seemingly at the right place, at precisely the right moment when the photo was taken. How else could you explain that?"

"I don't know, but I cannot let you dismiss the others as persons of interest. Keep a close eye on them for now, Sebastian. This is far from over; you and I both know that."

Sebastian could not argue with Tobias. His words were exactly what Sebastian did not want to hear. He knew that the situation with Elna would not just go away so easily and that this would not be the end of the pursuit to get Elna in the spotlight. Sebastian further knew he had to do everything in his power to prevent it from getting to that point. Another media ploy and the truth could come spilling out on to every screen in America-not to mention the world. He needed to sweep this under the rug and figure out why someone would decide now be the perfect time to ruin Elna's reputation and attempt to tarnish Sebastian's image.

"Just get me the information, Tobias. We will worry about the others if we hit a dead end with Grasu. As of now, he is our primary suspect."

"Alright. I'll get back to you by tomorrow evening on what I find."

"Fine." Sebastian hung up the phone, running his free hand through his hair. Sebastian knew that from this moment forward that he had to keep a watchful eye on Elna and have her whereabouts known constantly to ensure that another "incident" did not occur.

Arriving at the condo, all Elna wanted to do was sink in to her mattress and sleep this nightmare away. She lost the support of Nico, and worse yet, everything he told Elna was exactly what she did not want to hear. She wanted to be oblivious to the truth that this arrangement could only end with her being completely alone.

Elna sauntered through her bedroom door, her eyes swollen slightly from her sobbing and her head pulsating from the constant nagging from that voice inside her head. She couldn't lull her mind and knew that sleep would elude her tonight. Elna threw her body on the window bench, leaning her head and shoulder against the glass and attempted to drown her thoughts in the ant-sized people waddling around the streets. She brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs in an attempt to comfort herself.

She felt this debilitating isolation, having no one to truly lean on. Sure the gang knew of everything that was happening, but Elna could not keep throwing her problems in their faces. Every problem or situation that Elna had to deal with was out of her control and had one thing in common-Sebastian.

"Maybe Nico was right, I am pathetic…" Elna sniffled slightly keeping her forehead against the cold glass. She was so sick of crying constantly like a worthless child. Yet she felt powerless to stop and that scared her more than anything.

A knock on her door made her cringe but Elna was in no mood to have Sebastian throw his words of displeasure at her face.

"Go away…" Elna's voice was low and shaky, but she could not handle any interactions with Sebastian right now.

She should have known it would not be that easy to get rid of Sebastian. Elna heard the knob turning as Sebastian opened the door, halting as he gazed at Elna nestled in the corner of the window bench, her body pressed to the glass.

"Go away is not an invitation to enter…" she mumbled…her eyes did not glance in his direction.

"Well you weren't picking up your phone so as the concerned husband, I had to come home and make sure my wife was alright." There was a slight smirk of amusement on Sebastian's face that seemed to fall slightly the longer his eyes lingered on Elna.

"Fine. I'm here, safe and sound. Now leave."

Sebastian dropped a stack of papers on the dresser near the door before proceeding towards Elna. He examined her slumped body, her shoulder and forehead pressed against the window, and wondered why she was behaving so distant. It could not have something to do with their discussion at the office, could it?

"You seriously don't understand the meaning of get out, do you?" Elna sniffled slightly, keeping her stare out the window.

"Seeing as you are acting like a scorned child, I am obliged to ask, 'Why?' "

Elna shifted her glare to Sebastian in such haste, she felt a smarting travel down her neck.

"Get the fuck out of my room." Elna uttered, staring Sebastian down with anger behind her glare.

"So you won't tell me why you are acting this way?"

"Get out." Elna gritted between her teeth, trying to keep her body stable, but it did her no good as she felt the surge of tears well in her eyes again.


"I said get out!"

Sebastian did not move, did not blink as his brows furrowed slightly watching Elna shift her focus back towards the window. He exhaled following Elna's hunched form before moving to the other side of the bench. Sebastian lowered himself on to the plush cover, his elbows resting on his knees as his eyes were directed to the floor before he moved to glance at Elna.

"Elna, what happened?" Sebastian spoke lowly, having a need to comfort her. In the past he would try and distance himself from an emotional woman, but with Elna, he felt a pull towards her whenever her demeanor was leaning towards depression. These past few days had really presented Sebastian with a new emotion he was not confident of how to process. It was as if he needed to see her in a state of solace. Sebastian wanted to reinforce that the situation was completely out of her control, even if at first he made it seem that she was to take full responsibility for what caused this media debacle.

"Sebastian, just leave me alone." Elna allowed those words to slip past her lips with shakiness in her voice. She felt this urge to break again, but did not want to seem weak and pathetic in front of Sebastian. She had cried enough in his presence.

"Elna, tell me what happened." Sebastian kept a worrisome gaze on Elna, watching her entire body in complete shambles.

Elna quickly shot Sebastian a glance he was not expecting. Her eyes were red from the tears, but her gaze seemed broken, as her lower lip twitched slightly from the attempt to hold back a sob.

"You want to know so badly…FINE. I called Nico after I left the office, and guess what? He doesn't want anything to do with me, ever. Are you satisfied? This is what you wanted, isn't it?...to have me all alone without anyone who can compromise our "marriage", because you are so fucking focused on your glorified image that you don't give two shits about anything but your reputation. Should I call Semira and the others and spew some lies to them about how I think they are a bunch of twats? Would that make you happy? It is what you wanted, right? You want me to be alone without any distractions or liabilities so you can keep your fucking name untarnished-displayed for the whole world to see as perfect and flawless."

Sebastian straightened his back, watching Elna crumble before him. His eyes widened slightly hearing Elna utter those words with malice, as she was overcome by the events of the last 2 days, worn down by Nico and Sebastian. Now she felt worse than alone; she felt pitiful and weak; and she displayed it all for Sebastian to see.

"And now I can't stop fucking crying. All I do is cry all the time and it's always your fault. I hate this feeling. Now do me a favor, and leave me the fuck alone." Elna twisted her body so her legs hung towards the floor before she pushed herself off and began to walk towards the bathroom door. She just needed to be alone-away from Sebastian.

Her attempts to escape him were in vain as she felt a tug on her arm, Sebastian's fingers wrapped, firmly but gently, around her forearm. Elna tried to pry herself away, but Sebastian would not let up; before she knew it, Sebastian had pulled her so she was standing in-between his legs, looking down on those hazel orbs.

"Sebastian don't-" Elna did not get another word in edgewise as Sebastian lifted her hand towards his face, but Elna immediately began to reject anything he was planning to do. Sebastian glanced up at Elna, seeing her eyes with absolute denial towards him as stray tears continued to roll down her cheeks.


"Sebastian, whatever this is, just stop-" Elna sniffled slightly, reaching her free hand to hastily wipe away evidence of her breaking resolve. "You are making this so much more difficult. Why are you doing this? Can't you just leave me alone?" Elna attempted to retrieve her arm from Sebastian but his grip would not surrender easily. He did not add pressure to his hold, but he kept her arm in place, near his face as his eyes traveled around her face.

"It seems I can't." Sebastian expressed those words in a low register, gently bringing Elna's wrist closer towards his lips. At that point his mind did not register that Elna was his hired-wife, the one he paid to maintain an image. At that precise moment, locking his eyes with hers, he saw a woman he cared for, a woman he hurt, and a woman who he needed to convince that he did not condone his actions of the last night. His yearning to have her understand that he despised his action was overwhelming his core and Sebastian lost sight of the reasons Elna was in his life to begin with.


"Elna, you must know that this will not repeat itself again." His lips grazed her wrist along her bruised skin, placing soft lingering kisses along the mark. His eyes focused on her hand as he continued to trail his lips along the outline of the mark around her wrist. Elna's core erupted with a hotness she condemned. Why was she allowing this to happen? More importantly, what spurred this affection in Sebastian almost instantaneously?

His lips continued to trace her skin, his eyes focused on her arm before his gaze swiftly met with Elna's green irises. A jolt sent Elna in to a state of complete uneasiness. She had never seen eyes so desperate, so contrite, and yet so genuine. The man in front of her was not the same man from the office; he appeared anxious, as if he was going over all the words in his mind before he spoke yet his actions seemed impulsive.


"Elna, I will never lay a hand on you again. I acted out of blind rage last night. I blamed you for something that was out of your control and for that I am sorry."

"W-what?" Elna's eyes widened dramatically after hearing those last three words.

"You could not have predicted the events of that night, and I was too hasty to blame you for the situation." Sebastian contemplated telling Elna about the information he received from Tobias. The new circumstances might clear her mind slightly, but then a lingering thought stopped him from revealing anything. Sebastian did not want Elna to know that someone is targeting her and that the person Sebastian suspects was the one person Elna wanted to bring back in to her life. The less she knew at this moment, the easier it would be on her. Sebastian was so worried about how she was handling the situation; he failed to realize exactly how he was coming off to Elna at this moment.

Elna almost did not want to believe that this man was the same Sebastian she has known for these past few months. He was acting rationally, and apologetically. The most bizarre part of all of this was that she noticed no condescension towards her, just a candid worry.

Sebastian lingered on Elna's eyes, studying every slight imperfection in her green irises, seeing the hints of brown in her orbs illuminated from the street lamps outside. Her face displayed her shock from Sebastian's demeanor and he savored that look. He had wronged her, broken that presumed trust between them with his recent actions, and now he saw her beginning to crumble before him-all from the words he had been spouting and from the rules he had been imposing. He needed to make her feel safe in his presence, needed to get back this stubborn, thick-headed woman, that always seemed to inch herself in to his thoughts.

Sebastian took his free hand from his knee and gently grazed her waist with his fingers before pulling her in to him even closer. Elna's knees pressed slightly against the edge of the window bench as her arm involuntarily rested upon his shoulder. Sebastian's body was acting before his mind could process his thoughts. All of his actions he could not undo and honestly, he did not want to. His hand continued to linger against her waist, his thumb slowly tracing the fabric of her sweater, yet the eye contact was never broken. His other hand kept its influence against her arm, not allowing Elna any freedom from his presence.

Sebastian always practiced restraint; he was known to never succumb to any hasty actions, but with Elna his actions always appeared in the moment. His mind almost shut down in her presence and he yielded to his baser behaviors.

Elna looked upon his eyes with apprehension, but she could not break free from his gaze. Elna knew he had this hold on her ever since Thanksgiving, yet she always relied on her mind to fool her in to believing it was not true. She was slowly surrendering to his influence.

Sebastian pulled Elna even closer to him; now she was a mere inch from his face, looking down slightly towards Sebastian. At this close proximity, Elna was beginning to see the ever-so-slight wrinkle at the edge of his eyes, notice the tiniest strand of grey hair exposing itself along his hairline. She saw the tired nature of this man, of this CEO who has done nothing but devote his entire days to the company.

Elna witnessed his eyes begin to darken with an intensity she craved to erase, but her body reacted quicker than her thoughts. Her chest tightened feeling his hand slip unhurriedly underneath her sweater, Sebastian's fingertips sliding delicately against her bare skin. There was that surge of heat, that pooling of arousal that stemmed from the point of contact throughout her core, nestled between her thighs. She scorned herself for her quickly-swayed emotions towards this man. One minute she hated just sharing the air they breathed and the next Elna marveled at the direct skin contact. It was infuriating.

Elna's hand, that was still resting on his shoulder, began to grip at the fabric of his shirt, tugging the ends in to her palm. She swallowed hard, her eyes moving around his features marveling at the sight before her. She was beginning to see the one idea she thought was impossible for this man-he was flawed. She witnessed his walls slowly collapsing around her and she could not decide whether she wanted to accept his apparent openness or reject getting closer.

Sebastian noticed her eyes inspecting him intently and he admired the look upon her face, the shock his actions were giving her. His gaze traveled to her lips and down towards her neck. He noticed the quick inhale of air every second, her collarbone protruded slightly as her shoulders rose with the intake of extra oxygen. He wanted to keep that shock plastered on her face, craved to hear even a slight moan escaping from those soft lips of hers. Sebastian did not allow for Elna to foresee his actions; his grip tightened slightly around her waist as he brought her body against his chest, his lips without warning seizing her neck in a warm embrace.

Elna released a gasp from her lips, her hand gripping his shirt fabric tighter before she began to quickly snake her hand behind his neck, marveling at the thick strands of hair between each digit. Sebastian became impassioned; the silky nature of her skin was tantalizing against his lips and he refused to release her. He felt her chest expand against his collarbones; a smirk spread across his lips that he knew Elna could feel on her skin-he wanted her to.

This was not the comfort she knew she needed at that moment, but it was what her overpowering body yearned for. Elna knew this might push them together too close, but at this moment, her mind was closed to any reasoning as she allowed herself to relish Sebastian's lips on her neck. He continued the slow yet stimulating motion of his lips, placing small pecks on her upper neck and above her collarbone before returning to the overstimulated skin in the middle of her neck. Elna released a louder-than-need-be moan as she gripped his thick hair with more vigor, forcing her body to lean further into Sebastian's lips.

The continuous motion of his stimulating lips on Elna's skin began to create a surge around her pelvis she knew would have to be dealt with tonight and the thought that entered her mind was not as foreign as she thought it would be. Elna was starting to consider that idea, weigh for herself how far she was willing to go with Sebastian this night. Elna released another soft moan, this one in a direct path towards his ear, her warm breath sending a wave of pleasure down Sebastian's spine. He distanced his lips slightly from Elna's neck, allowing her to feel his escalated breath spread across her roused skin. Sebastian inhaled her aroma, the same scent he could not get enough of during Thanksgiving.

Sebastian became instantaneously addicted to her scent, craving more stimulation from other senses for her. He pulled away enough to have her eyes once again lock on to his, seeing contemplation engulf her gaze. There was a hesitation lingering, yet Sebastian felt her body accepting his touch.

Elna did not understand what came over her; her body moved before her mind processed the thought, as her hand gripped Sebastian's thick black hair tighter between her fingers. She leaned in, immediately wondering if he would reject her advance. Her mind was put in to a complete state of shock when she felt Sebastian's hand travel further up her bare skin, his palm contouring to her back. The warmth of his skin against her back made her hair stand on end as she realized Sebastian was pulling her in to him with a force she surrendered to.

Their lips met slowly, neither of them understanding exactly what the other was thinking but the pressure felt so real and unquestionable that there was no doubt they wanted to continue. The kiss started off slow and hesitant from the both of them. Their lips did not have the courage to proceed quickly, deepen the kiss, but the desire was felt from them both. Sebastian's hand released Elna's wrist as it found its way to her waist, lifting the sweater up so he could have both hands marveling at her silky skin. His fingertips began to skim across her silhouette, recording in to memory her curves and edges.

Elna allowed herself to feel his touch, remember the graze of his hands around her skin. She was captivated by Sebastian's lips against her own, wanting a deeper feeling to resonate on her lips. She snaked her released hand around his neck, allowing herself better access to him as she tilted her head and her lips invited Sebastian for more. He took advantage of her brave proposal instantaneously, parting his lips before seizing her bottom lip with a passion that made Elna almost lose her balance. She pressed her chest against Sebastian's collarbone, giving their lips less space apart as Sebastian's tongue timidly brushed against her lower lip, waiting for further permission.

His hesitant action engulfed Elna with pure ecstasy and she could not resist him any longer. With a hasty motion she closed any distance between them, her breasts pressing against his collarbone and her arms now completely wrapped around Sebastian's neck. Sebastian took this opportunity to grip Elna tightly with his powerful hands, letting her know she is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Their lips maneuvered against one another fighting for more contact, Sebastian dominating Elna completely. She gave in to his lead, gave in to the arousal that was now sweeping across every cell in her body. She felt her cheeks flush, her thighs tremble, and her pelvis pulsate from Sebastian's lips claiming hers, and then her mind snapped her out of her animalistic state.

Elna cramped in Sebastian's hold, immediately tensing her arms around his neck as she felt the need to push herself vigorously away from him. Sebastian immediately noticed the complete change in her body as his hands softened to the touch and his lips broke free from Elna to allow him to look in to her eyes. He saw the panic in her irises, saw the regret plastered on her face, but he refused to let her go just yet.


"Sebastian…" Elna tried to steady her breath as she began to push herself further from his face, to create a distance from his lips that her body needed to avoid going down the path on which they were headed just a few seconds before. "…we can't…I mean this…"

Sebastian knew the only way to break the tension in the room was to aggravate her slightly and that's the next move he planned.

"You really are a tease, aren't you?" Sebastian scoffed, relaxing his palms against her bare back as he saw all the pressure release from Elna's shoulders and her demeanor quickly reverted to an almost untroubled state.

He did not want Elna to begin to overthink what happened between them, yet he saw the beginnings of regret and confusion seep from her eyes. He had to clear her mind of that, even if only for tonight.

"Elna, I want you to know that we will find whoever is targeting you. I won't let them get anywhere near you again."

"Wait…what? Targeting? What are you talking about?" Elna heard those words and the confusion was evident on her face. This was news to her.

Sebastian immediately saw his mistake.

"Well…" Sebastian hesitated to speak further. This was not what he wanted to reveal to Elna just yet.

"Sebastian, what's going on?" Elna moved her body an arm's length from his, still keeping her hands on his shoulders, but his body had almost no influence on her at that distance, even though his hands still lingered against her back.

Sebastian exhaled before proceeding, realizing she deserved to know the truth, and his thoughts behind this situation.

"We have evidence to believe that someone deliberately targeted you that night and that the photograph was staged."

"Staged? I don't understand. How could it have been staged?"

"That is what Tobias and I are in the process of uncovering. I know that you did not want to sever your connection with your friend but I think it was for the best considering what is going on."

"And what is going on Sebastian? What are you not telling me, besides the fact that you failed to mention that this was apparently a set-up?"

"I have reason to believe that your friend might have been behind the photograph."

"What? Nico? What proof do you have to even have an assumption like that?"

"I am not assuming Elna. I am stating what I know, and what I have connected so far. Your friend was the only one that was in that photograph, the only one who was alone with you after your friends left. He just so happened to show up out of the blue. You don't find that strange in the least?"

"Yeah sure it was a bit odd to see him out of the blue, but his arrival at the condo was coincidental."


"Semira, Lali, and Curtis said that they bumped in to him that day and dragged him out to see me. His presence at the condo was completely unplanned."

"Are you sure? Can you be 100 % certain?"

"Yes. I am. Sebastian, there is absolutely no way that Nico could have anything to do with this."

Sebastian stared in to Elna's eyes, seeing her intrigue turn in to suspicion as he inhaled deeply before speaking. "Elna-"

"Sebastian…" Elna pushed herself completely from Sebastian; no part of his body was making contact with her. "…What the hell is going on?"

Sebastian turned his gaze from Elna, keeping focus on the wooden floor as his hand combed hastily through his hair. "It seems Tobias was right."

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