Notice of Revamp

Since I found Spider Lily's timeline again (it was in my file), I'm going to revamp Spider Lily! The revamp is scheduled to begin next week, so if you don't want to revamp, you can drop me a message, I'll listen (。´∀`)ノ

I will replace each chapter one by one. Here I express gratitude towards Monty Mason and YumehaMinakami. You two have been present for each chapter and I know my writing isn't that good. So I hope that you two won't be bothered by my revamp.

Things that won't change:

The Betrayal


Nori will still be betrayed. That won't change, but the time and venue and scenes of the betrayal will change.



Rin will continue to follow Nori in the newer version. Her appearance won't change.

Fuwari's Appearance


Fuwari's appearance will not change. Her eyes will still be her most prominent feature.

Things that might change:

The Scenario of the Betrayal


The betrayal will still happen. But it will go in a different direction, and take a different turn.

Nori's Appearance


I kinda want to give her a make-over.

So, this concludes my notice. If you still have any questions, and think that you can't reach me on fictionpress, there are other methods to contact me, all of them listed on my profile 。◕‿◕。

Cheers! Have a nice day!