A man in black leather robes stepped through the forest. His undead had tracked down the last man who had been invading his land. The others were being looted but it was mostly commoners items. He was thin like a twig and six one at best. From what skin could be see. he appeared fair skin if some what pale the light color defined by jet black hair and eyes of a virulent amber with hints of red. His face soft, smooth, and elongated features. He had a rather small nose to as well, one that would remind you a rabbit.

Lord Vincent Telvenceraw looked over at the soul in front of him. The necromancer looked at what had finally felled the wayward adventure. A arrow had become lodge in the young lad's patella.

One of the undead approached his lord, sheathing his crossbow upon his back, and made some utterly annoying rattling and grunting sounds. He was speaking in the ancient language or the undead, which the undead created to mess with their masters. He in fact was rattling just to rattle. The necromancer then spoke in a tone both refined and heathen like, an aristocrat who had a bad temper.

"Shut up and speak normally you twat," Lord Telenceraw sighed and then kicked the crying man on the ground before snapping, " and you stop moving and crying, the bleeding effect is not going to stop for another twenty seconds or minutes." It was bad enough his undead kept shooting people in the patella, it was a accident and simple thing at first but then it just kept happening until they made it into a joke. A joke that was quickly over used.

"My bloody knee," the annoying man screamed as he grabbed at the arrow now sticking through him. The man coughing up a bit of blood at the kick in the gut. The necromancer wonder slightly why the man was stating the obvious but then again he had gotten out of touch with most the world, oddly killing villages tended to ostracize you. "I was a prince… I could give you…" It was a lie but the man had enough gold to make it seem that way, he had been a thief which was a lucrative job and it kept the oil burning.

The man luckily cared enough about flare and adornments in his clothing that nobility at least of a minor degree was possible. Gold trinkets strapped upon a velvet grey and red vest rested over his chest. A light chain mail hidden beneath it. Several knifes about his belt. He looked noble at least as well, which he had use to get into several events ment for the upper class and in many beds on the nights of coming of ages. Golden locks cut prim and proper. Skin deeply tanned with chisel features of both face and form. Lastly, a pair of sapphire eyes staring in pain at the man above him.

The necromancer rolled his eyes and scoffed, not caring about royalty at all as they were stupid tea drinkers, "but then you took an arrow to you patella, so now you are nothing but a dying man. now tell me dear…."

"Es…" The false noble man began, as he whimpered like those squishy little dogs, puppies, Telenceraw tried to recall.

The necromancer took off his gloves and interrupted. "I was being polite, I really do not care… in the slightest." Telenceraw slowly rubbed his hands together and make hand signs, that seemed like a child messing with his own fingers at but closer examination would reveal they were darker in intent. Leeching life was a spell of such a long preparation. "So now tell me, why exactly were you and that group were hunting me?" Surely they were not dumb enough to think they could kill him.

"You were on the bounty board, the royal crown released some bounty for your head." The thief forgot to mention it was a low level, of priority of course, mission.

The necromancer rose an eyebrow as he motioned his head and said to one of his jabbering skeletons, "loot the man. Find a bounty sheet" Normally such actions were done on the dead, but Telenceraw wanted to know what.

A few of the undead crudely began to search the squirming man but, he was staying still mostly shock hitting him to the point pain was nothing any more. Soon pulling several things from the thief's pockets and bags, including a slightly unmentionable adult novel, one of the undead produced a scroll. With a shudder of excitement, the undead unfurled the paper and read it for his lord.

The undead had a very odd low and monotone voice that was sweet like caramel creme, it kinda got stuck in your mouth if you tried doing an impression of it. The sound was odd for a creature who could speak without flesh, or lips, or lungs, or a vocal chords for that matter. Telenceraw did not though pretend to understand the undead in the slightest, he just made them and commanded them. The undead slowly began, "By order of The Royal Crown. The Necromancer terrorising the region of bree-stone henceforth has a bounty of twenty five coppers to whoever may undo his head or bring him to the courts. Priority: Grey"

"Twenty five coppers, you mean I am not even worth a silver? and they think me a grey!" Telenceraw said with a voice sounding like a hollow gasp, filled with both fiery hate and disappointment in conflict. A bounty was one of the greatest compliments you could give to someone in his profession, the profession of killing people for the fact it was just fun. This though was a backhanded compliment, a present smeared in muck. He gave the thief a dark smile, "I wonder what a nobles head might add to that"

The Thief knowing he was about die quickly thought of some way to save his life with the greatest skill he had, lying. He looked upon the ground with a look of pain and thankful nature, the look of pain was easy, "You would only be ending a bastard son seen as scum."

Vincent frowned deeply at his words finding troubling even as he continued to focus the life leach in his hand, which were slowly turning black. "I thought you were a prince…" The Necromancer rose a suspicious eyebrow as he spoke in an accusing tone.

"Yes, a bastard son that is rather not seen or heard. Why else would I do such bounties… to earn a parents love…" The thief tried to move but pain shot up his leg in a pained spasm. The pain though was enough to bring a tear. It only made the story convencing

Vincent thought for a few moments feeling…oh what's the word, pity, for the man in front of him. Pity was not something the necromancer was used to, but this man was insulted by the same court that insulted him, and he did like things that remind him of himself. The lord looked at the bleeding man, and thought of something. He could have said prince join him in a crusade against the dark crime this court has committed. Yes… a crusade it was a perfect reason to slaughter some innocents along the way too. The thought made him almost want to break out into song, but he stopped himself, he promised himself he would stop doing that.

The Thief looked up at the necromancer and stumbled out the words, "so who are you?"

"I am the necrotic lord Vincent Telenceraw… or Vinny to my friends." Vinny not really having many friends, after that one incident with testing poison on fish upstream in the river of his village. Tainting drinking water was something people were slow to forgive. "So what is your rejected lineage young noble?"

"Estiva… I am Garrett." The name was true and Garret hopped the necromancer did not know of nobility, Vinny luckily did not seems so.

Vincent rose up and said "you shall be coming with me… we have both been wronged by this court and we must demand justice." Vinny's brand of justice of course was slaughtering the court though.

With several words of complaint, and some groans of pain Garrett was thrown over the shoulders of some particularly lumbering and large undead. "Are you going to pull out this arrow and fix my bloody leg," He screamed as the carried him along.

"Fine," Vinny sighed in boredom.

One of his undead pocketing the adult novel for later…. He looked at all those who gave him the eye, his look saying don't judge me.

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