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Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen

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"Alecki!" A woman said, hands on her hips as she faked a glare. "Stop poking!" It wasn't hard to notice the amusement behind her voice - not that she was actually trying to hide it, seeing how close she was to laughing.

"But-" The word came out almost a whine as he turned to look at Drew, his sister-in-law. "She is just so fluffy and chubby and sweet." He said, pouting in an attempt to gain her sympathy. "And she smells good too."

"I know." She answered, amused. "But that doesn't mean that you could keep on poking my daughter."

"But-" Alecki whined again, now softly pinching the chubby cheeks. The baby looked at him for a few seconds, little eyebrows frowning, before she gave out a little baby's laugh. "See? Misha likes it." He laughed with the baby before he softly poked her cheek again. "Mama is so bad, isn't she? She doesn't like me playing with you."

Since his shift starts in the evening, he had decided to visit his brother's house-or more specifically, the new baby and Drew, since Felix was nowhere in sight when Alecki arrived about an hour ago. Which, frankly, was perfectly fine, since Alecki had only come to see Misha.

Though he wouldn't say that out loud to Drew.

Drew just watched Alecki, lying on the side of the mattress the baby was lying on, amused, before shaking her head. "You are gonna be one of those uncles, aren't you? The type that's gonna spoil her rotten."

Alecki doesn't even need a second to think. "Yup. I'm gonna be the one that will buy her pretty dresses, the one that's gonna buy her delicious desserts"

Drew gave out a fake sigh. "Oh well. I guess I should be grateful. At least one of her uncles will be treating her like a girl." Alecki raised himself to sit as Drew picked up the baby into her arms. "I was getting worried that she gonna knows how to throw a punch way before she even knows how to spell her name."

Alecki laughed, knowing exactly what she was talking about.

It was not understood why, but some people had been designed for something even when they were still in the wombs of their mothers. They could either be pre-designed as a warrior or a bearer.

A warrior, as the name would suggests, holds strength unlike the usual human. Though some would go against the stereotype; most of them would be largely built and have muscles that developed easily. They were usually in the security business; either joining as a soldier or ventures off to be private bodyguards. Though, there had been a written agreement that every warrior would do their part to guard the pack, if the need ever was to rise.

A bearer, on the other hand, is, commonly, more gentle and more domestic. They mostly focused on housework and taking care of others. They usually have the ability to sooth and calm people, even in the deepest throes of pain and hurt. A bearer usually would not choose to have a career, and instead focus on their family. But, it was very encouraging for a bearer to join in the healing or the education career.

While both were respected just as much as any normal person, a warrior would normally be awed for their strength, if not feared; a bearer would be loved for their gentleness.

The way to differentiate a warrior or a bearer was by the sign on their hand. For a warrior, they would be born with two red lines around their right wrist. On the other hand, the bearer would have two soft pink lines around their left wrist.

Alecki's four brothers were all hot-blooded warriors, including Felix, Alecki's third brother and Drew's husband.

Which explained Drew's worry easily.

"No worry, mama Drew. Uncle Alecki's gonna take good care of baby Misha." Alecki said teasingly as he once again laid himself on the thin mattress. "She's gonna be a beautiful flower among all those barbaric warriors." He heard Drew snorted and he grinned, before he turned to lay on his back, looking at the ceiling of his brother's house.

"Who are you calling barbaric warriors, oh brother of mine?" A voice said teasing from his side and Alecki turned to see Felix as well as Aiden, his father. Both of them were grinning and both were wearing the official uniform of the administration office.

"Skipping work, Felix? And you, dad, I expected better from the Alpha." Alecki said in a faked gasp, pushing himself to sitting position and let his dad lay a kiss on his forehead. He was only 24 of age and was the youngest; thus it was totally normal to be kissed on the forehead by his dad.

"We need some rest from all the office drama." Felix said simply, sitting next to his wife and took Misha from her hands. "Did Misha miss her daddy?" The baby answered with baby babbling and Felix definitely beamed. "Yeah, daddy missed you too."

"Stop acting like you are just back from a war. Especially since I'm sure the last time you had seen her had only been a few hours ago, before you left for work."

"Shut up, Allie." Alecki rolled his eye at the nickname that his brothers kept on calling him; mostly when they wanted to rile him up. "I'm sure that your husband would be worse."

"No one could be worse than you, oh brother of mine." Alecki said, trying hard not to let his emotion show at the mention of his 'husband', or rather his lack thereof.

Just like most bearers, all Alecki wanted was to find someone he could call his own and then to build his own big, happy family with that hypothetical someone. It was a cliché bearer's dream, but it was what Alecki wanted.

The only problem was, for the past 12 years, after he found himself romantically searching for that someone at the age of 12, he hadn't even come close to his search.

While he might not be winning any beauty contest any time soon, Alecki could say that he was at least nice on the eyes. He had red hair, courtesy of his papa's gene, and while it was curlier than what Alecki would have loved to have, he still thought that the hair fit him well.

His eyes were emerald green, which Alecki thought fitted his red hair. Though, people didn't really see them, unless they really looked; simply because they were usually hidden behind the half-frame glasses that Alecki always wore, since he refused to even try to wear contacts.

All in all, Alecki thought he should have had at least have one suitor.

He had none. Never once did anyone come to his dad, asking for permission to court him. Never once did anyone shows a flirting kind of interest to him, or shows any signs that they might want to know him romantically.

He couldn't stop himself from thinking that there might be something wrong with him, something that stopped everyone from taking interest in him.

Alecki glanced at his left wrist.

Instead of the tell-tale two rosy pinks lines that bearers usually have, he had one long ruby pink line that coiled from his wrists and formed three loops on his left hand. This had bothered him when he was young, just after he realized what the lines were supposed to look like, but then, his family taught him to just ignore it all. They had never been one for stereotypes anyway; his father, the one that had bears him being the closer example on hand.

But, now, the worry had come back tenfold. His mind kept on thinking that his mark might be the reason why he never had any suitors.

Because his was not normal.

On the other hand, Alecki was glad that no one ever did, since every single person that he had come in contact with in his search didn't feel right. Alecki himself didn't know what he was searching for, but something inside of him know that it was not there.

A loud sigh coming from Felix brought Alecki out of his thoughts and back to Felix's living room. "I don't understand why they would even think of doing a meeting in the middle of the night!"

Alecki looked at his father, of whom was holding Misha, and raised a questioning eyebrow. "We have a meeting with the other countries' representative tonight." Aiden said simply, his eyes fixed on the baby as he started making funny faces.

"What for?"

"To discuss the issue about Muckett Beach." Felix was the one to answer as he turned to look at Alecki. "There has been rumor that they are trying to gain favour from First Prince Azira from Annex-"

"I thought he doesn't play the politic game?" Alecki asked, frowning slightly as he tried to remember what he had learnt from his tutor.

There were close to thirty countries in the land, each separated but somewhat connected in one way or the other. Annex is the largest country, and it has been acknowledged by many as the strongest one. Their channel, the Blue Channel, was the main sea way for trading ships to pass through, as it was the fastest and safest one. The only other way was through the Black Channel, with its' merciless current and mysterious winds. The only way to pass through the Blue Channel was with a treaty with Annex and there is a general clause in all of the treaties stating that Annex has a full right of rescinding the country's right of way for any reason.

There was also the option of illegally passing through the Blue Channel, which most have dubbed as the act of a suicidal party.

By way of these treaties, Annex formed a trading agreement with every single one of the other countries. But, that was all it is. No one could say with confidence that they are allies of Annex.

Annex is as proud of it's independence as it is strong in them. And they are perfectly well in their right to do so. Because Annex is ruled by one family, the Dragons, and the three brothers on the thrones have make it perfectly known that they are not to be messed with.

The one holding the reign as the king, surprising enough, is the second brother; one with wits and knowledge needed to run a country as big as Annex. It was his trading expertise that brought up Uriella, the trading port of Uriella, as the main trading port of the world.

The third brother acts as the diplomat, making trips to other countries and in an openly subtle way, reminding others that Annex are always watching their every move.

It was the first brother that hold the fear of others, though, acting as the brawn to his brothers' brains. A rumoured beast that hold the position as the First General; both a hero and a blood-lust killer. A force to be reckon with, if the rumors are anything to go by.

The fact that they were strongest in all aspects, be it in security or economy, without having any kind of alliance with other country, just spoke volume of how strong Annex was.

Felix looked at Alecki in small frustration, mostly probably because he was interrupted. "Try listening first, and then you can give your comment." Felix said and Alecki grinned. "They are trying to gain Annex's favour by offering their daughter's hand in marriage."


"Exactly. And ironically, the daughter is a bearer."

Alecki frowned. "But, Muckett Beach…"

"Yeah. That place isn't really a bearers' paradise." Aiden intervened, his body language showed his stress even though he tried to hide it. It wasn't hard for Alecki to understand why, considering that his papa, Aiden's husband and a bearer had come from Muckett Beach before he escaped to Maelison.

"More like a bearer's hell." Drew said, her tone tight as she placed a tray with drinks on the table nearby.

"But they are using a bearer to be on Annex's good side?"

"Well, rumor has it that the first Prince would only have bearer as his husband or wife." Felix answered, taking one of the glasses on the tray.

"And other countries are scared that the first Prince might choose the princess as his wife." Alecki said, putting the pieces together. "Muckett Beach would be untouchable if that happens."

"Annex's war lord, siding with Muckett Beach." Drew muttered, biting her lips slightly at the thought of it.

"Thus, the reason for tonight's meeting-to discuss about what to do to prevent that." Felix said.

"Or what to do if that happens." Aiden added, looking clearly like he was already prepared for a war.

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