Patience they say is a virtue.

They never had to wait for you.

Waiting is a torture I bear

Wanting to know if you care.

I am willing to wait a very long time

Till the day you will be mine.

For I know somehow in my heart

Of me you've always been a part.

I cannot patient claim to be.

I want you here with me.

But I must wait for you to see

That's where you want also to be.

For when the realization comes to you

There will be nothing left to do

But for you to come to me

And with me forever be.

Loving you is not easy from afar

But I love you wherever you are.

Far or near you always stay

In my heart night and day.

Waiting, wanting so very much

To feel the power of your touch

Upon my souls very core

As my lover evermore.

So virtue or not I do not know

If I possess that as a whole.

This I do know for sure

For my love you are the only cure.