Know that
Every person is important, everyone has magic and it only takes a little love to discover it.
2. You are beautiful and you are loved because where ever you are I am silently praying that a person struggling may find his/her way out.
3. Nobody chooses to be hated and we all need love. So we should realize that we need to understand why someone is acting a certain way.
4. A little kindness can fix tornados and aftermaths of storms of the worst kind.
5. Not only fairies are meant to fly but humans are born with invisible wings of the greatest strength

.6. Perfection is not a standard; you are.

7. Nobody can bring you down unless you let them.

8. You live once and that is why you should live being happy.

9. If you feel sad be thankful that you have once felt happier to know what sadness is like.
10. Your life matters.