Hello everyone sorry for the long update but since the success of my first story in the BOD Series I decided to go back to my roots and create another zombie story. Unlike my first this one will be more realistic and truly about surviving in the Zombie Apocalypse but like all my stories my characters have their dark past that sets them out from any other character and I hope you all enjoy that.

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Chapter 1: The Day the World Died

The Hitman in Dying World


The night was still, the wind was absence and the moon was the only light that illuminated the darken streets, but what made this night so terrifying was the familiar hissing and moaning sounds that followed a set of milky yellow eyes that lost their living spark and could be seen like the sun in the sky.

"A sun that must forever be set." thought a figure who sat on the upstairs windowsill of one of the many abandoned homes that one could find these days.

The figure scanned his brown eyes over the ruined streets showing hundreds of those that were once alive but are now forced to wander without a care in the world with the only urge to feed a never ending hunger. The man was then revealed himself from the shadows by the illumination of the night skies revealing his short black hair and dark caramel skin that almost matched his eyes as they stayed glued to the streets.

Almost feeling the presence of another meal one of them looked up at the windowsill but was met with a black room as man ducked underneath the window with held breath and cold sweat as the survival instinct to use stealth ran through his mind as being his only savior from the Biters. He stayed in that position for what felt like a few moments before the sounds of heavy footsteps could be heard on the front porch of the house as he drew his Bowie Knife from the sheath on his right hip before slowly making his way downstairs where the shadows of the undead came in through the crack under the door before moving away.

The young man didn't dare to take a sigh of relief as he pressed his back against the back of a blood soaked couch before simply waiting for a few more minutes as the Biters stumbled and knocked over things that only attracted more to the house.

"Damn, I gotta leave." thought the man as the sound of gunshots went off without warning as he watched the shadows of the away from the windows as he slowly crept his way back upstairs in order to look at the window.

"Where!" thought the man as he looked out the window he couldn't see the shooter but could hear the loud distant yells of a man as he continued to shoot before looking around for an escape route as a smile formed across his face at the sight of a clear backyard behind the house across the street and a small depression in the number of Biters in the area as he watched many of the slowly make their way down the streets.

"Finally!" thought the man as he slowly made his way back downstairs before pulling his black mask over his mouth and nose and pulling the hood of his black jacket over his head and slowly making his way outside of the house where the Biters were completely oblivious of presence as he moved through the streets with silent footsteps, low breaths, but the constant beating of his heart almost like a war drum as he finally stepped into the front yard of the house next door before climbing over the wooden fence and landing safely in the bushes of the backyard where he took a peak behind the green foliage and noticed the still empty backyard before making his way out of the bushes and moving to the end of the backyard and hopping the fence again but this time instead of landing in bushes he landed on top of a picnic table.

"Son of a Bitch!" said the man not worrying about the sound as he noticed three Biters staring at him with blank looks on their faces as they shuffled towards him just as he reached into the back of his pants to draw a Handgun before eyeing the group.

"No, I got this." thought the man as he let go of his gun and grabbed his knife just as the first Biter got towards him he jumped off the table and slammed into the creatures head knee first as it collapsed onto the ground he slammed his knife into the forehead of the beast before looking at the next Biter as it approached him he took a slice at the creatures foot ripping it's pants and revealing a long slash as the creature fell forward and slammed head first onto the table where the man grabbed a hold of the back of the creatures head before slamming the creatures head into the table with enough force to shatter it's face.

"Last one!" said the man as the last Biter went to grab a hold of him he kicked the creature in the gut sending it spending before taking his knife and driving it into the back of the creatures head as he fell to one knee before taking deep breaths.

"I gotta keep moving." thought the man as he took a few deep breaths before leaving out of the backyard and noticing the clear streets in front of the house as a smile spread across his face before he began his track down the street.

"It's been two months since this shit started and everyday I still wonder bow could my life go from so high to so low." thought the man as the memories of the day when everything changed for the worse.


The sun was shining bright over the city of Philadelphia as the cool March air swept through the city as an alarm clock went off on the dresser next to a bed as the man laying down slammed the top of the clock before taking a seat on the edge of the bed before making his way across his room and turning his plasma screen television to the news.

"This is Susan Sampson coming to you live from South Philly where two more men were fatally shot to death early this morning both with known gang ties." said the reporter as the man made his way to the bathroom he didn't notice the images that came to the screen.

"This marks the twentieth gang shooting in Philadelphia this year as street gangs and organized crime groups battle one another for control of the drug trade across East Coast." said the woman as more images of men being loaded into ambulances filled the screen.

"Amongst the gangs fighting in this war is who reporters are calling the next Murder Inc the violent and infamous Dark Circle Gang or known otherwise as the DCG Death Squad." said the reporter as the man grabbed a few clothes from his dresser before starting up the shower.

"What started out as a multicultural group of drug smuggling contract killers with silent ties to the American Mafia families across the Northeast United States, the Dark Circle Gang has morphed itself into a violent powerhouse that has a vise grip like choke hold on the street level drug trade in North Philly and trafficking across the Northeast." said the reporter as the man exited the room and eyed the television.

"The gang has been linked to violent crimes against its long time rivals the Red Cobras and are believed to be trafficking weapons into-!" started the woman as the man turned off the television.

"Enough of this crap." said the man as he dropped the remote for his TV before making his way to his bathroom where he removed his shirt revealing a Grim Reaper tattooed across his back with a tribal design for an Eagle and Dragon tattooed across his chest with a skull in the middle and the letter DCG Death Squad tattooed on his stomach as he stepped into the shower.

"Same old shit all day." said the man as he stepped out of the shower before putting on a pair of baggy dark blue jeans, black shoes, and a white T-shirt under a black leather jacket as he walked out of the bathroom before grabbing his phone and dialing a number it didn't ring long before the familiar voice of one of the man's close friends answered.

"Marcus, brother what's going on?" came a familiar voice as a smile spread across the man's face.

"Nothing much, how are things going on your end?" asked Mark as he heard a loud chuckle.

"So far so good brother, the deal went off without a hitch and we're making our way to Waynesburg." said the man as Mark nodded his head.

"What are you looking at?" asked Mark.

"Mostly M4 Carbines and G36 Assault Rifles once we get to Waynesburg we'll start modifying." said the man on the other end as Mark nodded his head.

"Alright I'll meet you all there later today, I gotta take care of something." said Mark.

"Alright but be careful brother police are still keeping eye on us." said the man as Mark nodded his head before hanging his phone up and dialing another number.

"Come on Sam pick up your damn phone." thought Mark as he the person on the other end answered causing Mark to give a sigh of relief as he heard the familiar female voice on the other end.

"Sam just calling to check up on you." said Mark as he heard the woman on the other end give a low chuckle.

"Don't worry I'm not in prison this week." said Sam as Mark gave a low chuckle.

"Everything alright with you?" asked Sam.

"Yeah just about to go to work." said Mark as Sam's voice became real low as she answered.

"Something wrong?" asked Mark.

"I'm just worried about you is all." said Sam as a confused look spread across Mark's face.

"Why I'm fine." said Mark.

"I mean your well being Marcus. I know what you do and I fear for your safety." said Sam as Mark nodded his head.

"Don't worry about my safety I'll be fine I promise." said Mark.

"Can I see you later?" asked Sam as a mental battle ensued between Marcus before a smile spread across his face.

"Yeah, I'm supposed to meet Lee and the others in Waynesburg later today, I think I can stop by Uniontown on the way back maybe spend the night with you." said Mark earning a cheerful response from the woman on the other end.

"I'd like that see you then." said Sam as she hung up her phone just as Mark grabbed his remote to turn the television back on.

"Police are also looking into another mysterious death this morning as another man was found in alley way with bite wounds covering his body from head to toe." said the reporter as Mark eyed the television with a curious look on his face.

"Interesting this makes the eleventh attack this week." thought Mark as he rubbed his chin hair his thinking about the attacks before breaking his concentration and making his way back to his room where he pulled a trunk from out of his closet before opening it and revealing a LWRC PSD Assault Rifle, an MP7 Submachine Gun, and a bulletproof vest as he took off his shirt and jacket before putting the best on under them and reaching into his dresser to grab a Glock 19 Handgun and a Bowie Knife in a sheath before putting them on his person and closing the other guns up in the crate before making his way out of his home and into his garage where he noticed two sports cars and a motorcycle resting in place as he climbed into the car closet to him and driving away from his suburban home before stopping his car just a few blocks away from his home before parking his car in front of blue home where he noticed he watched an African American man approaching his car.

"Jones." said Mark as he eyed the man.

"Everything's going good today boss we ain't hearing nothing from anyone." said the man as he slid Mark a white envelope earning a nod from the man.

"This feels light you holding out on me?" asked Mark.

"No, we haven't been getting a lot of our usual buyers, word on the street is they gone missing along with a few others people." said Jones as Mark nodded his head.

"Missing!" replied Mark as Jones nodded his head.

"Yeah, people talking about a lot of people being attacked at night by some guys drug out bums that be bitten." said Jones as Mark nodded his head.

"So more people have been attacked then the news is saying?" asked Mark earning a nod from the man.

"The news is only talking about a few of the deaths but a lot of people have been attacked, a couple of our guys were attacked last night including my brother." said Jones earning a confused look from Mark.

"He okay?" asked Mark.

"He breathing, my old lady looking after him, but he really sick think the fucker that bit um must have had rabies or something." said Jones earning a nod from Mark.

"Alright then, that's all I needed to know and take your guys to the hospital we don't need more dead guys on the street." said Mark earning a nod from Jones as he drove away from the man Jones made his way back inside of his home he was greeted with silence as he entered the kitchen where he noticed his brother biting down on the neck of his girlfriend before turning to him with blood stains covering his clothes and mouth.

"Oh shit!" yelled Jones but just as he went to move his brother leapt at him and took a bite out of neck as blood sprayed the walls almost like mist.

"Odd!" thought Mark as he heard the familiar sound of the sirens of police cars as he watched a convoy of about five drove past him at almost breakneck speed as Mark stopped his car in front of a familiar house where a Caucasian man with short brown hair approached the car before sliding inside.

"Morning Marcus." said the man as Mark nodded his head.

"Duke." said Mark as he turned his radio to the news where reports were going on from across the state.

"You been listening in on this shit to?" asked Duke as Mark nodded his head.

"Yeah, this seems like a rather interesting story." said Mark as Duke nodded his head.

"There have been talks about leaving Philly, apparently everyone afraid of catching these rabies that going around." said Duke as Mark drove the car away from the house.

"We'll leave town after we finish this job." said Mark as Duke nodded his head.

"So who's next on the list?" asked Duke as Mark continued to drive.

"Guy by the name of Nelson Riley." said Mark earning a chuckle from Duke.

"Meth head Nelson what did he do now?" asked Duke.

"Roland says he robbed a dealer of his drugs and his money and apparently he's been trying to hide from collections by squatting in an abandoned house in South Philly." said Mark earning a nod from Duke.

"Alright then let's go do this before something else happens." said Duke just as the duo drove past a redlight they failed to notice a man being dragged into an alleyway by five people.

Thirty Minutes Later

The drive to South Philly wasn't long for the duo as Mark parked the car across the street from the abandoned home before stepping out and noticing the eerily quiet street.

"This place is giving me the creeps." said Duke.

"Don't tell me you're getting cold feet?" asked Mark.

"Of course not!" said Duke as Mark nodded his head.

"Good then stay here and let me know if the cops show up." said Mark as Duke nodded his head while Mark made his way into the home with his gun drawn.

"Weird usually places like thisare filled with squatters." thought Mark as he heard the loud scream of a woman come from one of the backrooms as he rushed into the back of the house before kicking in the front door and coming up to a horrible sight.

"Oh God!" thought Mark as he watched his target bite into the neck of helpless woman as her blood stained the floor.

"Riley!" said Mark as he watched the lifeless body of the woman fall to the ground with a loud thud as the man turned to Mark he noticed the lifeless creamy yellow eyes of the man and the pale skin that made Mark think of a corpse as he watched the man give a loud groan as the blood from his mouth dripped across the floor as he charged Mark with his mouth wide open as Mark fired his gun and shot the man twice in the chest as Mark watched him fall backwards before hitting the ground with a loud thud.

"What the fuck." thought Mark as he stood over the body of the man he was taken by surprise as the man grabbed a hold of his feet before knocking the man backwards as Mark's gun slid away from him as he watched the man crawl towards him.

"Son of a bitch!" said Mark as he crawled away from the man before his back connected with the wall as the hissing creature was inches away from Mark he drew his Bowie Knife before kicking the man in the center of his head knocking him backwards before stabbing him in the neck but not killing the man as he continued to squirm.

"Damn it!" said Mark as he brought his knife down on the man's head finally killing the man as Mark pulled his knife from out of the man's head before backing away from him and standing up on his feet.

"What the fuck was that?" asked Mark as he pulled a towel from his back pocket to wipe the blood from his hands and clothing.

"I don't care what drugs he was taking nothing could make someone do that." thought Mark as he looked over at the dead woman just as the sounds of gunshots came from outside the building as Mark rushed outside the house he noticed Duke standing beside the car shooting more people with eyes and skin like Nelson.

"Get the fuck away from me." yelled Duke as he continued to shoot at the creatures but he failed to notice one of them coming up behind him until the creature bit the man's shoulder earning a loud scream from him.

"Duke!" yelled Mark as he started shooting at the creatures catching their attention as he aimed for the head's of the creatures killing a few as he made his way towards the injured Duke.

"Come on Duke." said Mark as he got to the man he lifted him on his shoulder before putting him into the back seat of the car as the blood from his neck stained the seats as Mark climbed into the driver seat before driving away.

"Try and hold on Duke I'm getting you to a hospital." said Mark as he continued to drive down the street he noticed more and more of the people like Nelson roaming the street biting people and eating people who tried to run from them as he went to stop at a redlight he was taken by surprise at the sight of cars slamming into one another causing fires as people were quickly taken apart by these creatures.

"Damn we gotta go the other way." said Mark as he continued to drive just as a gas tanker crashed into a building creating a violent explosion.

"Father of Christ!" thought Mark as he turned his car onto a different street just as Duke finally went silent as Mark continued to drive.

"Come on brother stay with me." said Mark as he put his eyes back to the road he failed to notice the car coming his way as it slammed into the side of his car causing his car to flip a few times before sliding on its hood and crashing into a building as felt the urge to lose consciousness he heard the loud screams of men and woman on the street and the familiar smell of gasoline as he looked through blood covered eyes at the sight of gasoline leaking from the car before turning to look at the silent Duke.

"Duke!" said Mark with shallowed words as the man moved his head and looked at Mark with the same milky eyes of the hose creatures before starting to growl at Mark and trying to grab at him as Mark crawled out the broken window of his car onto the streets just as Duke got out from the backseat before trying to follow Mark out of the broken window as Mark rose to his feet with his gun in his hand as he eyed the now lifeless Duke before turning his head and noticing more people running away from a group of those creatures just as Mark turned his attention back to Duke who continued to try and crawl from out of the window.

"Sorry about this brother." said Mark as he lifted took a few steps away from the car just as the gasoline continued to pour as Mark turned his attention back to the fleeing people just as they moved past him almost like he wasn't there before a brown haired woman noticed him standing in the middle of the road.

"What are you waiting for run." screamed the woman as the crowd of the undead approached Mark with hungry looks on their faces Mark pointed his gun at the gasoline before firing one shot causing a violent explosion that enveloped the creatures along with Duke as he watched his car fly upward before crashing down in the middle of the street a flaming wreckage as the people behind him looked at Mark with wide eyes as he turned to them with an angry almost calm look on his face before moving past them without the knowledge that some of them were staring at him just as his cell phone started to ring.

"What!" asked Mark as he heard the familiar voice of his friend on the other end.

"Mark, thank god you're alive we're coming to get you." said the man as Mark quickly respond.

"Alert all our brothers across the state and tell them to meet you in Waynesburg." said Mark earning a quick response that was stopped by Mark.

"Lee listen to me. I want you Mercy, and Trip to stay where you are and use those guns to defend yourselves it won't be long before this hits you." said Mark.

"What was that...I can't-!" started Lee as the signal on Mark's phone disappeared along with Lee's voice as Mark threw his phone to the ground.

"Dammit!" said Mark as he kept walking onward through the ruined streets of Philadelphia as the screams, gunshots, and smell of blood filled the air of the city as people ran from their lives.


"And that's how I got here." thought Mark as he continued his long walk as minutes turned to hours as his mind thought of the story.

"So far I've been spent majority of my time walking to Waynesburg. I know Lee and the others lost the signal but I'm hoping that they got enough of the information." thought Mark as he entered another town that almost seemed void of life with cars littered across the street as Mark made sure his gun was loaded before drawing his knife as he made his way deeper into the town before passing up a small restaurant just in the middle of town where he noticed a window less bar in between two rundown buildings but his thoughts were quickly interrupted by the familiar sound of gunshots that seemed to close for comfort as Mark turned his attention towards the bar before hearing the loud scream of a woman not to far.

"Son of a Bitch!" thought Mark as he mentally kicked himself before going to investigate the sound while drawing his knife and his gun in the progress.