The room is filled with the darkest light,

a dampening bright

The light segregated from the air, like oil

and water

Split horizontally, so your ears hear only

dark, and mouth chokes

Only on soot, and nose smells only must,

But your eyes

Water with the light on the upside down

mountains of ceiling.

And disorienting, and sweating, and

twitching and rubbing

At the feeling in your jaw, just below

your ears, of being

Uncomfortable. And the person looming

over you is bored.

He wants you out of here, gone, to be free to

continue his mistake of a life.

Words start to hit you from his mouth,

hard and fast.

He speaks and the feeling in your throat

sinks further.

"Please make sure to use a number

two pencil."

- Anonymous 10th grade