Exhaustion is gripping
at my mind and my
stomach is raging
with the urge to
throw up.

why are we doing this

The tears in my eyes
suggest I want to cry
and they're probably right
because that sounds

lets just stop

Rage is bubbling
in my throat and
I want to scream but
I would wake
the house.

i cant handle this

Anger is taking over
the sadness and I want to
take it out on you but
you're in a bad place
so I won't.

im in a bad place too

Piercing screams decapitate
and I'm drowning in a sea of
forgive me, leave me,
I love you,
I hate you.

you're so beautiful

Swallowing pills like
they can save me now,
lord knows I need more
than a few pills to
save me from this.

make it stop

Reminiscing to a time where
life was easy and fights
were over toys and
not over

please, we dont have to do this

Stars, like an undying love
I have for you,
I just want to be close to you.
You are the definition of

you're the only one who understands

Regret is like a firefly,
it appears at night and
it shines really bright.
I think I regret
my entire life.

i regret this, i regret this

I think I might throw up now,
you're so mad at me and
I need advice about mama
but I can't ask because
you hate me.

shes so sick, please

I think I might leave now,
I don't know where I'll go,
maybe a place where
I can hide and

i cant fix this.

i cant fix this.