What was that noise?


There it was again! Where was it coming from?

Hic! Hic! Hic!

"Ohhh," Christine groaned. "That hurt."

"Did you make that strange noise?" Xander questioned, tilting his head to the side in curiosity.

The raven-haired girl nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"I've never heard that sound before. What was it?"

Christine looked at the amber-eyed boy oddly. "It was a hiccup. Hic!"

"Huh. Can you make it stop?"

She rolled her eyes at him. "No, I can't make it –hic! –stop. Have you never had the hiccups? Hic!"

Xander's fluffy tiger-striped tail twitched in amusement. "Familiars don't get hic-a-mumps," he said proudly.

Christine rolled her eyes again, though the effect was ruined by another hiccup. Xander had been her friend for about a year now and in that time Christine had learned much about Familiars. While there was one group that only chose witches to stay with, there was a small group that chose normal humans to be their companions. And for some reason, Xander had taken a liking to Christine. It was odd, especially since Christine's parents didn't know the family cat could turn almost human when he wanted to, but it worked.

"They're called hiccups," she corrected. "I can't believe Familiars don't –hic! –get them. That's completely –hic! –unfair."

Xander chuckled. "Well, we are the superior species, after all."

"Yeah –hic! –right. At least humans don't –hic! –need companions as much as –hic! –Familiars," Christine countered.

Xander just kept that grin on his face, his tail still twitching slyly. "I think I've heard of these hic-a-mumps before," he mused. "I've heard there's a sure fire way to get rid of them, too."

"Oh –hic! –really?" Christine asked. "What? Hic!"

Without warning, Xander leapt at her, fangs bared and hissing. Christine shrieked, throwing her hands up to defend herself. How could Xander do this to her?! He was supposed to be her Familiar! They were supposed to protect each other! How could he attack her?!

That's when she heard him give that smarmy purring laugh of his.

Christine pried open her eyes to see Xander curled up on the edge of her bed, looking rather pleased with himself. She glared at him, finally understanding what he had done. Scaring someone would supposedly get rid of their hiccups, though how Xander had known that detail when he hadn't even known about hiccups was beyond her.

Just before Christine could give him the verbal thrashing he rightfully deserved, someone knocked on the door.

"Chrissie?" her mom called, opening said door. "What happened?"

Christine glanced at her companion, who was completely a cat again, and laughed.

"Xander was just helping me get over my hiccups," she grinned.

"Oh," her mom said. "Well, okay. Just, um, be careful, alright? He's got claws, you know."

"I know," Christine smiled. "He's a tiger, after all."

"Toy-ger," her mom corrected. "Small cat, nothing special."

With that, Christine's mom left. When the girl looked back at her cat, he was humanish again and smirking at her.

"Nothing special, huh?" he mused.

"Exactly," Christine laughed. "You're just an absolutely normal cat with tiger markings."

"But this normal cat cured your hic-a-mumps," Xander pointed out.

"True, very true."

Alright, this was completely random. I just wanted to do something like this, so I did. I might revisit these characters later on, though. I like their dynamic. Who knows, I might even write an actual chaptered story about them. But don't expect much. Oh, btw, Familiars are a mythical creature thingy that can take the shape of either animal or human and are known as witches' companions. And toy-gers are real cats, but I don't know how to spell their name. Thanks for reading!