Can we please just dance?
In the spinning lost Melody
If we just believe,
Though if we just seek
Then we'll dance again…

Rushing towards the war
I quietly wait here
Waiting for the war to stop
Is it all her fault?
Remains truly loyal
But it's so hard,
When will we see each other again?

You and I,
Is that the truth of light?
I think I'll really like
The lullaby
Believe me, I'll memorize it for
When we meet again

In the fiery inferno
In the inferno
It will burn her, I will remain loyal…
I'll cry for him, because of all this
We might never see each other again…

Neil'imaruslia, Fairies swarm around me
Memoria, Melodia. I'll continue to sing
I'll see you again,

"Go into the world that you look for
Find the person you're searching for
Leave the Jewels to me"
I'm not that silly…
War and war, it hurts
But I'll continue to laugh and dream
I'm the light, I'll keep on until I'm the light
Even if I have to lie
Because, Because, if I do this
I'll be with you-!