Margo and the Fly

Margo was a 17 year old girl that went to ElmCreek High. She was the quiet girl that always kept to herself. She was picked on day in and day out for not standing up for herself and not speaking her mind. In the school she went to everybody did except for her. It made her feel left out but it also made her feel like being unique.

One day, she came into school like normal. That is until the snobby, popular, stuck up, rich cheerleader, Fern, came and tripped her. Margo's book fell from her arms as she tried to grab hold of them before they hit the ground but had no luck. Her papers went flying. Some people say it looked like it was out of a movie scene. But yet, Fern and her posse stood there. Laughing. Pointing. Knowing she won't do anything.

Then, one of Margo's friends- no her only friend- Chelsea, helped her up and get her stuff up off the floor. When they got her belongings into Margo's book bag, Chelsea pulled her into a hug and whispered to her

"Stand up for yourself, sis. If you don't she won't quit. And you're the only one fit to do it. I know you. You don't want to I get it believe me, I do." She said as she tried to calm her. "If you keep doing it there is no known thought of knowing what lengths she'll go to. We need to show her that she can't walk all over you and people who do the same. Come on! Show this witch who's boss!"

And with that Margo stood, wiping the lingering tears away. Soon she would not be the quiet girl everybody picked on. But was that day today? Of course! She turned and Fern and her clan grew silent. They knew what was coming. Now is her chance. Its now or never.

"Fern, I am done with you and your crap. You are rude, disrespectful, and think that you can walk all over everyone without being put in your place. And I am definitely done with you thinking you run this school and can push everyone around!" She took a deep breath and just realized what she just did. "Lord, THAT felt good!" and then she breathed out.

Fern turned and ran the opposite way down the hall to leave. Her days of bulling were over. And as for Chelsea and Margo, they are closer than ever. Especially since it was Chelsea who got her off the floor. Margo is just as respected as everybody else. People come up to them that don't even know them and ask for advice and people that they can just talk to. The day Margo awaited had finally come. She was respected.