Just A Random School Day, I though.

Just A small little boring day listening to teachers, I continued.

Just another nightmare...

Just another Fantasy...

Just another second without her by my side...

Just me... alone.

Well that was depressing, let's go in class shall we. Bah, you don't care much you probably work now... or you still go to school? If so, stay strong!

I was walking with my manual in hands. A few guys pushed me on the ground. They were kicking me. I was barely breathing.

''Take that, loser!'' One of them said leaving me there.

I wasn't very lucky (hell yes, you know). No one was giving me credits to anything else than being unattractive. I wasn't wearing the prettiest clothes of the school neither. Reddish jeans with a t-shirt. My shoes were a half ripped. I was quite poor.

Entering my french class with you right beside me. Gee, you are very... tall? I'm 4''8 long so yeah. If Subway was selling me, I would be a dollar or two. You open the door hurrying because you already know who the hell I am talking about all the time and GOD you think I'm annoying. You stand next to me while she (OMG SHE IS GORGEOUS) is sitting behind me. Her long brown hair touching her hips were now tied into an adorable pony tail. Wow, she was one of a kind, don't you think. OUCH, you pinched me! You... I need to stay calm.

Later on, while the female teacher was talking about boring (oh so boring) things like France (you know better than me she is obsess with that place), I was writing on you with my pen. I was drawing also smileys and really cute draws and you were giggling like a kid. Me and you are friends since forever when we met at the store.

You ask me to look at her. Her green eyes collided in mine like fireworks which reminds me of the song from Katy Perry each time it happens. My lips curved. My ears were hearing the violins in the song. It was magical.

''May I help you?'' She asked.

I stuttered. People surrounding us laughed so loudly the teacher was looking at me. I was red like an apple. My jeans were so tight I couldn't respond.

That other song came up. You fucking hate it I know.

'' Alex and Brielle, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...'' and so goes on and on until I raged on and left the class with tears covering my eyes like a baby.

Who is Alex? You don't recognize your best friend? It's me! Either way, you stand there (you couldn't move alot due of your situation) and I was outside. She went into my rescue. The door slapped and she looked at me again. Her fingers pushed my hair away. My deep blue eyes were staring at her actions.

''Don't listen to them, you are not as strange as they think. You are beautiful, Alexandra. You are not a weirdo just because you have schizophrenia. You are absolutely the sweetest girl I've met... but I don't love you. I mean, you are nice but I don't like girls, nor schizophrenia. You are going to hell while the rest of the class might touch Heaven.'' Her cracked voice replied to my sadness.

We were in an extremely Christianism school.

I am sick, I am ugly, I like girls and I talk to people who doesn't exist. I will eventually go to Hell. The teacher through my material including you out of the class. I took you in my arms, still crying like a child. I wish my mother was there but she gave me to God. Even my dad didn't care.

I knew it would happen like that. Brielle (Her full name is Gabrielle) is a cheerleader, a high-score in everything and a straight beautiful woman.

Me, I'm all except normality.

You maybe can't hear it but I'm talking out loud. Voices in my head telling me to go kill her. I can't. She was so gorgeous that I couldn't get mad. Myself just kept of tearing up. You can't do anything. Stop telling me it will be okay. Everyone hates me. I might go kill myself afterwards. Take that belt of mine and hang myself in the bathroom. Even better, I'll take my scissors and cut my skin. No I shouldn't. I'm still responding myself. You're in my way. I slept on you and ran. You can't stop me, I'm invisible! You can't understand what it is like to be reject...

You're just a diary.

So yeah this is my first short story I hope you liked it (That Gabrielle is a huge bitch... but don't say it, my name is also Gabrielle).

A few explinations:

- She asked if you were tall because she is imaginationg someone doing the role of her diary.

- You snapped her finger because your cover closed on them.

- You stand in the class because she didn't had the time to pick you up.

- At the end, you are just staying on the ground and we will put you in the garbage (Sorry)...

So tell me what do you think of this and be sure to read my other story, Nirvana! See you later guys!