I could see the young boy across the airport. He was there with his mother and two siblings. As I continued to watch over him, I saw that he had fallen asleep. While watching him to make sure he was safe, I couldn't help but noticed that his family had left him in the airport while they boarded their plane. Now was my chance. I pulled out my phone to make a quick call.

"Now. Do it now." I quickly put my phone away as three men carried the sleeping boy away. That was the last time Nick Zock was seen in public.

As soon as I arrived home, the men I called pulled into my drive. "Where's the boy?" I asked the driver.

"Asleep in the back," he replied.

I walked over to the car to find the four year old child sleeping. "Erase his records and anything you can find on him," I said while still looking at the boy.

"Right away, sir."

I took the boy into my house and laid him down on the couch. My phone started ringing, "Hello?"

"Sir, his certificate has been cleared. What should his new name be?" said the voice on the phone.

"Zero," I replied and hung up. Just then the child woke up crying. I walked over to him and told him to stop. "Your name is Zero, okay?"

The child started to laugh. From then on, that's when the training started. It was mostly push-ups and sit-ups. But when he turned ten, that changed.

As soon as he hit ten years old, I put him through hand-to-hand combat classes and survival classes. When he turned twelve, I left him on a private island to survive for seven days. I hid on the island in-case anything serious happened. He survived the whole week without a struggle. When he turned sixteen, I took him to some of my work partners. They took him to an airport to move to California. While in California, the house we had was on the beach.

I left one day to leave for food. I had cameras all over the house so I could watch him. The door flew open and three men with knives entered to rob our house. The boy snuck up behind two of them and took them out. But when he turned around, he saw the last man two feet behind from him. The man took out a large knife and lunged for Zero. Just then the camera went blank.

I thought that would be the last time I would see Zero. I was wrong.