Ocean waters form a vault
The boats upon the sea
Water crusted into salt
Ships headed for the lee

Fields of flowers softly swayed
The buzz of wasps and bees
Little children ran and played
A breeze danced through the trees.

Enchanted worlds beyond a dream
Silver-white torch with growing gleam
The dragon coils through the stream
It's scales like golden treasures seem

So slowly, softly fall the leaves
The warriors buckle on their greaves
And swiftly does Lothlorien fade
Before dark Mordor's towering shade

Beauty conquered, beauty lost
Ships of Elves on waves are tossed
Now leaving Arda far behind
The road to Valinor they find

Myths we call them, and are afraid
The courage in our souls unmade
When one believes we are upset
And, conveniently, we forget

Alone without the elves are we
Alone went they across the sea
The might of men now fades and fails
And so we sit and tell the tales