Questions For War


War, too much bloodshed

War, too much tears shed

When will there ever be peace?

Why do we always have to clench our fists?

Why do we start a war,

Why do we always go too far?

Why can't there be a night,

With a gentle light?

Why do we always fight,

When we know that its not right?

How does greed take us to the wrong way?

Why cant we have one peaceful day?

War, why are there too much blood when you're around?

Is peace even possible to be found?

How come we are still here,

when awhile ago we were trembling in fear?

Is war a test,

For us to bring out our best?

Or is it simply a reality,

that the world is full of insanity?

Those are questions for war,

since it never told us why it always went too far.