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Ch. 1- The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Clarity's P.O.V.

I sit in my small, dark room. In my hands, I'm petting my dog, Snoopy. My face is covered with my long brown blonde-highlighted hair. Today is Adoption Day and I don't want to be out there. I've been at Northwood's Adoption Center since I was 5. Three years, and I'm still in here. Maybe I'll never get adopted…

A knock came at my door and I say, "Come In!" The door slowly opens and light pours in. My eyes wince at the bright light. I cover my face so that my eyes don't get flashed again. A figure comes closer to me and sits next to me.

"Clarity! You're supposed to be outside with the rest of our friends!" A giddy voice says. I slowly open my eyes and look at the figure next to me. Tremaine, my best friend. With his hair as white as snow, his emerald green eyes, skin as soft as a pillow. He's been here as long as I have. We became friends the day we came in the center. He's always trying to protect me.

"I don't want to go. Nobody wants me. I'll be stuck here forever" A tear accidently slips out of my eye and I quickly wipe it away. I don't want Tremaine to see me cry; he'll think I'm a baby.

"Hey. Don't say that. Yes you will. You're awesome. Any person who can't see that is a fool. Give this a chance… for me, please." he proudly states. He kisses my forehead gently and squeezes my hand. I nod at his statement, promising to try. Snoopy licks my face to try to cheer me up. "Hey! Don't lick my face!" I giggle.

"Good job, Snoopy!" Tremaine says and gives Snoopy a treat. Snoopy grabs the treat and dances. I laugh at his dance. Tremaine rolls his eyes. "Snoopy is such a show-off. Anyway, we should get going. The adults don't have all day, you know." I start to protest, but Tremaine grabs my arm and drags me out of my room. Snoopy follows us outside.

Ms. Walters, the head of the Adoption center, stands by the door. "Nice to see that you finally come out your room, Clarity. I promise that you will get adopted today" she smiles. I stay quiet, not wanting to give her the reaction she wants. Oh, thank you, Ms. Walters! I hope so, too! Bleh.

Tremaine opens the door and pulls me to the backyard. The spacious backyard is full of potential mothers and fathers. At the back, there is tables full of food and refreshments. Some of the adults are picking up the mini hot dogs and sodas. All of our friends are talking to some of the adults. I don't see anyone looking my way.

"C, look! Plenty of people are here today! Maybe you should start looking for some parents!" Tremaine shouts. "Um, no thanks. I'll just sit by the refreshment table" I reply. Tremaine gives me a sad puppy face look, then runs away to find food. ~sighs~ I don't know how that boy has so much energy.

I walk to the refreshment table and sit next to the punch. Snoopy climbs on my lap and looks up at me with his beady eyes. I ruffle his head and he climbs on my shoulder and pees on my shirt. "Ahhh, Snoopy! You peed on my shirt! Now I have to change!" I yell. He gives me an apologetic look, then walks to the food table. Probably wants someone to drop him food.

I get up to go change, but when I start to stand, a woman comes over to me. She looks about 5'5. She has blonde hair which is tied into a bun, aqua colored eyes, and is wearing a blue maxi dress with black strappy sandals and blue jewelry. She looks pretty….

"Hi there. My name is Charlotte Adams. I noticed that you're not very enthusiastic about being here. What's your name?" she asks me gently, as if I'm an animal that is scared and will run away any second. Which I could, but there's something about this lady that I like….

"My name is Clarity" I said quietly. "That's a very beautiful name, Clarity" she said, smiling at me. "So, why you're sitting here by yourself?" she asks.

"Nobody wants to adopt me" I said, looking down at my lap. My eyes are on the verge of tears. Ms. Adams gets on the ground and gently grabs my hands and lifts my chin up. "Hey, no need to cry. If you want, I'll adopt you, honey. You seem like a smart and beautiful girl" she said. I blink my forming tears away. She wants to adopt me…. I never thought I would be adopted… until today. Trey was right…. I should give this a chance….

I nod at her and she smiles. Ms. Walters sees us and quickly rushes over to us in her 3 inch heels. "So, I guess that someone is getting a chance" she grins. I grin back, and Ms. Walters takes Ms. Adams to sign papers inside. This is a dream come true…. I can't believe it…

I jump up and down and squeal. My friends all look at me with confused faces. I stop jumping and start to blush. "Sorry, everyone!" I yell. But the smile on my face won't stop growing. Tremaine walks over to me. "By the look on your face, I'm guessing you took my advice and got adopted."

"YES!" I yell. I wrap Tremaine in a big bear hug. He hugs me back and I pull away. "Wanna help me pack?" I ask him. "Thought you'd never asked" he grinned at me. I stick my tongue out at him and run back inside the house. Tremaine and Snoopy follow me and I don't stop running until I get in my room.

I grab my suitcase and stuff all my clothes in there. I changed my shirt when I got in, thank god. Trey grabs Snoopy's items and puts them in my backpack. "Did you get adopted too, Tremaine?" I ask him.

"Yea, I did. His name is Mr. Jones. He lives in Los Angles" he replied. "That's awesome!" I say. I finish packing and sit on my bed. Tremaine sits next to me and Snoopy lies down on his dog bed, taking a quick nap. "So…. What's going to happen to us?" Tremaine says quietly, sounding serious.

"What do you mean?" I asked, sounding confused. "You know… after today, we could be separated forever. We're both getting adopted and moving away from each other" he said. I gasp, forgetting that small detail. "Well…. we could contact each other by video chat" I say. "It won't be the same! We'll be far apart! I'll never see you again…." He said sadly. "We'll see each other again, I'm sure of it!" I said with a determined look on my face. I grab his hand and squeeze it. "Tremaine, promise me something" I tell him.

He nods with a sparkle in his eyes. "Anything for you, C." "Promise me that no matter where we end up, we'll always be best friends."

"Now, that is something I'll carry for the rest of my life" he said, pulling me into a hug and kissing my nose. A knock is at the door and we jump, turning around to see who it is. "Clarity, are you ready?" Ms. Adams says. I nod and she grabs my suitcase. Tremaine grabs Snoopy and his bed and I grab my backpack. We walk outside to the parking lot. We walk to her silver Mercedes and she puts my stuff in the backseat. I grab Snoopy from Tremaine and I look at him. "I guess this is goodbye…." I say sadly.

"Goodbye C" Tremaine says. I get in the car and close the door. I roll the window down as Ms. Adams pulls out of the parking lot. I wave at him, a tear slipping out of my eye. This time, I let it fall. He waves back and Ms. Adams pulls away from the place I lived in, the place I met my best friend.

The place I didn't realized I loved until I saw it out of my sight.

"Clarity, welcome to your new home" Ms. Adams said. I get out of the car with Snoopy in my arms. I look up at the house. It's a two story house with a backyard and the house consists of bricks. The cocoa colored house gives me a warm feeling. I walk inside and I immediately smell my favorite smell: roses and cinnamon. Snoopy jumps out of my arms and runs upstairs. I gaze at the house in awe. The small dining room next to the kitchen. Green and yellow couches, a big screen tv, a fireplace under it.

"Do you like it?" Ms. Adams says, grinning at me. She puts my stuff by the front door. I squeal and run around the couch. "I'm taking that as a yes" she said and laughs. I gaze at the high ceiling, hypnotized by the color and how large it is. "Would you like to see your room?" Ms. Adams asks me.

"Yes, ma'am" I say politely. "Please don't call me ma'am; Call me mom" she smiles.

"Ok…. Mom" I replied. She picks me up and walks up the long stairs. She walks down the hall and opens the second door slowly on the right. I gasp at the room. The blue walls, the ceiling covered with glittery stars. A big screen tv above my closet. Two white French doors connected to a balcony. A big furry white rug below a big silver canopy bed. Next to the bed, there's two white dressers and one of them has a blue lava lamp. Snoopy is on his bed, next to the dresser, wagging his tail rapidly.

Mom puts me down and I open the French doors. The wind blows as I open it. I look down at the beach with its sky blue water and yellowish sand. Tons of people are down there, playing volleyball and surfing. Mom sits next to me and ruffles my hair. "I want you to go next door to welcome the neighbors. Dinner will be ready when you come back" she says.

"What are we having?" I ask. "Pasta with Italian meatballs with hot Cocoa" she replies. My mouth waters at the word "Cocoa." I run out of my house and go next door. I knock at the door three times and wait for someone to come. The door opens and I immediately recognize who it is.

"Long time no see, C."

"I missed you" I give him a big hug and walk inside.

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