Sperm Donor Child

Larissa could always tell when her flatmate was agitated. She could hear her pacing their little kitchen and rummaging through the cupboards. Sighing, Larissa decided to see what the matter was. The kitchen door stood ajar and the halogen light was on. Emily was spooning a jar of chocolate spread straight into her mouth. An empty plate lay on the table with just the crumbs of a chocolate cake. Several empty bowls lay around the work services, each containing the remnants of a chocolate sundae. The dessert machine was whirring and flashing, the dial set to "chocoriffic overload."

In the electric light, Emily's skin seemed to shine a bright, vivid green. Her long, black hair appeared to glint green, just as if she had green highlights. Emily was no normal girl, although there were thousands just like her in this district, just as there had been others like her in their year group at school. She and her half-siblings were not even pure human, they were hybrid beings, their births and conceptions had been surrounded by scandal and intrigue...

"Emmy, you're stuffing chocolate again," said Larissa, entering the kitchen and patting her friend on the arm. "You only do that when you're unhappy."

Emily sniffed and plumped herself down on one of their cushioned chairs. Her long, black hair fell across her face so that only the tip of her shiny green nose was visible. Larissa sat down beside her and Emily brushed her hair out of her face. Her friend had such a beautiful face, with well defined cheekbones, a delicate nose and large, dark eyes. Her vibrantly green skin was very smooth and almost looked synthetic, and yet her face felt soft and normal. What a wondrous example of hybrid womanhood she had become! Now there were smears of chocolate around her dark green lips.

"You're right, dear Larissa. I am upset again," said Emily. Her voice was low and husky for a girl's, but this was typical both for her and her many biological sisters. "I think I have done... something wrong."

"What? Did you tread on a bug?"

Emily grimaced. "It's a little worse than that," she said, rubbing her green cheek as she tended to do when she was either unsettled or lost in thought. "I don't know quite what to say..."

"You always tell me these things, remember?" said Larissa. "It's a pinkie/greenie promise." Emily sniffed and smiled and they linked their smallest fingers together. In the five years they had been best friends they had always been able to confide in one other.

"In five years I've never been able to say no to a pinkie/greenie promise," said Emily with a chuckle. Then she gulped. "I've done something I never thought I'd do. You may not love me when you know."

"It can't be as bad as that!" said Larissa steadily.

"Well, here it is," said Emily, "I've slept with a guy who is already married."

"Ah, seriously?" said Larissa. Emily nodded, her dark eyes now shining with a hint of tears.

"And I knew what I was doing," she said, rubbing her green cheek, "I just know that I have helped hurt the wife, who I don't even know. I wish I knew what to do now."

"Well, suppose you tell me more about it?" said Larissa.

"Thanks dear, yes, I'll start at the beginning," Emily pushed her hair away from her face again. "His name is Leo. I seriously wonder what he's feeling right now..."

At that moment, Leo was mulling over what he was going to tell his young bride as he sat in the bar room of the Duke of York tavern, eager to postpone the moment of confrontation. Thea could really fly off the handle when something got to her. He reflected on how he had been unfaithful and the events that led up to it.

He had had an appointment scheduled for a delta radiation vaccine the previous morning. He brushed his hair hastily as he checked himself in a mirror before setting off. Thea had often said that his hair was the colour of light caramel. When she was in a good mood, she often told him that he looked good enough to eat. "Such a perfect figure and the cutest face..." she would say. But that morning, Thea was not in a good mood. It seemed she had been upset by the mess he had left in the sink.

"No, it's fine, I'll just clean up Leo, don't worry about it," she had said, glaring at him, her blue eyes glinting with her anger and her pale cheeks flushing pink.

"I've got to go for my vaccine now," he had replied, his voice trailing off.

Thea's expression softened in an instant; "oh sweetie, I'm so sorry I can't be with you, but my useless lump of a supervisor is taking time off and I have to be at work." She had hugged, him, standing on tiptoe so that he could lean down to kiss her cheek, her brown hair obscuring his vision for a moment.

It had started out the same as any ordinary appointment. The receptionist had told him curtly that the vaccine was something a nurse could administer without a doctor's involvement, so he didn't have to wait long before he was called into room five to see nurse Emily. The moment he entered the room he was dazzled by the sight of the nurse's exceptional beauty. Such vividly green skin - he was aware of the old Maximum fertility clinic scandal and the results it still had a generation later.

Thea had said that she had felt sorry for the children born from the illegal genetic experimentation. She had said that their being born green was like the scandal being branded on them for all to see. Leo had always thought the girls born from the scandal actually looked pretty, although he didn't tell Thea as much. Emily however was more than just pretty. Such exquisitely scuplted features and perfect, large rounded bosom... He felt his face flushing as he prevented his eyes from flickering towards her chest. She was a big girl, quite as tall as him and he thought that he would have to look up to make eye contact with her if she ever wore high heels. Her long black hair seemed to glint emerald green in the electric lights, as though she had green highlights.

Emily smiled showing perfect teeth. "Hi Leo, just sit on this chair for me. There's nothing to worry about, the delta vaccine doesn't hurt in the slightest."

Her voice had a curious, husky quality. Leo sat down and she placed a strap around his arm. "I'm glad that there's no metal used in infusions and the like these days," he confessed, "that's the benefit of improving techology."

Emily chuckled. "Technology has produced some interesting results," she said, stroking her green cheek.

"Well, I, well you are very beautiful, so it's only been a benefit... I mean..." he stammered, realising his face was flushing furiously.

"It's OK, Leo. You're very handsome too," said Emily, her bright, black eyes sparkling.

"Delta radiation though, that's a scary concept," said Leo, hoping to steer the conversation tactfully away from anything related to flirting. "Actually, part of my job is researching about it. That and how genetic alteration affects people." It suddenly occurred to him who he was talking to and inwardly cursed himself for being a fool.

"I'd be happy to help," said Emily with a small smile. "I can at least tell you about my experiences. I assure you, I've been coming to terms with who I am my entire life."

"Oh really? Well, that's generous of you," said Leo.

"So do you have any free time this evening?" asked Emily.

That evening, Leo arrived at Emily's block of flats in a state of avid anticipation. His heart was racing and his whole body felt aroused. He had been thinking about her the entire day. It was true that he was interested in Emily's perspective on her life as a hybrid being, but he was also interested in the girl herself. She was magnetically, stunningly attractive. Just the thought of her perfect face, her lovely smile and her voluptuous and inviting green breasts had a way of occupying his mind to the exclusion of all else... No other woman had ignited such passion in him before. No other set his pulse racing and penis standing to attention like this wonderful hybrid. At the same time it was a little scary. He was a married man now. How could he be having such unfaithful thoughts? Desperately, he tried to think of Thea and his loyalty to her, but the dazzling emerald Emily made her look tawdry by comparison in his mind's eye. How he ached to be able to kiss her and to hold her...

The lift soon took him to the tenth floor and he stepped out onto the concrete landing. The block was purpose built, so solid that little or no noise could travel from one flat to another. The landing was only dimly lit and smelt faintly musty. The doors each had a tiny lens of unbreakable plastic set into them. He approached the door to Emily's apartment and the lens glimmered red in the half-light of the landing and then flashed green as he stood in by the door. He pulled himself together, pressed the buzzer outside the apartment door and the lock clicked open. Emily opened the door and ushered him inside, beaming.

The little hallway beyond the door smelt pleasantly of melted chocolate and lemon peel mixed with a faint flowery fragrance. It was attractively well lit with floating lunar lamps and their silvery light caused Emily's long black hair to glint with an emerald sheen. She was wearing a low cut, tight fitting black dress and high heels. He had guessed right earlier. He did have to look up slightly to make eye contact with her now. What a vision of perfection she was now! Surely no human woman could measure up. Such flawless, smooth skin of a vibrant and exciting hue, such delicate features and full lips and such huge cleavage, unknown in any girl who was not a hybrid.

She hugged him in greeting and he felt his penis harden at her touch and her firm breasts pressing into his chest. He had wondered what her lustrous, smooth skin would feel like and as her cheek brushed his, he discovered that she felt soft as a baby. Her silky black hair smelt so sweet. He hugged her tighter and she made a contented rumbling noise in the back of her throat. "So glad you could make it, Leo," she said softly, "how about some refreshments?

After he had laid aside his coat and shoes, she led him to a small living room with a thick, velvety green carpet in which there was a dark leather couch, a wooden table and a miniature food producing unit. The room was lit with soft, orangey-yellow light of morningstar lamps which hovered near the ceiling.

"Oh it's OK, I ate before leaving work," said Leo.

"If you change your mind, just let me know. I have a real sweet tooth myself and I'm always ready for a dessert," said Emily, fumbling with the settings on the unit, "but that is common for us hybrids." The unit bleeped and then its lid opened. Emily took out a small cup overflowing with a glutinous pink substance. She held it up to the light. "If you would like a pink pudding...?"

"Never had it."

"Well feel free to give mine a lick and see what you think," said Emily smiling and holding it out.

Out of politeness, Leo leaned forward and licked at the pudding. It tasted strange... rather like cold cream flavoured with jam doughnuts. A segement of the pudding flopped out of the cup and onto the carpet.

"No use crying over spilt pudding," said Emily chuckling. She bent down to mop it up. Her dress hugged her form so that the shape of her perfect, rounded buttocks was easily visible. Thea really had no boobs or butt worth mentioning.

"Sorry about this, my fiancee has a fit when I'm untidy," said Leo.

"It's natural to make a bit of a mess," said Emily with a smile. She finished wiping the floor and then began to rummage through a cupboard. "At least eat some tortilla crisps and melted cheese with me? My roommate, Larissa, who's also my best friend, says she can't share my junk food. She's worried about getting spots and gaining weight. My figure and my complexion stay the same whatever I eat," Emily patted her green cheek and added with affected gravity; "I wonder if Larissa is green with envy?"

"Honestly Emily, that's terrible," said Leo, laughing at the mock solemnity of her expression. Emily filled a large bowl with tortilla crisps and extracted some melted cheese from the food producing unit and poured it into a shallow dish. She sat down on the couch and then patted the space on the sofa beside her and Leo sat down.

Sitting on the sofa together, they ate crisps and melted cheese and engaged in some small talk. Soon Emily began to tell Leo what he already knew about her history. The Maximum fertility clinic had used what had in those days been cutting edge genetics technology in order to create a genetically engineered humanoid, one designed to be super-fertile. Their creation had been their one and only true sperm donor.

"But they lied to the mothers - and the prospective fathers too, when the mothers had male partners," said Emily, "such cruelty," she wrinkled her shiny green nose in disgust. "Given this attitude, it should have been obvious what they were leading up to."

Emily turned down the light of the globular lamps to a soft glow using a hand held remote control and then held up a holocube. An invention within the previous decade, the holocube projected fully realised three dimensional images. Emily turned it over in her elegant, green fingers and a glowing figure emanated forth. The image was of the DNA Alteration eXperiment himself. The old recording that Emily had was of an interview that the experiment had given to the newspaper, the Southern Star. It had however been remastered for playing on a holocube.

"My name is Dax," said the strange being. His skin was bright, vivid green, just like Emily's. His voice had that strange, husky quality that Emily's had and Leo could see the resemblance in their facial features as well, especially with the shape of their cheekbones.

Dax continued his recital, looking rather uncomfortable and apprehensive. Probably the journalists had told him exactly what to say beforehand. "I am an illegal genetic experiment, manufactured by Genutec, but Krystal - that is - Southern Star's top investigator, she erm, rescued me," Dax rubbed his green cheek and swallowed. "Maximum fertility clinic is working with Genutec and they used my sperm for all their donations, both to single mother's and married women. I believe... in fact I know that they have something terrible planned next. They are going to create an army of monsters." At that point the image flickered and faded.

"So you have the image of your biological father with you at all times?" said Leo, raising his eyebrows.

Emily nodded. "Yes Leo," she was gazing right at him with those clear, dark eyes of hers, "it is a comfort to me, believe it or not, to know where I come from. I mean, my mum was a single woman and she just asked for anonymous donor sperm. As in from a male person she did not know. The real victims are those who were lied to outright. Just thinking about the families that were torn apart makes me sick to my stomach." Emily grimaced. "And Genutec's crimes continued apace."

"I know, I was only a little boy at the time, but I do remember the Dextror, or the Destroyer as the fiend called himself," said Leo. "A smart friend suggested something to me... there is something which should always be referenced in reports on delta radiation - Dextror boasted about how he was naturally immune to it, even at levels that would be fatal to a one hundred percent human. "

"Hmm. So he did," said Emily, rubbing her green cheek. She wrinkled her nose again. "I really can't stand watching or listening to that horror ranting, even if he is dead now."

"I know! It was frightening, seeing his broadcast when I was five," said Leo. "His would have been the first recorded case of immunity to delta radiation really being put to the test. May I?" he held out his hand for the holocube.

"You want to borrow this? Certainly," said Emily, handing it over.

"It's OK, I'm just checking one clip," said Leo. He thought he saw a slightly worried look in Emily's dark eyes as he turned over the cube. Glaring lights spewed forth from the tiny machine, forming the image of a towering, muscle bound, luridly green giant who towered over them. His wicked black eyes stared down at them unblinking, his dark green lips were drawn back to reveal his teeth. In his hands he clutched a model globe.

"Tremble in fear, inferior life forms," he growled. His voice had a rasping quality a little like that of the Dax, but it was far deeper and much, much harsher. "Dextror has come to rend and destroy! I am the Destroyer. Humans are not just ugly and weak, but inherently worthless," Dextror began to poke different areas on the globe, "you are doomed, you two legged pigs!" He snarled, poking the continent of Europe. "And you, rabid beasts," he jabbed at the continent of Africa. "And you, you mongol specimens," he pointed at China, "and this inbred rabble," he indicated south asia. "I am the Destroyer, and I come to put you all in the soil," with that the monster crushed the globe in his fists. "I have already mangled those arrogant fools at Genutec. Yesterday Genutec and today the world!"

Emily made a curious scratchy, squeaky noise and shook her head, her eyes wide. Leo linked his arm with her's to reassure her and whispered; "my friend said Dextror bragged about it at the same time as revealing his apocalyptic plans."

The terrible giant continued his ranting; "I am immune to delta radiation. Not like you, you swine, apes and dysgenic people of colour. You will die when it is unleashed on the surface of the globe. Perhaps the Dax is immune as well, he is from Genutec, though he never had the guts to just kill them and take charge!" Dextror roared with laughter. The sound was hideous. "I'll see to the Dax later. And as for the hybrids... they won't survive if their mothers don't. They'll never know how great Genutec's research became. It spawned the hybrids early on and then it evolved to give rise to the greatness that is the Destroyer! I will destroy you all!"

At this point Emily burst into tears and Leo, a cold sense of dismay filling him, switched off the holocube and laid it aside. Sparkling tears poured down Emily's face. Leo did not hesitate. He put both his arms around her and hugged her to him, giving her his shoulder to cry on, feeling her firm breasts pressing into his chest. She cuddled him back, as though trying to soak up succour, shaking with her sobs. Her tears tricked down his collar. Leo cursed himself for a fool, this time in earnest. How could he have failed to see that the horrible clip would upset her?

"Never watched the whole thing..." Emily managed, her husky voice trembling. "That monster killed the Dax, so I'll never know my father... and he was right. I am a product of the same research... If the Dextror had known I would hear him he still couldn't have chosen words that would hurt me more. Who wants a connection to such an evil being?"

Suddenly Leo had a flash of inspiration. He remembered how the history of Genutec's two creations had ended. Surely Emily knew it too. He would remind her.

"But it was the Dax that brought Dextror down, even though he died doing it. Only the Dax could have survived contact with the delta radiation in that horror's stronghold. I have studied the history. You are the daughter of a being with strength of spirit - you know it. I only study Dextror through necessity, but it is an honour to learn about Dax."

Emily sniffed and hugged him tighter, laying her smooth cheek against his. He felt her warmth, her soft skin, her silky hair... Her closeness was causing wave upon wave of sexual desire to course through him. His penis was rock hard erect. In a sudden, desperate moment, he knew he would do anything to make her feel better. "I can get you in contact with those who knew Dax, I am sure of it," he told her, "and he would be proud to have a daughter like you, I'm sure we'll find out..."

Emily lifted her head from his shoulder and looked into his face, her dark eyes still bright with her tears. The soft lamplight shone off her green nose and cheeks. She was extremely beautiful, even when she had been crying. "You would do that for me, dear Leo?" she asked softly.

With her lovely eyes searching him for an answer, Leo knew he could not possibly disappoint her. "We'll get answers right away and you will be reassured. You are a very special person, I can see it." She smiled her warm smile. Certainly it was endearing how she put so much trust in his assurance. His heart seemed to melt within him and he felt warm and fuzzy inside.

"I'm so happy I met you," breathed Emily. "You're so gorgeous and kind. I'm so glad that you can keep me company. Larissa's away and it's usually so lonely without her."

She was much too close. Her green face filled his vision, her firm breasts were pressed against his chest. His erection strained against his pants and he felt that he could not deny it a moment longer...