"I guess I have nothing much left to do now, huh?" sighing out loud, with that I left and stepped out onto the streets. Leaving the entrance of a massive building in New York City, United Countries of America was a single man. The man was past 7 feet tall, but he did not stick out, in fact he was only a little above normal. Currently he was idly flicking through his phone, a square made of glass like material, and pondering whether or not he should go find something to eat. 'I'm kind of itching for some Chinese, maybe I should order?' I thought to myself, and started walking. Nowadays most people don't walk anymore but to this man it was something that he felt was necessary as a daily activity. His name was Luis Alexander Quispe, a citizen of one of the new world superpowers called the Neo Incan Empire, or more locally called the "Nuevo Reino" and had been founded almost 900 years ago after the histo-cultural revolution around the 26th century.

To call him a simple citizen was actually an understatement, as he was the first heir to a high level aristocrat family, essentially making him a noble with which he had the brains to match. As he walked down the quiet street towards the Chinese district no one would guess that, since he had a perfectly built and muscled body and gave off the aura of a professional soldier with only an impressive looking lab coat that had a distinct insignia to prove otherwise. He also had a plethora of scars, which was quite strange. There was one running along his right forearm, another long gash ran over his left eyebrow, and directly on his left cheek bone was a ½ inch long dash that ran parallel to his eye. If he was wearing shorts you'd notice he had a couple of burns and marks on his legs as well, but it wouldn't matter either way, since each scar told of death-defying events and gave off a presence of their own.

As Luis walked into the Chinese restaurant he sought out, there was a drastic change in the atmosphere and a large amount of people were appearing and disappearing before him, and the noises of conversation roared. Of course since the development of teleportation there was little need for walking and made it so people would only bothering showing up directly at the restaurant of their choosing. After I ordered my food at the counter, I walked past the teleportation room and entered the main building. I sat down and started thinking what should I do after this, so I made up my mind to go to the park and rest.

A lot has been going on now that my trip to the UCA would be ending. I was sent here as a part of a 'peaceful collaboration' between the NIE and the UCA between their leading scientists in almost every field. In reality the UCA was about to start falling drastically behind the other countries, being the NIE the Chinese Federation, the Middle-Eastern Coalition, the New Soviet Union, Grand Europe and even Japan. The world politics had drastically changed over the past 20 years and a 4th world war was near. The Huaman family's head, being the 'ruling family' after all, decided that the next noble son to be 'gifted' (which happened at around 13 – right before high school)would be a part of a collaboration to initiate an alliance between the UCA, which was little more than the previous America, Canada, Mexico and the Arctic Circle, and their everlasting allies in the Chinese federation. The next noble son was from the Quispe, one of the other original Incan families, and I happily took the responsibility. I was glad when I learned of it, as I prided myself in the purity of our original blood , the distinguishable features of my ancestors, and now my new found responsibility . Of course this was mostly a product of technology on genes, as an attempt to return to the roots of our Incan, and other South American, ancestors throughout the NIE. The above 7 foot height was a feature of the mountain dwelling Incans, as well as the jet black hair and brown eyes, prominent cheekbones and thick nose bridge, even my dark skin color. Though most of it happened naturally nowadays, people still monitored to make sure it stayed that way.

Again, now that this collaboration was nearly over, since it would end on my 35th birthday tomorrow morning at 12:30am precisely, I thought of my future. I was arranged to be married with a woman from the Huaman family to strengthen blood purity, and then Re-Enlisted to the NIE military to be something akin to head of R&D, as well as covert operations and technology. Eventually I'd be forced into foreign politics and might end up starting WWIV.

If you were wondering, when WWIII happened, it was actually the other name for the histo-cultural war. Basically there was a large spike in nationalism amongst a lot of 2nd and 3rd world countries, and a desire to revive old and now extinct cultures, like the Incan Empire, back to their original strength. The first to start this was the Neo Incan Empire ( Starting from Peru and taking over the whole South American continent), then the African Republic (basically all of Africa) and the Middle Eastern coalition (basically a giant alliance between the middle-eastern countries and India). Of course the other countries didn't take it too serious as it only affected areas with heavily splintered countries, but that quickly changed. The newly formed NIE showcased themselves first, and opened fire on the UCA (which at the time included Greenland and not the Arctic area) since they had recently taken over Mexico forcing thousands southward. It took less than a minute for them to give the order to fire, obliterate the entirety of Greenland and Great Britain simultaneously and spark global conflict.

After that, to give a short rundown, China destroyed the majority of Southern Africa and turned it into a larger version of Australia, then moved to take over Indonesia as a whole. The nearly wiped out African republic tried to halt them by destroying New Zealand and taking a part of Australia with it, but before anymore could be done the ME Coalition sent forces and took over Africa. Fearing the now freed China, Japan made an alliance with Russia (as did most of the other Asian tigers) for survival. Meanwhile the UCA and most every other country that hadn't been attacked (or been attacked) screamed for limited warfare, and restriction of WMD's. No more continents would have to be removed from the globe map. I'm sure I made it seem like it was nukes but the weapons actually used were more horrendous due to new technology, and they usually weren't fired (unless from space) as missiles but planted within or sent in with planes to the countries. No nukes were used, instead it was something worse, and it had no direct effects on the environment besides removing entire ecosystems of course.

This actually ended up a great move for everyone, as fear of global extinction vanished, and massive amounts of troops were sent everywhere. In the end the NIE forcefully made a giant war base out of Antarctica and became one of the leading superpowers thanks to the Terra-forming technology they had. The European countries were enraged and become one large country, Grand Europe, and tried to take vengeance by storming up Russia and down the UCA to the NIE as well as sending fleets. This backfired and Russia fought back, Norway and Sweden were actually completely destroyed (luckily not obliterated this time) by nukes, and the fleets they sent were obliterated by the NIE defenses. In the end the ME Coalition became neutral, internally strengthened by the common ground in the now uninhabited Africa; China expanded and due to their heavy ties with the NIE (thanks to years of Chinese immigration to Peru and other countries) formed a strong alliance. The UCA was left crippled and allied themselves with Grand Europe as well as Russia after the fighting between them ended. Japan and the others wanted to stay neutral, but they absorbed the majority of the pacific islands and decided to stick with Russia their savior. Any other countries were left physically incapable of holding life or just gone and the world map ended up torn. The European and Russian alliance was still quite shaky, and the UCA took the strategic Arctic Circle to ensure their safety, while the NIE outright claimed they wished to destroy Grand Europe for their colonization of the South America years ago.

Thinking about that made me really tired, and I didn't want to keep on it. I finished my meal and started toward the park (walking), and made it right before the sun set. If I think more about the current world politics I start to get a headache from the sheer crazy that was going on. If one were to summarize me, they'd almost 99% of the time say "Someone who just goes with the flow, and doesn't really care what's happening, he just keeps smiling and enjoys it to the last" so that might give you an idea of how serious it was. I plopped myself on a bench watching the sun set for about an hour, then continued to contemplate for another couple of hours my future, to be honest I was actually thinking how much of a pain it would be to deal with everything that would happen. If someone were to describe me as the last 1% it would be "Too lazy to do anything about whatever happens to him". Basically I'm either Apathetic or Lethargic. When I got up to start heading back to my lab it was almost 12:00, so I thought I might just save some time and teleport straight to the main building, until I heard raised voices. Automatically I felt a strange cold shiver travel up my spine and wondered what it was, so I went to search out the voices. When I finally located the voices I had to check my clock, it was August 10th, 3492 12:27.

I had to hurry, and when I looked I saw it was just a group of college kids (4 girls and 5 boys I think?) so I decided to teleport immediately. In the end it never happened though. Right as the clock hit 12:28:30, something dashed past the corner of my eye. I turned to see a black THING running at the group, I was well-versed in biology and I still had no idea what it was but it was running really FAST. Faster than a normal human could have done, and I immediately gave chase, thinking I couldn't let IT hurt those kids. I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but I was part of the military in my earlier years and have undergone extensive combat training, so if I said it was easy for me to take out this THING and save the kids anyone would believe it. But what really happened was entirely different, as soon as I caught up to it, it turned and smiled at me, like it knew I would come after it, and I was immediately repulsed. It was entirely black covered in some kind of ooze, and smelled putrid. It had no face and only a couple of rows of shark like teeth. I instantly reacted, my feet snapped into a horse stance, halting my forward motion suddenly, sensing an oncoming thrust from the THING I let myself be pushed by the force I made when running and slipped forward and continued the slide. I kept forward momentum on my leading knee so I could extend the slide and sweep kick the THING and restrain it, while the beast's hand suddenly jabbed like a knife to the spot where I was almost a couple of milliseconds ago. The speed it moved at was ridiculous, and I knew this was a strong opponent. As my body started to swing out my legs I thought it was over, but it wasn't.

It suddenly swung its hand and everything stopped. My body was forced to stop moving and I felt restrained by something, but didn't feel any form of material on my skin. The group of students saw some of the altercation and were about to flee, when the THING swung it's other arm out towards them and they were all forced to drop to the ground unmoving. I don't know what it did, but I never saw anything like it before. The THING turned to me and I knew all of a sudden it was happy. I couldn't see any facial expressions from this strange thing, but I did feel its emotions, or one emotion to be exact. IT WAS HUNGRY and its hunger was enough to permeate through walls. I knew I was on the menu, but I had to free those kids at least. Damn it, I could feel how happy it was to have food, but I would be damned if left those kids to IT. I tried to struggle but couldn't move, Why? All of a sudden the black monster spit at me with some of it's ooze, and I couldn't think anymore






The black thing stepped toward me and picked me up, It stabbed its hand into the side of my skull. I could feel the acid on its hands searing my skull, and I felt every single burst of pain as the THING took hold of my brain and ripped, something, out. The next thing I knew I was looking at my eyes, or more precisely my body's eyes, I saw the light in my eyes fade, and the things started to tear at my skull while ripping out my throat.

Am I dying?

Was this what it felt like?

All I can do is sit here and watch as the thing tears apart my body.

I continued to watch until the grand clock in town hit 12:30 and a couple of things happened. At first I chuckled at how ridiculous it was, for 10 seconds I had watched my body be torn apart, and then there was an explosion in the direction of my lab. For a second I was completely dumbstruck, as I watched the cloud mushroom up and out, knowing full well that I would have been dead this night no matter what. That managed to take me away from my mutilation until I looked back and saw the thing had stopped eating and looked right at me.

I felt that cold shiver again, it traveled up my not-spine, and then IT bubbled up like a balloon and literally exploded. I (whatever I was) was blown away , and everything went black. I don't know for how long it was dark, but I could no longer feel anything around me, and I only saw darkness. I tried to move but could do nothing. It felt like I was floating in air, and I continued my stay in the darkness. When I was finally released from the darkness, I only knew one thing, and that was I was no longer the same.