A flash of light.

The crash of the door.

The sound of dry wood splintering.

Screaming resounds in my ears, coming from all directions. My feet pounding the ground. Breath tearing itself from my lungs. Faster, faster! Or they'll catch me. Stop. Turn. Lost…. I'm lost.

Another sound of snapping makes me jolt into another ground-eating run.

Surrounded by dark, always by darkness. I'm alone, always alone in the dark. Tears slide down my cold cheeks and splash, brightening the darkness behind my lids.

Only then can I see the mangled bodies of thousands of people. On top, I see my parents, their white lifeless eyes looking up at me.

Crows fly into my vision, flapping their wings insistently, their caws tearing through the darkness and into my heart like they tear into my parent's flesh.