I had business in a closet
Whatever that might be
I met a Lion and a Satyr
A bright red scarf had he

They led me to a rabbit hole
And pushed me down-I fell
And landed in a train station
What platform I pray tell?

I boarded on the train
Rode through a winter so gay
I saw some northern lights
And get this-Santa's sleigh!

The lights in the sky astounded me
I didn't hear the cry
Of a great big owl wearing armor
That lifted me way up high

It carried me over the rainbow
Dropped me on a yellow brick road
I decided to follow it
Look out for the witch! I was told

The road led into a forest
With gnarled and gangly trees
I didn't creep me out one bit until the smell
Of gingerbread cookies hit me

I followed the spicy scent
And came to a house dappled with shadows
A lady wearing dark green robes
Came out and gave me an apple

I went to take a bite
When an arrow whistled in the air
It pinned the fruit to a tree
Giving me quite a scare

I ran for quite some time after that
And stumbled upon a wolf's trail
I knew I really shouldn't
But I followed it looking pale

Upon a haystack I came
And climbed to get my bearings
A little boy in blue was sleeping at the base
In a pile of sheep shearings

A frog so green spoke up to me
He was sitting on his shoulder
He jumped in my pocket for a ride
And pointed me towards a boulder

There was a sword in the stone
And I'd pull it out if I could
Then the frog laughed and became a boy
Took the blade and ran through the wood

I chased that froggy boy
Alas he got away
Then a river-and a troll with a bleeding knee
And a toll I had to pay

I took some fabric out of my pocket
Where it came from-I don't know!
I cleaned and wrapped his wound
And appeared a bridge of a rainbow

I crossed the bridge merrily
Strolled along the river bank
Until I came across a boat
That looked like it had sank

The sailors there weren't real
No really-they were ghosts!
They offered me a ride in the sky
To a castle-which, it floats

We flew up to a sea of clouds
And ignored the siren's call
And we came across a monster
With a great big stinking jaw!

It sucked the ship in like a vacuum
And spit us right back out!
I landed on a dragon's back
And startled it right about

It flew me to a lake
A few islands from the castle
A lonely flower bent right at the stem
It's blue petals torn and hassled

I picked the flower gently
And laughed at what I saw
A little tiny fairy
Trying vainly to be tall

The little fairy sneezed
And poof!-I was gone
Sitting in front of the castle
On a duckling in a pond

The duckling was very cross
"You're uglier than me!" It said
It tossed me off it's back
To the reeds it fled

I swam to the shore
The floor shone with a glare
I walked along and what did I see?
A glass slipper on the stair

I picked it up and kept on going
Climbed to the highest tower
I met a boy with wheaten hair and red eyes
And handed him the flower

He glared at me and yelled at me
"Look at what you've done!
You've stolen the courage in this land
And the king of thieves has won!"

He pushed me from the window and with a cry
I fell at an alarming speed
The duckling, the fairy, the monsters, blurred
And the air sounded as a whistling reed

I couldn't fall forever
I'd hit the ground whether soon or late
The last thing I found slipped from my hand
I resigned myself to my fate

The ground never came
I sat up in a sweat
Wait-what the heck?
I was home in my bed

I couldn't believe it
Was it really what it seemed?
After all that I went through-

It was all just a dream?!