So, I published this onto this site a long time ago, and then removed it as I was planning on publishing it, but I changed my mind, so I'm reposting this. Anyway, if you read it during the time it was originally on here, it is very different now. I've changed it a lot.


My name is Blight Demetria Katoptris. I'm fifteen years old, and I'm a kephorae. A kephorae is your everyday human, but with three supernatural powers.

I am part of the Katoptris clan, a clan that has had kephorae spawning from it for eleven generations, since Pano Flowerden, a grass nowerd, or a nymph, as they are known by most mortals, mated with mortal Marie Katoptris. Somehow the genetics of a nowerd are set up so that when they have a baby with a mortal, they create one of us.

Our clan had a tradition in which they named their children after their first power, which usually came in when they turned two. After that, they would run a test on them for their second and third powers.

It would be logical to assume that the test changed as technology grew more advanced, although none of us born past the 1980's knew for sure, due to the fact we never had the chance to ask.

As far as I knew, me and my sisters Flame and Ice were the youngest of this clan. We were orphans, three young girls who roam the state of Virginia with nothing but a pink backpack, stolen clothes and food. Our powers were still intact, but there was one problem: According to the laws we are expected to abide by, created by our leader named Lord Sorcelain, our powers shouldn't exist anymore.

I am the oldest, a fact most often supported by my height, towering almost a foot over my younger sisters. If someone were to get close enough to me to have a close-up of my face, they would have seen an ordinary girl with closed-set celeste blue eyes and straight locks that fell only a few inches past her shoulders. They might take notice that though my hair was a light hue, its exact shade could not be called blonde. It appeared yellow in color, outshining the sun both in radiance and in intensity.

Those with a keener sense of detail may be able to catch the supernatural part of me. The necklace that rests on my neck, holding an antique, gold bird charm on it, but they would never know was that it held a function much more potent than being displayed in a small, indie store. It contained the source of my main power. When I would hold it up, it grew brighter and brighter, blinding the wearer's enemy.

My other two powers were super speed and telekinesis, though the telekinesis was not to be underestimated. It was also explosive. Once I set down what I had moved it would blow up everything within three meters of the landing point.

Ice, short for Icesis-like the Egyptian goddess but spelt differently-was thirteen. Her stick-straight chest-length hair and downturned eyes could easily distinguish her, both being as white as the winter ground, and the look she would give you when she was angry amplified her icy features in a way that made you almost forget that her eyes were not made of snow. She had telekinesis too, but nothing blew up the way it did for me. She also had the power to control minds.

Her last power, the one that gave her the name she is known as, was the power to freeze people and things, obviously. Sometimes, I felt that she actually wished she could use her powers on me and Flame. Luckily, we are both immune to her powers through being her siblings.

Flame, the youngest, had powers that would be considered weak compared to those of Ice and me, but if I was ever asked if she was a burden, I would be quick to say that her powers were just as essential to my survival as Ice's were. A true statement, but a clever way to get around the fact that I did in fact think her existence was a hindrance, though for an entirely different reason that most would suspect.

Flame may have been small, but at least she was at an average height and weight for a seven-year-old girl such as herself. Ice, who grew slower than a snail could move, was almost as short as her.

She got scared way too easily, often taking to hiding behind my back when she was terrified, and her powers were not formidable enough to save her in a dangerous situation. At least, I didn't think they were.

Flame had red curls that fell to her waist, but she usually wore it in pigtails. She could control fire, as long as there was some nearby. Her other two powers were the Power of Persuasion, a more subtle and less powerful version of Ice's mind control power, and finally, a knack to both identify and create plants and herbs.

I could only hope that the Mystical Mob, or the Immortal Police, won't find out the skeletons in our closets. Otherwise, that's the end of the Katoptris kephorae.